merry and bright day 17: team bonding.

I’m panicking. Not only did I NOT ship any of my Christmas gifts yet, I’ve barely started shopping. I’m failing like whoa this year.


In other news, today was great. If I were you, I’d probably be tired of hearing that. I’m just a lucky girl working with lovely people, so I get to tell you that every day. I will say, though, as much as I love my teammates, we have eight days until Christmas and that means a nice long break until after the new year. Olé!

Let’s get to some merry and bright.

25 days of merry and bright

12/17/14: My mid-week merry and bright was actually a few wonderful things.

1. My manager/director/mentor/friend/leader (she’s everything and I don’t know how she does it all) surprised our team with trees! Our office needed some life.

christmas trees2

2. We went on a mini team outing to Starbucks this afternoon and snapped a team photo/selfie. #lovethemtopieces

team selfies

3. Our office holiday party is tomorrow night! I’m excited…but I’m bummed because I’m dateless.


However, I haven’t had much luck in the past when I brought dates to things. Perhaps this is simply a good opportunity to get druuuuuunk with my co-workers. Yeah. Let’s go with that.

For your smiling pleasure:

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How was your Wednesday? How are we doing on shopping?

merry and bright day 16: #advertising.

Le tired. Le stressed. 

Let’s just talk happy, shall we?

25 days of merry and bright

12/16/14: Overall, today was a long day (and it’s not over). Lots of work to be done in not a lot of time. #advertising

This ominous view of my office on my bike ride into work should’ve been my first clue…

downtown tampa

Don’t get me wrong. Today wasn’t a BAD day. It just changes things a bit for the rest of the week.

But today’s sprinkle of merry and bright was smashing a 30-minute HIIT workout this morning before I lost all control of my emotions. I DON’T KNOW THE FEELINGS I’M FEELING. <– Stolen from my partner because she’s hilarious.


I’m embarrassed to even post this picture. I can’t believe I even took this picture. A self-timer was involved and everything. I’m not proud.

Anywho. More happy here:

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How do you see the good in long, crazy days?

merry and bright day 15: one thing after another.

I liked almost everything about today. And it’s a Monday! Every single thing was awesome except my crappy run before work. My dystonia hasn’t been a popular topic around here for awhile because things were going so well.

From October until about two weeks ago I almost thought my body was ridding itself of the disease. Runs were more frequent and longer, I stopped walking (read about that here), and I raced a girl on Bayshore. That’s all slowly fading now, which is sad. It also means the Botox is fading from my last appointment, and to keep up feeling like I’m feeling, I need to get it done again. And again. And again. My third Botox treatment is one week from today.

I’m feeling whelmed. But I’ll post an update on that next week.


On to the happy!

25 days of merry and bright

12/15/14: Aside from my lackluster run this morning, I had a fantastic day! The second half was mucho productive and I wore a smile the whole way home. Here’s my day 15 merry and bright.

(1) I took a slice from A Piece of Toast and am trying out some new, dainty jewelry. This post from APoT made me fall in love with super-thin-but-still-charming jewelry. Mine are my H&M. AKA: cheap. But I’m still loving how they look.

h&m necklaces

(2) My shirt had leather on it. I wore a velvet blazer. My shoes were animal print. I did my makeup. Too many lady things happening. It’s like I tried or something.


(3) We’re doing Secret Santa at work this week, and this is what was sitting on my desk this morning: my very own treeeeee! I may or may not have carried it around the office.

secret santa christmas tree

(4) My work partner and I had a 2.5 hour brainstorm today for a project we’ve been working on and we got ISH DONE. I am so proud of us. It was some of our best thinking and creating to date — and we did it all over the phone.


Did you have an awesome Monday?? Anyone doing Secret Santa? I need some fun gift ideas.

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See you tomorrow!

merry and bright day 14: that red dress, tho.

The shopping rules go like this: 

(1) When you’re looking for something really important with no time but a heftier budget, you probably won’t find it.

(2) When you’re browsing with no time constraints and zero funds, you’ll want everything you set your eyeballs on.

Today at the mall I had a little mix of both and, luckily, I ended up scoring a dress that not only hugs me like my own skin, but it was on sale. Take that, universe! Let me give you today’s merry and bright (red) details. 

