are you a worrier or warrior?

I like to think I’m a warrior not a worrier, but I know I’m a good mix of both. Sometimes I magnify the little things and make them into big things, but I’m working on maintaining a healthy balance of both.

In this week’s section of my Believe Training Journal (side note: get excited because the second edition just came out and I neeeeeeed it!), there was a short quiz to determine whether you’re more of a worrier or a warrior.

believe training journal quiz

My results? WARRIOR. But I strongly believe that I only got these results because I’ve had to adapt to life with Dystonia. It’s forced me to be flexible and focus on pulling joy from activities other than running—a sport that I used to invest so much of my self-worth in.

run 2

The quiz questions were top level and I straddled the line on a couple, but I needed to hear that I’m a warrior. I needed confirmation that I’m still on this marathon journey—that we are still doing this, especially after this tough week and yesterday’s run.

This is just another reason I’m in love with this journal. It’s a tome of invaluable advice, guidance and motivation penned by two professional runners, Lauren Fleshman and Roisin McGettigan-Dumas, who have both worried and warred through the euphoric highs and lonely lows of running. They’ve combined their experience and expertise to create this holy bible for those that subscribe to running as religion. Read: ME.


Here’s an excerpt from this week’s section that jumped out at me: 

“Athletes at every level must learn how to maximize their personality type to achieve their goals. Both worriers and warriors can be successful, and best of all, they complement each other! Worriers keep warriors focused and organized, while warriors liven up the routine and keep things fun.”

I can record workouts all day long, but this is the real talk that gets me from Monday to Sunday.

Tell me: are you a worrier or a warrior?

yesterday’s run was the absolute worst.

When it comes to running and cycling, I’ve got a big fat problem with settling.

When a run or ride isn’t going that great I’ll still finish it. Unless I’m injured or sick, I keep churning out the miles. One more step, one more pedal stroke; it comes from the sick and twisted and awesome work ethic drilled into me during college.

Yesterday’s run was the closest I’ve ever come to hanging a U-ey and calling it a day halfway through.

Physically, I had a hard time stringing together 50 steps. 

Mentally, I had already given up and felt my goal of crossing the marathon finish line evaporate.

Emotionally, I had already cried three times in three miles, and I was probably making the passing drivers uncomfortable. Not cute. That also made it more difficult to string together those pitiful 50 steps.

Dystonia’s a real bitch, and yesterday she was having a field day on my poor body. My left foot turned in and my ankle rolled. My right leg snapped outward with each step and my foot kicked my left calf. My left groin is sensitive and strained.

I limped for 5.25 miles, but I never settled. It was the worst run I’ve ever been on. I couldn’t even enjoy my coffee when I got home. I felt nauseous just thinking about how ridiculous this disease is, how many times I’ve wished on my birthday candles that it would leave me the hell alone, and how I want to be like ever other runner again: happy, with sweat running down my face and 50 miles in my bank account each week.

I went home after work still fuming. I was so pissed off with everything I couldn’t control, so I took it out on the road. My bike and I smashed a good chunk of miles, not settling until my legs and lungs burned. Victorious.

bayshore blvd

To be clear, this isn’t a pity party. I’ve already entertained that one. This is a PSA to those who have ever settled and regretted it. It sucks. Every run isn’t going to be stellar. Some are gonna suck the life out of you. Some runs are gonna mess with your head. I’m there. I’m living in that neighborhood. But what you can do is remember WHY you started in the first place. You chose these miles and this goal. And that’s enough to never give up, isn’t it?

my first rocksbox.

Number 3 on my top 10 favorite life things is getting stuff in the mail. Any kind of stuff. Stuff in envelopes. Stuff stuffed in other stuff. Junk mail. I love it all. But I especially love stuff in boxes.

There’s something about jamming a car key into the packing tape and slicing that thing wide open to find out what’s inside.

About a month ago one of my favorite bloggers posted a code for a free Rocksbox. It’s a jewelry subscription service that sends you a couple pieces each month to flaunt around all fancy-like. Then you send them back and get another couple the next month.

