#lindsayinlondon day two: an old church and a new bridge.

Day one in London was spectacular and, if you can believe it, day two was even better.

outfit of the day london

Bet you can guess what it started with. There are more Starbucks shops per block than any other city I’ve ever been in. This includes NYC. I’m refusing to shop there while I’m in London, so Patisserie Valerie was my first stop. Eh, not impressed. Tomorrow is another day.

morning coffee london victoria station

After not fully enjoying my coffee but drinking it anyway (because, caffeine) we headed to St. Paul’s Cathedral. It was unreal. My mom and I got a guidebook and I read it out loud while we walked all through the church.

st. paul's cathedralst. paul's cathedral 2 st. paul's cathedral 3 st. paul's cathedral 4 st. paul's cathedral 5 st. paul's cathedral 6

It’s just mind-blowing how old these buildings are. Allow me to melt your mind for a sec: The first St. Paul’s Cathedral (there were several due to fires and wars) was built about 1,000 years before Isaac Newton brought up the whole gravity thing. #straightcray

From there we hoofed it over the Millennium Bridge and I wished on a bubble :)

millenium bridge london 2 millenium bridge london millennium bridge london bubbles millennium bridge london sights

The last three sights of the day were Borough Market (AMAZING), Tate Modern Museum (AMAZING 2x), and Harrod’s because a lady’s gotta get her shop on.

Borough Market: The foods, the smells, the flowers, the people, the atmosphere; it was an outdoor market on roids. The food was so fresh and delicious, the produce looked and tasted perfect. I could’ve stayed there all day.

borough market london 5borough market berries borough market chalkboard wall borough market london 2 borough market london 3 borough market london peaches borough market london

Tate Modern: This was beautiful–and free! I saw so many of my favorite artists including Mark Rothko. A whole room of Rothko. Ah, heaven.

tate museum london mark rothko

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Until tomorrow. CHEERIO.

#lindsayinlondon day one: getting here and getting coffee.

We made it to London! A short weather delay at the Orlando airport had us antsy to get the show on the road, but once we got settled on the plane, 8 hours flew by. 

travel outfit london

Wait. I mean 8 hours flew by for my parents. They were in first class, not sandwiched between two toddlers who worked in shifts screaming bloody murder while the rest of coach white-knuckled the armrests.

My noise canceling headphones didn’t stand a chance. The baby shriek penetrates white noise, time, space, and souls. I did, however, get my own row of three seats to spread out, which is exactly what happened on my way home from Germany last year. It rocked.

Once we landed in Gatwick at around 7 a.m. and made it through customs, we headed toward the trains to London, and I headed toward the coffee.

coffee in gatwick london airport

The best travel outfit:
-Black tank top

-Black skinny jeans (with some stretch)
-Oh-so-cozy white open-front sweater/cardigan
-Birks (or in my case, Target knock-off Birks)
-Big black crossbody bag for toys and snacks

A Caffè Nero coffee fired all the right brain synapses. Let the day begin!

For running on zero sleep, we hit a bunch of great stops.

The Tower of London
Tower Bridge
St. Katharine Docks
Thames River boat ride
Buckingham Palace
Trafalgar Square

tower of london tourtower of londontower of london 2tower bridge londonDSC_0054

And now I’m about to pass the heck out. Tomorrow we’re headed for St. Paul’s Cathedral, Millennium Bridge, and Tate Modern. Can’t wait!

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off to london.

It’s finally here. London! Ah!

airline flights orlando airport

In just about an hour or, you know, whenever the airline feels like it, my parents and I will be boarding a plane that looks just big enough to make it across the pond with us and my shoes.

I’ve got stuff to entertain me, stuff to eat, and stuff to make me fall asleep. And when we land on Friday around 2 a.m. your time, 7 a.m. London time, the adventures begin!

passport traveling

While we wait I’m listening to a guy who really loves the F-bomb and watching a ginger toddler get rid of some energy with a few laps of the terminal.

I <3 people-watching.

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God save the queen.

now i know how far i go.

I’m the proud owner of a “Used In Good Condition” Nike+ SportWatch GPS. Yay ebay.

nike+ sportwatch gps running tampa

This little guy isn’t so new to me, though. I had an earlier model in college but I’m almost positive my sweat killed it. No one sweats more than me, I promise.

But I didn’t cry myself to sleep when the watch finally bit the dust because I know Tampa’s running routes and miles better than some of my own relatives. Since I’m living in the same city I ran in during college, I can guesstimate any walk/run route to the tenth of a mile. It’s a gift, really.

After being diagnosed with Dystonia, I wasn’t itching to get another GPS watch only to gradually watch my times and pace slow due to the effects of this disease, but for some reason I just wanted to know again. And since I’ll start marathon training (“training”) in two months, I wanted something to track my miles. I want to be accountable again. 

This week I used my watch for two runs and was pretty surprised that the new routes I’ve been running are about 6 miles each.

Tuesday morning.

nike+ sportwatch running tampa bay

Wednesday morning.

nike+ sportwatch gps run 2

I definitely thought they were shorter and that my average pace of walking and running was slower. That made me feel a little better. It’s crazy that a few years ago nine miles at a 7 min. per mile pace was my norm. But that was then and right now I’ll take what I can get.

