lindsay l8tly.

If you didn’t know, and if you haven’t heard everyone freaking out on the Internet, it’s October. And we’re all happy for Octobers, leaves are falling, people are buying up pumpkin things like it’s the last year it’ll ever grow on planet Earth.

But I’ll jump on that bandwagon because this month happens to be my birthday month, and it feels like the whole month is just one big celebration. Which is should be.

Now let’s catch up on things.

1. My parents are taking me to Ocean Prime this weekend for my birthday because my boyfriend who is supposed to take me doesn’t exist yet. This is my life.


2. One week from Friday I’m going to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom…with my parents. Are you sensing a sad pattern? Last year was pretty great, so I’m excited.


3. I joined a club beach volleyball team, and it’s pretty freaking great. I joined the recreational league just to get my feet wet, so next time I might be ready for the intermediate. We play on Tuesday nights, and I basically plan my week around it.

Me. But not.

4. I’m planning an October birthday happiness project that was supposed to start today, but since time has been tight lately, that fell through the cracks. My Plan B is to start it on Friday, my real birthday, and also to never say Plan B around my mom.

photo (20)

5. Hmmm what else is going on lately…? My electric is due on the 16th. Just FYI.

6. It’s getting time to decide whether or not to forego any more treatment for my Dystonia. The doctor’s appointments are stressful, emotional and expensive, and this is a forever-disease. Any treatment I get has only temporary affects (if any at all), and going back and forth figuring out dosage and hitting dead ends is hard. If I have to live with this forever and there’s no cure, then I have to figure out how to accept that.

7. Speaking of not being able to run during my favorite season of all, I MISS FALL RUNNING. And I want everything from Oiselle right now. They’re KILLIN’ IT, people.

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 1.22.25 PM

8. I’m officially a FitFluential Ambassador! What the WHAT. I’ve applied a few times, but now I’m IN. I can’t wait to learn more and get on with ambassador-ing.

9. Oatmeal isn’t just a Fall thing. It’s a forever thing. I have it every morning with berries and a couple cups of coffee. Five. It never gets old.

oatmeal 2

10. One Direction’s new song, Steal My Girl, is slightly catchy and I didn’t say that.

11. Anthro sent me a 15% off birthday month coupon, which is funny. Here’s what closet probably won’t ever see.

anthro loves

12. And I’ll leave you with this. Because my heart is melting.

photo (2)

Can I be in the middle of that cat sandwich?

Happy October!

What’s the best part of this month for you? Anything coming up that you can’t wait for?

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9/28 active nation day.

It’s an exciting day! Today is Active Nation Day hosted and created by Lorna Jane in 2012. It’s all about getting together and MOVING. NOURISHING. & BELIEVING. That is Lorna’s battle cry and I’m in love with it.

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 4.49.12 PM

There’s even an app specifically for this day for everyone to join in and move together.

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 4.51.48 PM

Unfortunately, there’s no group here in Florida for everyone to get together like there is in CA and Australia, but maybe one day there will be!

Instead, I hopped on my bike this morning for a brutal and hot and amazing 2+ hour ride then a looooong walk to shake out the legs. I was craving some miles and sunshine, and that’s exactly what I got.

biking davis islands

Yeah buddy. I’m so attractive when I sweat, eh.

tampa panoramic

C’mon. C’MON. It doesn’t get any more beautiful.

Today was truly an ACTIVE day, which always feels good before a long work week ahead. How are you moving and nourishing this weekend?

PS — Lots of killa stuff on sale at this weekend, so check it out!

PPS — Not being paid to tell you all this stuff or participate. I just love this company and this community. Holla!

dystonia updates: post-second round of botox.


Well. Here we are a week and a half after the second round of Botox injections for my Dystonia. And nothing is better. I think my legs feel the worst they’ve ever felt.

Le sigh.

Guys. These are rough times right now. Every day is a struggle to get out of bed knowing my run/walks are going to be terrible. I do HIIT workouts at home some mornings, but it’s just not the same and it won’t ever be.

I took a video last night. You can see that my right leg sorta does what it wants. It doesn’t look severe, but this movement stresses my whole body. It slows me down, it affects my gait, it throws off my arm movements, it causes me to lean forward and trip over my own feet–everything.

But there are next steps. My doctor is fantastic and he’s as eager to help me as I am to run again. I’m going to let him know what’s going on and that the injections haven’t helped. We’ll probably up my dosage for the next round and see if that does anything.

Staying positive in this crazy mess is really, really tough. I’m thankful it’s not life threatening because as with most problems we face, “It could always be worse.”

my thredup experience.

Disclaimer: No one asked me or paid me to write about thredUP. Just wanted to share my experiences with it.

The first time I heard about thredUP (<– special invite link!!) was through a few bloggers I follow. I was a little hesitant because when some companies seem too good to be true, they usually are. thredUP is a huge exception. I think Stitch Fix is too but I have yet to try them out.