You can even create a wish list to make sure your stylist sends you stuff you’d actually wear and not styles you’d just pin wildly to a Pinterest board.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 10.30.31 AM

Number 3.5 on my list of top 10 favorite things in life is getting mail in adorable packaging. Come on with the pink bow.


It screams, “GET EXCITED!”

Every piece of jewelry is packed in its own little bag so when you’re done wearing them, all you need to do is drop them back in and slap the free return label back on the box. Easy!


Ta daaaaa! Here’s what I got.

rocksbox jewelry

I actually saved more gold items than silver to my wish list so I was a little surprised when I opened up the box. But they’re still so pretty, yes? They’re all great quality, too. I love me some Forever 21 jewelry because, hello, it’s pennies, but these are super sturdy and the gems won’t pop out when you’re throwing down at the club.

Today I’m wearing the simple necklace and earrings paired with a black t-shirt and jeans. I’m saving the big fancy necklace for a wedding reception at the end of October.

Normally this isn’t something I’d spend money on—”rental jewelry”—but it’s kind of fun, and I might just get a second month.

Ever try Rocksbox?

#runnarounddmarathons training week five.

Each Tuesday I’ll be sharing marathon training wrap-ups, so if you’re into this sorta thing, these will be the days! Also make sure to follow #RunnarounddMarathons on social feeds for more sweat.

Week One
Week Two
Week Three

Week Four

Week five: demolished! We are slowly knocking out each run and workout. Thank goodness for having a set training plan. I’ve never followed one—not even in college. Our coaches had one for us, of course, but we just did what we were told every day. With a training plan there’s no guessing. There’s just running until you’ve hit the mileage. I like it.


believe training journal

The workouts…went last week. They weren’t perfect, but it is what it is. I wasn’t feeling great in the middle of the week so I bagged Wednesday’s run and biked nice and easy. I also scrapped Saturday’s long bike ride for about a billion miles of walking around Disney. It was my birthday, afterall.

magic kingdom dreams come true

Three things from week five:

(1) Carbs are powerful pre-run fuel. 

Did you just roll your eyes at me? Smack me through the computer? I know, I know. This isn’t news to anyone, but I never truly took this practice to heart. 

The night before my 7-miler two weeks ago I ate plain boiled pasta noodles with cheese (It’s all I could stomach after not feeling well.) and had so much energy the next morning. Then, after a whole pizza the night before last Sunday’s 8-miler I woke up READY to go! My legs felt fresher than normal and I probably could’ve gone longer (even with my awful Dystonia symptoms) had it not been for coffee and breakfast waiting for me back home. #priorities

(2) Don’t think. Just do. 

On Sunday, I woke up and didn’t think before I headed out for my run. I had limited time so I threw on my sneaks and just did the damn thing. When I think too hard about a run I psych myself out, so the roll-out-of-bed routine is working.

(3) The Garmin Forerunner® 920XT is God’s gift to endurance athletes.

The boyf spoiled me absolutely rotten. He got me a Garmin Forerunner® 920XT and I’ve never been more in love with an inanimate object. It does everything and it’s so user-friendly, even for the most technologically-challenged peeps. I’m going to create another post just for this guy.

This week’s lessons: more sleep, more carbs, more HIIT, MORE MILES :))) Can’t wait for week six. 

i had a birthday.

On Saturday I turned 21 for the 6th time. Imagine that.

It was everything a birthday should be: magical and filled to the brim with love, coffee and pizza.

magic kingdom
Oakely twinners.

My parents surprised us with Disney park-hopper passes (I let my annual pass run out. Boo nuggets.) plus they got me the most perfect shoes to go with them. It was R’s first time in Disney World, so the real gift was showing him my favorite places and spilling some secrets from when I worked there.

treehouse magic kingdomcarouselminnie ears

And of course we hit all four parks in one day because that’s the way I do things.