If you run, do you use a GPS watch?

he’s not a visitor anymore.

When friends are in town, I get anxious because of all the entertaining and impressing that needs to happen. We need to go there, see that, do this, eat here, visit these people. OH look! A boat! Let’s get on it! Biking?! What are we waiting for?!

biking courtney campbell causeway trail clearwater florida

But that’s because visitors are here for just a short time and filling up the days is the only way to fit in all the fun activities, foods, and friends.

Ever since R moved in, I’ve treated his days and our plans like he’s leaving in five minutes. I’ve wanted to wine him and dine him and impress and thrill him. Which is getting to be tough because I’m the only one who drinks in this relationship. But sometimes all he really wants to do is make dinner and start a new Netflix series with me. Dawwwwww.

He’s not a visitor here anymore.

I learned this lesson hard and fast last weekend. We were both up early for workouts on Saturday. Then we drove 20+ miles to a market in St. Pete, which turned out to be nothing special. Then we drove back to get some sun at a pool near where we live. Then I dragged him back to St. Pete because I just had to take him to a Tampa Bay Rays baseball game. After that I made quick plans with friends for a late dinner at Noble Crust. Get the Meatball Pizza. Don’t ask questions. It’s to die for.

tropicana field st petetampa bay rays vs red sox june 2015

It was a lot of fun, but it was a lot. And when he was quiet during dinner and on the way home I got frustrated. His one-word answers were killing me. Was he not loving today? I am trying so hard to make every minute of every day a blast! What’s wrong? Nothing at all. He was fine, just completely exhausted. And when I slowed down to actually think my thoughts, so was I. Totally pooped. 

davis islands

And that’s when it sort of hit me: every second doesn’t need to be filled with something. Finding and doing new and fun things in the area is great, but not all in one day.

daily eats tampa

Because R isn’t a visitor anymore we have time to do all the activities in between sleeping late, sipping coffee, and doing nothing at all.

the ue boom.

I’m not one of those folks who freaks the heck out about new tech products.

Yeah, I just got a new iPhone Plus, but I’ve never pre-ordered a new gadget or waited in a 9-hour line for the latest Apple product. And I definitely can’t tell you about fancy gaming systems. The last time I held a controller, N64 was the thing and TVs weren’t flat yet.

But I feel like I need to tell you about the newest love of my life. Sorry, R, you’ve been replaced by the UE Boom.

ue boom

The UE stands for Ultimate Ears and they make speakers that bring the party to you. At least that’s what the sales guy at Verizon promised. He was all about it.

Other bonuses: the speakers are waterproof, they play 360 degree sound, and they’re “life-resistant” which means when my clumsy fingers eventually drop it or I spill milk on it like I did to my poor phone this morning (which also has a lifeproof case; go figure), I won’t have a complete meltdown. Like I almost did this morning.

Set up is a cinch, too. 

(1) Download the app. Bottom left.
home screen iphone 6 plus

(2) Go into your Settings, then Bluetooth, and select UE BOOM.

bluetooth to ue boom

(3) Mess around in the app to personalize your play settings, volume, etc. Or don’t because you justwanttoplaymusicrightnow. Like me.

ue boom app

How do I use mine? I’m so glad you wanna know. I connect mine to my Spotify playlists and listen while I’m working out, food prepping or, you know, writing this post. My neighbors are in love with me………………

So far I’ve told just about everyone I know about this little guy.

And just in case you get a UE Boom because of this unpaid, unsponsored, fangirl review, this is my “beats” playlist.



How do you listen to your music?

shared data.

Cell phone dealers are scary. AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint (yikes). All of ’em.

I think it’s a combination of the numbers and the salesmen (gender neutral term for those that sell. go, feminism) that really throw me off. They say they want to get you the best deal, but then all of a sudden you’ve got a brand new iPhone 6 Plus with bulletproof covers and a bluetooth speaker system made of gold and developed by NASA.

Speaking from experience because that’s exactly what went down on Friday.

iphone 6 plus macbook pro

My dude and I now have iPhone 6 Pluses, Lifeproof cases, and a UE Boom bluetooth speaker, which I’m actually obsessed with right now.

And another thing we walked out with? Shared data. Which means we got a shared plan. Which means we have one account. Which means we’re paying our bill together each month and I’m the one who will make sure he DOES NOT go over 10GB of data.

Sharing a two-year plan isn’t like, “Honey, should we get spinach or kale this week?” It’s more like, “HOLY HELL does the red wire stop the bomb from exploding or the blue wire?!”

Serious business. Not to be taken lightly. And there’s never enough time because Mr. (or Mrs. or Ms.) Sales Guy is like, “I have all the puppies and unicorns you’ll ever want but you can only have them if you decide in the next 8 seconds. GO.”

But then I looked through my recent photos and was reminded of all the happy.

collage of iphone photos

And shared data plus a two-year contract plus the sales guy really didn’t feel so scary anymore. That’s pretty marvelous.

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while i was away: london.

