there’s no cure.

Coming atcha straight from Sweaty Mess HQ. I’m, like, head chief commander and president over here.

lorna jane active tank top

Last night I only got through 30 minutes of treadmill incline walking and about 15 minutes of strength before I had to finish up some work things. Disgusting. I get it from my dad’s side. Gee thanks, Pops.

So, about this tank top. I want a hundred of them. I received a gift card to Lorna Jane through my Sweat Pink ambassadorship along with LJ’s cookbook, Nourish. (I know, I’m a lucky lady!) It’s super lightweight and has a mesh back with holes for extra breathability. But no amount of cutouts can stop me from making a mess of any piece of equipment. That’s a Lindsay flaw, not a tank top flaw.

I chose this one because no matter what exercise I’m doing, this is what’s always going through my head. I’d rather be running. I’d rather be running. I’d rather be running.

There’s just no cure for complete love and adoration for this sport and this community.

When I go somewhere new and see humongous rolling hills, dirt paths that wind through the woods and beaches for miles, I wonder what it would feel like to run it. What would I see? Who are the regulars that run it every day? The runner’s disease — there’s no cure for it and there doesn’t need to be.

There’s no cure for getting the itch to lace up and explore my own town every once in awhile. It’s the best way to learn streets and find your way home when you feel like you’re going in circles.


There’s also no cure for Dystonia, which is what I have. There’s no mental cure for the awful hurt I feel when I know that a good, hard, sweaty run will cure work stress and life stress but knowing I just physically can’t do it. What other outlet do I have? I can hammer on my bike pedals all the livelong day, but it’ll never stack up to a run.

I’d always rather be running.

There’s not a cure for wanting to punish yourself with a hard track workout. I’ve spent many years making my muscles pay. I miss those years.

In September I get a second round of Botox injections and I can’t freaking wait. I saw very minimal improvement after the first, so I’m hoping this second round of higher dosage will help. Because all I really want to do after three years of this crap is run and remember what it feels like to enjoy it.


You all might call me a liar after you read what I’m about to write, and it’s probably because you’ll be straight up jealous. But this ish couldn’t be more real.

thrift shop items

2 pairs designer jeans: BKE and Express.
1 pair lululemon capris. (!!!!)
1 comfy tank top.

I started out my day browsing at Anthropologie, but after snapping myself out of paying $39.95 for a tank top, I headed to Marshall’s. They had some good sales, but nothing screamed, “BUY ME.” Well, nothing screamed loud enough for me to buy it.

Just down the road from Marshall’s is Sunshine Thrift. The last time I went there, was in 2009 when I was collecting items for a photo shoot during an internship. ((Unnecessary details.))

Anyway. Thrift stores, at their core, are hit or miss. Every single one of them. This weekend, I hit the freaking target.

And the great thing about thrift shop items is that they’re so dirt cheap that if you don’t feel like trying anything on ((or it grosses you out)), you can buy it anyway and it’s worth things not fitting perfectly. Because it’s just that cheap.

aztec pattern tank top
Unknown brand and size racerback tank, $2.95

lululemon capris
lululemon capris, $3.95

I wasn’t in any rush, and none of the patrons were making me feel particularly uncomfortable, so I lingered and tried everything on.

designer jeans
BKE jeans and Express jeans, $5.95, $4.95

I’m feeling pretty good about these finds. These jeans are long and flared, which will go great with the wedges I got a few months ago. The tank top is perfect for hanging out or walking around Disney on a super hot day, and the lululemon crops are amazing for everything and are one of those items that just felt wrong not to buy. $3.95, remember?!

Where do you shop the most? Do you ever hit up the thrift shops? 

four-ingredient banana oat cookies.

I’m not someone who, when she has free time on her hands, says, “My day could use some cookies.” I’m usually like, “Hey, it’s sunny. I’m gonna go for a long walk then ride my bike all over Tampa and get super sweaty.”

But today, I had already taken a walk. I had already given my parents a tour of my office. We had lunch. We caught up on life. There really wasn’t much left to do.

Cookies, it was!

banana oatmeal cookiesWant to know the best part? The recipe came right from my own brain.

In a bowl mix up:
-3 bananas
-a 3-second squeeze of honey
-a few spoonfuls of creamy peanut butter
-enough oats to make it batter-y

Next, taste-test precisely one half of batter. You know, just to be sure it’s not poisoned.