We set out early to safari at Animal Kingdom, then ferried to Magic Kingdom, bussed it to Hollywood Studios, then walked to Epcot before monorailing back to Magic Kingdom to melt into our car seats for the ride home. It was a long and amazing day.

hollywood studios
There’s something oddly special about a salty pretzel in the shape of a Mickey head.

epcot food and wine festival
Food & Wine Festival was in full swing at Epcot, but that just means people-watching is at its peak.

via napoli epcot
There was a big, delicious pizza on this tray but I ate. it. all. And now I want Via Napoli pizza on every birthday for the foreseeable future.


So happy for this day. Until next year.

lindsay lately 14.

Too soon for another lately? Oh, good. I’ll never pass up an opportunity to over-share. Let’s begin.

Today’s lately is an update on all the new things we can’t get enough of around here, plus a few pro tips.

(1) Swing dresses and blazers… which loosely translates to “long pajama t-shirt and jacket to hide it.” I wear this dress at least once a week and it’s the most comfy thing I’ve ever put my body in.

Pro tip: This dress and blazer are both from Old Navy because I’m poor help me I have a Gap card and get points on points for things I buy with it. AKA get one, gurlorboy.

work outfit
Ever wonder if the security guys see you do this? Eh. Not losing sleep over it.

(2) All the pretty socks. I have to blame credit R for this one. Kid loves his socks and now so do I.

Pro tip: I love shopping in the children’s clearance section at Target. The socks come in two-packs, and they’re all ridiculous. See below.



(3) Home-brewed iced coffee. Caffeine is a beautiful thing, yes? Lately I’ve been brewing a few cups at home in between my work and fumbling to get out of the house on time. It’s a whole lot better than drinking my office’s sad excuse for coffee.

Pro tip: I buy Folgers Gourmet Selections® Vanilla Biscotti and add COFFEE-MATE® fat-free creamer because I don’t care about chemicals or my body. Fake flavors and omg is it even real milk? SUE ME JUST KIDDING.

iced coffee

(4) Biking home is the best part of my day. Sometimes. Other times, the best part of my day is when R surprises me with coffee. Biking to/from work isn’t new, but I’ll be doing it more now that the weather is getting bearable.

Pro tip: Get an apartment in Tampa, an Electra Townie, and someone as rad as R. He’s mine all mine, soh sorrryyyy.


(5) I’m just gonna say it. Ripping the Band-Aid… It’s my birthday tomorrow (OUCH) and, while I’m not overly excited about aging, I can’t wait to spend part of the weekend in Orlando with my parents’ pool my parents and DISNEY.

Pro tip: If you’re getting older like me, go to Disney because no one ages there.


What are your weekend plans??

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#runnarounddmarathons training: week four.

Each Tuesday I’ll be sharing marathon training wrap-ups, so if you’re into this sorta thing, these will be the days! Also make sure to follow #RunnarounddMarathons on social feeds for more sweat.

Week One
Week Two
Week Three

We’re one month deep in marathon training. We’re getting on the pain train express and accepting it. We’re bumping up mileage and the frequency with which R hears about sore muscles and overall fatigue. His life is greaaaattt right now.

Last week I questioned my emotional investment a handful of times because I’m scared of not making it to the finish line. But when it comes down to it, I just need to woman-up and do the damn thing.


believe training journal marathon training

Last week’s prompt in my training journal asked me to imagine the feeling of accomplishing my goal. I’ve never crossed a marathon finish line, so it’s tough for me to say, but I know when I’ve got that Mickey medal hanging around my sweaty neck, I’ll feel overwhelmed and proud. I get misty just thinking about it. I can’t wait. I want it so, so bad. I also can’t help wishing I didn’t have Dystonia to fully enjoy this training process. But then again, I’m sure my older sister didn’t ask for a little sister. So. We can’t all get what we want, now can we? ;)

marathon training brooks running

Last week’s training went alright but, overall, it was tough to just get my ass out of bed. I rest-dayed hard on Monday, but every other day I was nasty combination of exhausted and sick, which forced me to bag one of my runs. Thankfully I felt better toward the end of the week and knocked out my long(er) run on Sunday morning.