No, I didn’t go to London. Yet.

A lot happened while I was away from my blog for two months. This guy I kinda like moved in, I got real comfortable with less personal space in my 1br apartment, I signed up for a marathon. Oh, and my parents invited me on a trip to LONDON, ENGLAND.

Man, I’m telling you. These past couple months have been like Disney’s Year of a Million Dreams for me. 

I leave on THURSDAY and I’ve only ordered a handful of clothes online. I’m feeling so underprepared.

forever21 clothes

All from Forever 21 and all insanely on sale:
-Basic heathered tee with a big pocket to match anything
-Stretchy burgundy shorts because hot weather and food
-Black tank top dress to feel like a parisian and whatnot
-Weird sleeveless shawl that was almost free and seemed like a good idea at the time
-(un-pictured) Another long gray shirt that went for a sweaty test drive yesterday

This is a trip my parents have been talking about for awhile: London in the summer to see the Wimbledon tennis matches. Every summer we follow the play and every summer we blab about how much we all want to be there in person.

Last Christmas my dad made it official and surprised my mom with plane tickets. Turns out there was an extra spot on the plane and, the two to whom I owe my life, made sure I filled that seat, putting me forever in their debt.

(5) cara delevingne gif | Tumblr

My mom even made a list of things we have done (we went to London in the wintertime when I was in high school) and things we could do. She’s awesome.

london itinerary

I hope she realizes, though, that we’re going to have to figure out how to hit all of these places now that they’re on the table.

All I know is I want to be within ass-smacking distance of Djokovic, Federer, Nadal, Isner and, if Hewitt decides to visit, I’d hit that, too.

For now, I’ll be packing and getting airplane selfie game-ready. Because, eight hours in one seat, yo.

Should I apologize to the boyf rn or nah?

While I Was Away One

while i was away: the marathon.

Not a whole lot happens before I’ve had my morning workout, coffee, and breakfast. But now that I’ve officially punished myself and my legs, drank my office’s supply of coffee, and put a serious dent in my newest almond butter jar, I feel ready to talk about one of my nuttiest impulse buys of all time.

A couple months ago during a particularly rough day at work and life, I mindlessly scrolled through Twitter waiting for the end of the day to show its face.

“2016 Marathon registration is now open.” @runDisney

You have my attention, Twitters.

Ever since I was diagnosed with Dystonia, race announcements felt like stabs in the gut. I read them, then tried to forget them. Biking is fun and all, and I have the best guy around to push a pedal with, but there’s nothing better than training and running and racing.

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 8.46.49 AM

That day as I stood at my desk feeling defeated but weirdly motivated, I pulled out my credit card and paid more for a road race than that month’s groceries. 

I did it. I signed up for the Walt Disney World Marathon–a race or even a distance I never believed I’d run while battling Dystonia. My hands tingled. It was the first day I felt like I needed to take a shot in the middle of the day.

A little later I hobbled out for a run, giving this whole thing a good and long think. Then I posted about it.

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 9.11.50 AM

I meant every word of this, too. I have two legs, a healthy pair of lungs, and a heart that hasn’t given up on me yet. And although these legs don’t work properly at the moment, some people’s legs don’t work at all. So I’ll run for them.

This journey will be long, and it’ll be painful and emotional, but I’ll get there. Because when you’re 16 or so miles deep, you don’t have a choice of whether or not you’re going to finish unless you surrender and cash in some pride along the way. And to tell you the truth, I get emotional when I think about crossing that finish line. Chills, weepy, the whole bit. I can’t wait.

My sister made me promise not to complain during training, so hopefully any belly-aching won’t make its way here. All bets are off for Facebook, Twitter and Insta, though ;))))

What have I gotten myself into?

the return: six bikes.

The story continues.

Post One

Post Two

Friday, June 6, 2015.

I didn’t realize how small 650 square feet felt until six bikes were fighting for my floor space. I have two and he has four. See, my then-just-a-friend-now-boyfriend has a problem. It’s called buying bicycles. And since he’s in the 200th percentile for height, his bikes are enormous and they’re scaring away my furniture.

That Friday, June 6th, he moved himself and everything he owned to Florida (read: everything I told him he could bring) was the longest and most un-productive day at work. I remember wanting to be in meetings so the time would pass quicker.

But then 5 p.m. came and so did his van plus four bikes.

The thing is, I thought I’d have a real problem with less space and more dirt, but with less space and more dirt came more happy. The messes tracked in by dirty bike tires, sweat and grime make me smile because it’s kind of nice to have someone to dirty up my floors with.

courtney cambell pedestrian bridge 3

As of now? We’re still working on our rhythm. We’ve sorted out whose bathroom towels are whose. I know that if he buys peanut butter or granola, he better hide it because I’ll be the one to finish it. And even though the kid loves his sleep, he’ll carry my Townie down three flights of stairs a couple hours before he actually needs to be up. Because that thing is heavy and he’s good at the little things.

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 8.50.40 AMcourtney cambell pedestrian bridge

This adventure we started two and a half weeks ago is better than I imagined. So long as he doesn’t bring home another bicycle.