I ordered my first polka dot bag a few months ago, filled it, and sent it in. A week later I got an email from thredUP saying they received my bag and were combing through, processing all the pieces and they’d get back to me in a jiff.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 9.12.10 AM

A few days ago I got another email saying all my items were priced and I could check out how much I made.

Well…as excited as I was, I was a little bummed about my cash out. I sent in 19 items and got only $54. Included in my bag were items from French Connection, J. Crew, Anthro, Old Navy, Gap, Lilly Pullitzer, Lauren Conrad, AE, H&M, and Ann Taylor LOFT. Some of those are just so-so, but I was hoping for a bit more, especially since everything was labeled “practically new” by thredUP.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 9.16.45 AM Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 9.16.37 AM Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 9.16.18 AM

All of my items qualified for up-front payouts, which means I’ll get to transfer the balance to my paypal account in 14 days or I can use that money at thredUP right away.

Another cool thing I discovered was that my order qualified for a special partner offer. I can basically get a $50 credit at Sole Society in exchange for $25 of my thredUP credit. So cool!

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 9.20.36 AM

I browsed around Sole Society and I’m thinking I might take them up on that. There are A LOT of cute things on sale for great prices. And since it’s summer in Florida ALWAYS, I can get away with sandals all year round.

So many choices, guys!

Anyway, moral of this long but awesome post about thredUP: if you have quality stuff that you want to get rid of but don’t have the time/patience for ebay or don’t have a consignment store near you, order a polka dot bag, load it up, then send it back to thredUP. It really couldn’t be any easier. And make sure to share your link with friends. My mom bought a pair of sandals, and I instantly got a $10 thredUP credit. What are you waiting for?

Have you tried it?

coffee questions.

Stop, drop and roll have coffee with me. Remember when we used to go on coffee dates? Those were serious. 

So let’s un-serious the crap out of tonight and have some fun. I was inspired by this pin so I can’t take all the credit. But I did make this graphic which took me a whole ten minutes.

coffee questions

I forgot to ask you what your favorite coffee is. And that’s important because it will determine the outcome of this friendship. Choose wisely.

I’m going to answer number five. I’d change my introverted-ness. I don’t take chances often or seek out new friendships that easily. BUT tonight I smashed that. I recently joined a club volleyball team on my own and I met eight AWESOME people tonight. I can’t remember the last time I had this much fun with a huge group of strangers. I’m so proud of myself and I just had an absolute blast. More on all that later.

Answer one of your favorites!

Have a good night.

i can’t, i have practice.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said that over the course of my life as an athlete. And even more so in college when I ran on a scholarship. I kind of miss it (like a whole freaking lot).

Sunday morning my daddio and I went to a different kind of practice.

tampa bay lightning 3 tampa bay lightning 2

The Tampa Bay Lightning had an open practice (free to the public) at a rink near where I live, so my dad and I headed over around 8 a.m. with coffee and hot chocolate in hand. I forgot how cold ice rinks are!

tampa bay lightning 5 tampa bay lightning 4

Florida is making me soft.

We had a lot of fun, and now I have to brush up on my hockey trivia. Code for: find out which players aren’t younger than me and marry one.

Saturday was a day of nothing. And it was everything. I got up late, went for a walk, read my books, got coffee, and strolled my old college campus. OMG memories. OMG I’m old. OMG I can see her butt cheeks. 

photo 1photo 2photo 3

I left so much sweat on that track. I circled that thing hundreds and hundreds of times. You see that scoreboard? I almost barfed there once during a 1200 interval. I hated this track at times and I loved it more than anything other times.

Morning practices, team bonding, meets under the lights, wishing each set were over but hoping the season would never end because that means everything ended. “I can’t, I have practice in the morning.” was something I was SO PROUD to say. Even if it meant I missed out on some things, I wasn’t missing out the next morning on something that made me feel like a better person. 400s and 800s and 1200s and hurdle after hurdle–those are my college memories and I relived them for a short time on Saturday.

Any college athletes out there?

done with this week.

Done. Finished. Finito. Goodbye. See ya later.

rainy day

I am so done with this week in every possible meaning of the word.

Mentally, I stopped thinking clearly about four hours ago. Physically, I gave up almost all of my evening workouts this week because I’m just tapped out and unmotivated. Emotionally, I’m just thankful for a co-worker that makes me laugh no matter what. Spiritually, well, whoever I’ve been talking to hasn’t been picking up.

rainy day 2

Thank goodness it’s Friday, guys, because I’m just done. My second set of Botox injections on Monday coupled with another horrible filling in my mouth today makes this week low on my favorites list.

But right now I’m staring at a big pile of steamed Brussels sprouts as part of dinner and these ruby red berries for dessert. That’s something we celebrate in the runnaroundd household.