Just like college, the anticipation of a big run/race is worse than the actual run/race. I dreaded those 7 miles all week because I knew how annoying my legs were going to beflailing around as if disconnected from my body. (<–1 MILLION cool points to the reader who names that reference! :)))

These training runs are only going to get longer, and to eat the full 26.2 for breakfast I’m gonna have to embrace the suck. WE ARE DOING THIS.

Here’s to week five!

there’s a smile stuck to my face.

When I think about this weekend all I can do is smile. After the Social Fresh Conference wrapped on Friday evening, R and I rolled right into weekend mode.

We cheered on the Tampa Bay Lightning, went to brunch, rode bikes, enjoyed dinner on the beach, stuck our toes in the sand; we were just happy to be. All that no stress, no problems hippie BS is actually totally true.

Here are all my cheesy-grin photos.

tampa bay lightning pre-season
The Lightning killed the Panthers 4-1. It wasn’t even fair. :)

bike ride
This is my new (used) jersey that I got on ebay. It’s so comfy and I’m obsessed with it. Thinking of sending a love letter to the lady who sold it to me.

cyclocross dunedin florida
R had another cyclocross race in Dunedin on Saturday afternoon. It was hot as heeeeellll. He did awesome for being a noob to the Florida humidity.

honeymoon island tampahoneymoon islandpalm pavilion clearwater beach 2palm pavilion clearwater beach
We headed over to Honeymoon Island then Clearwater Beach for dinner at Palm Pavilion. Our waitress was ON the free refills. She got all the tips.

marathon training 2marathon training
Sunday was my long run day. I’m going to deep-dive into my feelings about this one tomorrow (lucky you!), but it was definitely a mental game to get out there. Gotta say, though, pretty proud of myself.

food prep sunday
Made this delicious dish in a skillet with what was left in my fridge before grocery shopping for the week. Feeling like a thrify bia right now by not wasting anything. BOOM. I’m thinking of creating a post just for this “recipe” because I’m definitely making it again this week.

That’s all I’ve got. What made you smile this weekend?

social fresh conference 2015.

While people were camping out on the streets of America to scoop up the new iPhone, I was soaking up knowledge at this year’s Social Fresh Conference in Tampa Bay. I was so So SO lucky to attend on behalf of my company.


Social Fresh is an annual conference started in 2008 by Jason Keath, a social media speaker and analyst, in an effort to inspire and educate professionals and provide networking opportunities.

The sessions are invaluable tools for anyone working—or even interested—in social media, marketing, community management, strategy, brand ambassadorship, analytics and more.

Our two days were jam packed with speaker sessions, networking, lots of great discussions, interviews, podcasts, and of course some delicious lunches. And I was so thankful that Claire was there to hang out with me. She’s a social media guru and was just as pumped to soak up all things social media :)))

social fresh conference 2015

THURSDAY: Claire and I were the first ones to get to the conference in the morning. NERD ALERT. We got coffee, picked out our seats, chatted, did a little work…and waited. And of course we picked up all the swag they were giving out. We were also split into teams to help us network and chat business (<–I feel so fancy).

The rest of the day was filled with amazing speakers:
Carolyn Kopprasch, Buffer
Justin Kistner, Mixpo
Scott Monty, Scotty Monty Strategies
Chris Moody, Oracle Marketing Cloud
Daina Middleton, Twitter
Paula Berg, HP
Laurie Mueller, Facebook
Jamie Simoni, American Eagle
Chris Brogan, Owner Media

Favorite speaker: It’s hard to pick a favorite speaker because they all talked about so many different things, but I loved Carolyn’s talk about transparency. Did you know Buffer makes almost all of their information public, including employee salaries? They share their data with people so other start-up companies can have a look at hard numbers instead of general tips, and they can learn and succeed, too.