Then, spoon out balls onto a tray and put them in the oven at 350 degrees for 15 minutes. The edges will be slightly crisp, and that’s how you’ll know they’re perfect.

I had four.

It was actually a huge surprise that they didn’t taste like garbage because whenever I throw random ingredients into a bowl and bake it, it’s just a big waste of good ingredients.

But these were real yummy and they’ll be great for breakfast during the week.

Make anything good this weekend?

back on the bike.

I’ve said it before: Thursday evenings are my favoriteI don’t really take Fridays seriously, so I always feel good about getting up and getting to work. And I’m always more motivated to get a workout done on Friday morning. I don’t know why. This morning’s was a home HIIT workout that left me dripping sweat–even after I got out of the shower. #BAM

Speaking of workouts.


biking and longboarding
Bangs. Still looking fierce.

You can’t tell, but there are about one million little black bugs stuck to my face, neck and chest. They float around in clouds and you don’t notice them until you ride right into them. YUCK. 

Last night was the bombbbb. I didn’t workout Thursday morning, so I hopped on my road bike after work for the first time in WAY too long. I’m definitely not in superstar biking shape like I was a couple months ago. From now until September I need to get in a good long ride at least once a week to get ready for the Miles for Hope 100k. Not sure If I’ll be doing it again this year since we’ll have family/friends in town, but I really hope I can. ((Here’s last year’s recap.))


I made the mistake of reading Runner’s World in bed last night. It made me realize that I don’t remember what it feels like to really run anymore. I’m not being dramatic. This November marks three years of Dystonia. The articles about tempos and fartleks and running by feel instead of time and pace. God damnit. I want that back so badly. So so freaking badly.

I had another appointment with my neurologist on Monday. The Botox I had injected into my calves in June has been working a little bit but no drastic changes. The dystonia seems to be affecting my entire right leg, not just my lower leg, so my next round of injections will go right into my butt cheek. Yay………. I’m going to try and post new running videos next week.


I’m going to get some.

Have a great day! What workouts have you been doing this week?

the salad that saved my life.

I almost ate my arm yesterday.

When I workout in the morning I’m ravenous the entire day and, hello, it’s kind of annoying. Like, I have things to do mmmk?

Here’s what happened.

7 AM: After whacking my alarm off too many times, I peeled my bod out of bed for this Rock Your Body Workout. It only took me about 27 minutes but it was super intense. ((I’ve got a lot of fun workouts on my Sweat// board.))

Made a few modifications: high knees for JJ, one-arm dumbbell swings for the kettle bell swings, knee pushups for one-arm pushups, and more sets of burpees.

7:35-8 AM: Got ready and headed to work.

8:45 AM: Had my usual coffee and oatmeal with cinnamon, berries, and banana for breakfast.

11 AM: I thought my stomach was going to eat itself and all of its internal organ friends in there. What the freak?!

11:17 AM: I couldn’t handle it anymore and had lunch. I finished before noon.

1:45 PM: STARVING. Forgot to bring snacks. Popped a piece of gum in my mouth and prayed it would trick my stomach. No bones.

2:45 PM: STARVINGGG. Went upstairs to our office kitchen to look for stray animal crackers and found leftover salad from client meetings. Dear Heavenly Father, I’d like to thank you for blessing me and my insane appetite with salad I’m about to shovel into my face. Amen.

veggie salad with balsamic dressing
Spring mix lettuce with cucumbers, onions, and big, fat tomatoes, all swimming in balsamic dressing. All I can say is thank goodness. 

4 PM: Relaxed and able to concentrate the rest of the day.

7 PM: Dinner of random stuff I found in my pantry and fridge. Some black beans, some sweet potatoes, some carrots, some salsa, some frozen banana slices, and the last bit of guilt for not shopping/prepping over the weekend.

8 PM: Made a mental shopping list for tonight. Because I’m so good at sticking to those………………

9 PM-who knows: Read until book hits face, reminding me to turn off the lights and go to sleep for real.

Is your hunger in overdrive when you do hard workouts? I need new lunch ideas–what have you been making lately?

skate-skating all over.

Is it possible to fall in love with an inanimate object? 

dusters california wake longboard

I’ve become less materialistic over the years, spending money on experiences over possessions, but I’m straight-up infatuated with my (first!) longboard. I rode it everywhere I possibly could on Saturday and Sunday evening: to take out the trash (x3) to check on my laundry, to casually cruise by the bro washing his car (x4, HI!) and to get the mail.