25 days of merry and bright

12/14/14: Wouldya take a look at this DIME PIECE?

h&m red dress

I was in a state of almost panic when my mom and I got to the mall. We struck out yesterday at the outlets, so I was really hoping for better luck today. I don’t normally dress shop at H&M, but I saw sparkly things in the window and, well, moth to the flame.

h&m red dress 2

It was the only dress I brought into the fitting room, and the minute I slipped it on, I knew it was mine. I bet that’s how finding a wedding dress is. I should ask my sister.

And it totally passed the twirl test.

h&m red dress 3

I picked up two dainty necklaces for fun: one silver and one gold. The happiest part? I got it all for under $35. Shoes are next on my list this week.

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Hope your weekend was splendid. Who’s excited for Christmas?!

merry and bright days 12 + 13: disney and family.

If you’ve been following along (oh gee thanks, friend) then you know I’ve been sharing my favorite merry and bright moments from each day. Today’s post is a double dose because last night…well…let me just tell you down below my nice little graphic I created in order to keep these thoughts organized and cohesive. OCD much, Edwards?

25 days of merry and bright

12/12/14: Friday night’s merry and bright was the merriest and brightest so far. After work I met my parents at Magic Kingdom for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. It’s tradition, you see. There were fireworks and lights and rides and people-watching. And eventually freezing our butts off, which ended the party early. Us Buffalonians are getting soft.

disney world fireworks magic kingdomdisney world fireworksdisney's cinderella castle

12/13/14: Oh, hey. 12-13-14. Funny. Ok. Today’s very happy moment was being HOME. I made breakfast, read all the blogs, went for a bike ride, then outlet-shopped with mommabear because I have a fancy work party to attend and nothing to wear.

tumblr_mowzcyTXEv1rgqxe7o1_500saturday morning breakfast

We’re ending the night with a cookie baking fest and putting some lights on this sad and naked tree.


For more happy:

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Happy AlmostChristmasBecauseIt’sSoooooooClose!

merry and bright day 11: hallmark movies.

Ever do an exasperated FACEPALM within minutes of waking up in the morning? I totally lived there this a.m. I set my alarm last night, it went off, and then I snoozed it–OR SO I THOUGHT. I actually turned it off and fell back asleep for 30 more minutes, which caused me to miss my workout. I suck.

But I didn’t let it get to me. I had a fun day at work. Lots of brainstorming and writing and laughing and I can’t believe that’s actually my job. Ha!

25 days of merry and bright

12/11/14: On the eleventh day of merry and bright, I took a lovely night run and jammed to ‘NSYNC and Timeflies. I coasted on the verses and picked it up on the choruses.


Done and DONE. Yay! Then I dove into dinner, and now I’m watching this DJ Tanner Hallmark Channel movie. ‘Tis the season :)

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 8.21.24 PM

Always end a day strong and with a smile. Happy almost Friday!!

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Favorite Christmas movie??

merry and bright day 10: growth.

I’m crazy for Wednesdays. I mean, they’re no Friday, but we’re on a downhill, people. Two more days, then I’m off to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at Magic Kingdom (here’s last year’s party).

I’m one of the kids that knows the words to the parade songs and sings them loud for all to hear. Can’t wait. I miss the mouse.

Yesterday I mentioned that it was a tough day, but today, while still busy, was a good busy. The hours flew by, which is surprising because I was up so darn early for some running and thinking. Let me show you.

25 days of merry and bright

12/10/14: Whoa, day 10! I like this series because I get to tell you all the happy going on and count down to Christmas. Today’s merry and bright is for this:

sunrise tampa baysunrise tampa bay bayshore blvd

My body wanted to stay curled up underneath my cozy comforter this morning, but my brain was like get going, lady! So, I did. I headed out for a so-so run without music. Being out there early enjoying the sunrise made me happy and grateful, but thinking about how much I’ve grown in my job the last two years was the best part.

When I started, I was shy, nervous, unsure, and lacking confidence. Today, I know what my role is. I contribute, I speak up, I ask questions.

I lead.

I’ve grown. And I’m excited because I have so much more to learn. I’m happy for my mentors. I’m happy for my peers. It’s exciting, this crazy advertising business, but it’s a good kind of insane that I can’t imagine not being part of.

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Are you having a good week? Who’s getting excited for Christmas?!

merry and bright day 9: an inspiring video.

Not every day is going to be easy. If all days are easy, are we growing, learning, changing? Deeeeep duuuuuude.