Honorable mention: Scott Monty was the head of social media for Ford and the  Global Digital and Multimedia Communications Manager. He’s a very entertaining speaker and really took the room.

Then we wrapped up the evening with a bar hop in Ybor City. It was an exhausting day, but I loved every second…and third…and fourth cup of coffee ;)

social fresh conference swag 2015team photo social freshcarolyn kopprasch buffer social fresh 2015laurie mueller facebook social fresh 2015chris brogan social fresh 2015

FRIDAY: My buddy and I met up again in the morning and got ourself together with coffee and small talk with our tablemates before the first talks began.

Here were the second day’s speakers:
Sarah Evans, Sevans Strategy
Shannon Paul, Fifth Third Bank
Adrian Parker, Patron
Karianne Stinson, Priceline
Anthony Quintano, The Today Show
Brandon Andersen, Cision
Jim Tobin, Ignite Social Media
Jay Baer, Convince & Convert

jason keath social fresh 2015live podcast social fresh 2015 adrian parker patron social fresh 2015
Adrian Parker from Patron. <–BEST speaker of the day.

carrot juice social fresh 2015social fresh conference 2015 juice bar
Claire was ‘gramming the carrot juice. I had her back.

orange juice social fresh 2015food trucks lunch social fresh 2015patron social fresh 2015

Favorite speaker: Hands down, Adrian Parker from Patron was my favorite. He was engaging, relatable, and talked about how consumers are really the owners of the brand and it’s important to see how they interpret it. We have to get involved in the conversations they’re having about a product, especially when they don’t tag/mention your brand.

BONUS: They had a tweeting competition during the prez and I ended up winning! I took home a biiiiiggg bottle of Patron, which is pretty sweet :)

Honorable mention: Jay Baer’s presentation was actually a tie with Adrian’s. Jay is really a force. His talk was about “Hugging your haters.” He schooled us on how to deal with negativity and complaints from consumers, and how to grow from them. He’s coming out with a book soon, and I’m definitely putting that on my Christmas list.

I’m sad it’s over—and that Claire is back up in Baltimore without meeeeeeee—but they just announced that next year’s conference is in Orlando…and I MUST attend because it’s going to be bigger and better than ever.


Edited to add: One of my friends requested a follow-up post with my top learnings from the conference, and I will absolutely do that! Keep a look out for that post coming soon :)

lindsay lately thirteen.

Despite edition 13, this lindsay lately is a lucky one. For you. Because your eyes get to gobble up the yummy that I’ve been stuffing in my face. Among other things. Here we go.


Cooking calms me, so I’m always down to dance around my kitchen while I prep lunches and breakfasts. No one there to judge me but my spatulas.

food prep veggies

Current favorite lunch side: sautéed green beans, celery and carrots with garlic and herb seasoning. 

Current favorite breakfast: sliced peaches and grapes. I went through 6 small peaches and 3lbs of grapes in about two days.

broccoli bacon rigatoni

I caught myself drooling over bacon recipes on Pinterest one day after work, so I stopped by Publix and picked up ingredients to make something similar to this recipe

How I made it my own: (1) sauteed chopped red onion, broccoli florets, Applegate bacon, (2) mixed it with rigatoni noodles, and (3) dumped Parmesan cheese right on top. #meatfulmonday


After Saturday’s half marathon, R and I stopped at Downtown Disney on our way home. It was glorious. The weather was perfect and people-watching was at an all-time high.

downtown disney lakedowntown disney the boathousedowntown disney

So much has changed, and everything is under construction, but it’s all still magical to me. 


My birthday is coming up and I’ve added this bag to my cart at least three times before abandoning it and getting on with life. I want it. I need it. Oh baby, oh baby. (<–800 cool points for any of you that get the reference)

bando watermelon bag

Another life thing. THIS.


And Louie wanted to take a break from destroying my sandals for a quick sec to say hi. Hi. Ok, you may resume your naughty ways.

louie cat

What’s new with you?

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