I don’t go fast, I just go. And that’s all the fun I need :)

My weekend workout plan I shared with you on Friday didn’t really go as planned. It sucks when running sucks, and that’s all there is to it.

Here’s what actually happened:
*Friday: no workout (womp womp, fail)
*Saturday: long walk/run on Saturday (success!)
*Sunday: one short AM walk/run and a short PM incline treadmill walk (A for effort)

I’m a little T.O.-ed at myself for missing lululemon yoga because I could use some bendyness in my life, but my walk/run was late, so I missed it. Eh, oh well. Last time I checked, weekends are every five days so we’re good.

The weather did its job, too.

tampa bay bayshore blvdchannelside tampa bay

Do you always stick to your weekend workout plans or go with how you’re feeling?

Have a great Monday!

new wheels.

I got my fifth set of wheels today. I like transportation.

dusters california skateboardtampa bay bayshore blvddusters california skateboard collage

Ever since I rode my uncle’s board last weekend, I was itching to get my own. I’m so stoked about this new guy.

The second I got this beauty, I drove straight to Davis Islands and skated up and down Channel Dr. along the water. Gosh, it’s the most freeing feeling in the whole world. I could’ve stayed out there all night.

I’m no good yet, but I’m learning. I spent good amount of Saturday watching youtube videos about how to properly maneuver a longboard and, most importantly, how to stop. Turns out I was actually doing it kind of right. #BOSS

Now I’m just counting down the days until I fall off and break an arm or leg or wrist or nose. #CastsAreCool

And weekends are so good.

quick and dirty: weekend set up.

Let’s make like Shalane and be speedy this morning.

First, Christmas came early! All I wish for every year are a few good hair days. I had one a couple months ago when I got my hair cut and blown out by a professional, but today was all me. And I document it because this ish doesn’t happen often.

hair selfie
Top// Anthropologie
Necklace// Ann Taylor LOFT
Sunnies// Oakley

Boom. Put a curl in it. The bangs are growing out at an astonishing rate, so they’re definitely getting trimmed soon. I miss them.

Second. Plans this weekend:
*Apartment-hunting like mad because my living situation in t-minus 4 weeks depends on it.
*Trying to get this body tan.
*Finishing up a library book that’s just dragging on. I’m ready for a new one already.

Third. Workouts this weekend:
The last time I had a weekend workout plan was when I was running XC/Track in college. Seems like a good time to get back on it because I had a better run last night after work, and I’ve got motivation coming out my– what?? YAY. 

post workout

*Today: Walk/run or a HIIT workout tonight ((I bagged this morning’s because, awesome hair))
*Saturday: Long walk/run on Bayshore
*Tentative for Sunday: free lululemon yoga with a short walk/run and weights
*I never have a set plan for Sunday morning. If I’m feeling good, I’ll do some moving, but If I’m sore, tired, achy or just unmotivated, I’ll take a rest day and bum around Davis Islands on my Townie.

Fourth. Have an awesome day! What are your weekend workouts like? 

nourish cookbook by lorna jane.

I’m going to be honest with you, I’m a little surprised I was chosen to review Lorna Jane‘s new cookbook through my ambassadorship with FitApproach and Sweat Pink. I have a pretty bad history of recipe fails. Hell, I had one last night, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try again.

I received an awesome package.


The sweetest note from the LJ team, a $50 gift card to Lorna Jane online, and the Nourish cookbook ((buy here)).

My first impression of the book: gorgeous! Every single page is filled with inspiration to live, love and nourish your life with things that make you feel good every day.

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 9.05.50 AM Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 9.06.05 AM Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 9.06.51 AM

Next, I had to choose a recipe to make. How can I pick just one?! Nourish is filled with breakfasts, snacks, lunches, dinners, desserts, smoothies, and so much more.

I went with the beauty TONIC because it looked so pretty and, hello, this lady could use some beauty.

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 9.09.36 AM

Mine didn’t turn out quite as beautiful as Lorna’s did. I think I added too much fresh orange juice and I forgot to mash up the berries. Danggit.

IMG_0463 IMG_0464

But it’s pretty, right?! I’m gonna give it another go and try a few new recipes this weekend.

A big thank you to FitApproach for letting me preview the cookbook :D 

Have you tried any new recipes recently?