I’m gonna go easy on the workouts this weekend, real hard on all the nutritious foods, and drink every drop of coffee I own. I’m ready for this weekend. How about you?

the fitness games app review.

Good news for me: home HIIT workouts are BACK. 

Bad news for my downstairs neighbors: home HIIT workouts are BACK.

I had a little extra time this morning to get a workout in because Obama’s in town and they closed down a bunch of the roads for him. He’s such a diva.

Anyway. When I woke up, I wasn’t really in the mood for a walk/run, so I rolled out of bed and decided to do some jumping around in my living room.

I thought about doing my own thing, but then remembered that through my ambassadorship with Fit Approach and Sweat Pink, I was given The Fitness Games app to try out and review. Perfect timing!

IMG_1019 IMG_1020

I picked a cross training workout: Bodyweight Madness 3. I don’t have any equipment at home so this was perfect.

IMG_1021 IMG_1022

One of the best parts is that it breaks down every single exercise in case you’re not sure how to perform that movement.


It has over 250 exercises, real-time updates, and it connects to social media so you can add friends and challenge others to workout and post their results. It’s pretty awesome.

It’s easy to get used to doing the same moves over and over, so this helps switch things up and get you sore in really annoying places. You’ll love it, so go download it and get your sweat on.

And now I’m starving. Food. Coffee. Then I’m going downtown to pet the bomb-sniffing dogs. They let you do that, right? 

What’s your favorite fitness app? Ever tried this one?

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by The Fitness Games through their partnership with Fit Approach. I was not compensated monetarily, but was provided the Platinum Version of the application for review. As always, all opinions are my own.

second round of botox.

Here we go again.

Yesterday morning was my second round of Botox injections for my Dystonia. My appointment wasn’t until 8 a.m. but I was anxious the whole night and got up just after 5 a.m.

The doctor I’m seeing is pretty amazing. He’s a little Chinese guy that’s quick with his words, but makes his point so clearly that I rarely ever have to ask questions other than, “Is this going to hurt?” To which he replies, “Maybe. Don’t look.”

The first round of Botox was injected into the nerves that control whether the feet turn in or out. My left foot was turning in and my right was turning out. This time, my doctor injected the Botox just above my right glute into the nerve that controls the movement of the whole leg since that’s where the turn-out begins.


I got a small dose this first time and if I notice any improvement or not, we’ll adjust the dosage from there. I’ll get more if nothing happens and less if it seems to paralyze the movement too much.

If it helps/hurts I should start to notice something within about 5 days. The strongest affects will be felt around the three week mark and then taper off after three months. That’s when I’ll probably get more/less.

The worst part is that it’s really painful. Not the injection itself. The first round hurt, but this second one was relatively painless.

It’s the, “Oh my gosh what if this doesn’t help me?” feeling that hurts the most. It’s the sadness of never crossing anymore finish lines as a strong, healthy runner.

I’m going to stay positive. But I’m keeping my hopes in check because I’ve only half-accepted the fact that this is a forever disease and I’ll just have to put my big girl pants on and deal with it.

On that note, I’ll report back in a week with or without good news.

AND on the topic of running, who else is having a full-on love affair with the new Runner’s World magazine layout? Ummmm update WIN of the century, am I right? I laid in bed last night wondering whether or not tweet them my praises.


The content is still great. The cover chick is a badass, and I’m still not buying Hoka shoes no matter how many ads push at me.


Happy Tuesday.

family reunion at disney.

I had a family reunion this weekend in Disney with friends-that-are-more-like-family. The last time we were together there was about 12 years ago, which is too long if you ask me. Our group of nine had a pretty great time.

There are so many amazing things I could say about this Disney weekend: we park-hopped through three different parks, ate mountains of french fries, rode our favorite rides and a few new ones. Every single salty and savory second was exactly what I was hoping for.

Friday night I high-tailed it to The Art of Animation hotel in Disney. We’d never stayed there before and it was so great–a lot like Pop Century and The All-Star Resort (for any of you who have been there).

Saturday morning I wanted to make sure to get in a short workout before we hit the parks for the day, and luckily, there was a running path right behind our hotel. It was a huge loop around a big lake, which I found out was sponsored by New Balance, the official sponsor for all runDisney races. Cool! Exercising before anything happens is just the best feeling ever–it sets my day off on the right foot.


Toy Story Mania was first on our list, so we got to Hollywood Studios around 7:30 a.m. to get in line.


On to Magic Kingdom! My favorite time in the park is when all the Halloween things come out.


We tested our driving skills at Test Track in Epcot. I’m not good.


We headed back to Epcot and Animal Kingdom on Sunday morning before I had to get home.


Such a fun weekend. I have fantastic family and friends and I miss them already. Dare I say this mini-getaway was…magical? For more fun pictures check out my insta: runnaroundd.

How was your weekend?