We are on DAY 9 of 25 Days of Merry and Bright, and let me tell you, I’m so happy I’m doing this. It forces me to see all the awesome things that happen every day. The small things are just as important as the big things. Like when one of my co-workers said to me and my partner, “You guys really crack each other up, don’t you?” while we were in the middle of a hilarious back-and-forth banter. That just made me smile because we are such a team, and it makes work really freaking fun when you have someone to laugh with every day.

Now let’s have a look at Tuesday.

25 days of merry and bright

12/9/14: Like I mentioned, today was a little hard, but that doesn’t dull the day’s merry and bright. Among the holiday SALE SALE SALE ads and really freaking annoying engagement announcements (le sigh) filling up my Facebook feed, I scrolled onto something that changed my whole day right at that moment.

TOUCH THE SKY from tim hahne on Vimeo.

“This is a short, but very intimate portrait of Alex Zanardi, the former Formula 1 driver and winner of the American Champ Car Series. Alex was already a star, when he had his almost fatal accident at the Lausitzring in Germany. He lost his legs, but not his attitude. Alex Zanardi came back and did the impossible: He won races in the World Touring Car Championship, two gold medals at the Paralympics in London 2012 and just recently added two more hand bike world titles!”

It’s simple: Never give up and you’ll never ever fail. 

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Tell me about your merry and bright moment today.

holiday must-haves (+ pro compression discount).

Every year I make a list and check it like five times. Gotta make sure it’s right, yes? Well, if you’re a fitness ladygal like me, I pretty much just wrote your list for you.

These are five of my absolute must-haves for all of you, my lovely runner friends. Let me show you.

holiday fitness must-haves

Timex Ironman Watch: This basic watch is my best friend. I had a Garmin watch a bunch of years ago, but I haven’t used it since developing Dystonia. For the casual runs, this guy is your best bet.

Nike Pro Classic Bra: Nike makes the best bras around, whether you’ve got something to tame or not. I almost don’t need to even wear a bra (#truth) but the Pro Classic is the perfect fit and I forget I’m wearing it right away.

Trigger Point Roller: A roller is a necessary evil. It hurts but it’s great. You want to but you don’t. Just put it on your list. Your legs want to love you and kill you at the same time.

Pro Compression Marathon Sock: I have gone back and forth with compression gear. Do they work, do they not? Placebo effect? All I know is they make my legs feel great during and after my run. I’m putting a few more pairs on my list this year.

Apple iPod Shuffle: I loooove music when I run. It pumps me up, keeps me trucking along, and makes me go longer when I feel like giving up. These are only $50! 

Now for the part of the post you’re really here for — THE PRO COMPRESSION DISCOUNT! Enter the code PINK2 at checkout for a 40% discount. Hurry hurry because it’s only valid through December 15.

Here are a few of my favorites…

pro compression favorites

Pro Compression key features:
1. True Graduated Compression
2. Arch support with just the right amount of compression
3. Stabilization zone thru the sides to mid foot for foot bed comfort
4. Open toe box so your toes are squished
5. Wide cuff for added comfort
6. Moisture wicking materials
7. No blisters!

But as runners, I think we can all agree that brighter = better, which is most certainly a key feature ;)

What’s on your #HolidayRunList??

**I partnered with Sweat Pink to bring you this post. I was provided the socks, but all opinions are my own. Would I lie to you, my friends? I would not.

merry and bright day 8: getting in the spirit.

I fa-la-la-la-looooooove the holidays. In a big bad Christmas Kringley way. Last week at work we started celebrating; we all decorated the living room Christmas tree, we made ornaments and played jingle tunes, and I’m totally going to maybe possibly probably buy these.

shienside sweaters

Left. Right.

Speaking of all the holiday happiness and excitement and joyful funness…((idk…))

25 days of merry and bright

12/8/14: Today was oh so very merry and bright because so many great things happened today. I wore my pretty flower dress (this one!), made a greener than green smoothie for breakfast, made a kick ass salad for lunch, had a great presentation at work, bought a brand new peppermint tea, and did a 30-minute HIIT workout despite almost talking myself out of it.

holiday things

Uhh who said Mondays were awful again? What’s made you feel all merry and bright today?

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What’s your favorite holiday things to do? Decorating? Cookies? Buying all the seasonal foods and things?