food prepping for the week.

ikea desk

Well, good morning to you all. I’m not feeling so hot this morning so I’m sipping my favorite vanilla tea and taking it easy. I tried for a walk this morning but didn’t make it far. I might just pass out later in hopes that whatever I have will disappear while I’m snoozing.

But first, let me show you a little food prep I did yesterday. I basically killed it in terms of food and making a real meal that’ll last me for a couple days. I usually prep lots of things and make meals out of them as I go, but I tested the waters in slow cooker territory and it turned out wonderful!

sunday food prep

I chopped up some peppers and broccoli and prepared some acorn squash and spaghetti squash, which I think will be a fantastic base for my slow cooker dish. Once I nail down the exact recipe for that I’ll post it because it’s really good! :)

new grocery items

These are a few impulse buys I wanted to try. Everything hummus. Yes. OMG yes. Please try it. And parmesan cheese because those flavors are everything.

I’ve been cutting down on dairy (here’s a pretty amazing post about it from Robyn) and while I don’t think it’s bad for you at all, I feel good limiting it. Robyn is one of my favorite bloggers of all because she’s very smart smart and her posts are so valuable. Like I said, not cutting it out completely because after going Paleo, I don’t think anything should be eliminated unless you have an allergy, but I know that my body feels better when I’m not consuming as much dairy.

And that was very long.

Have a great Monday. Wish my tummy well today…

i use slow cookers now.

Hello from post-weekend blues CENTRAL. But being sad about the weekend ending just means that it was a good one. Here’s the rundown.

workout selfiecoffee in the sunshine starbuckshyde park pumpkin patchtampa bay 3tampa bay 2tampa baysunday food prep

Friday after work I was all about that sunshine, so I stretched, made stupid faces, then got outside for a walk to enjoy it.

Saturday and Sunday were about bike rides, sunshine, coffee, library visits, laundry, and food prep. And by food prep I mean I now use a slow cooker. WHAT. My only experience with slow cookers were eating my mom’s meals that came out of it.

I threw a bunch of random things in hoping that it comes out well: stewed tomatoes, beans, lentils, broccoli and sweet potato. Random, yes. The only part I don’t like is the slow part. I’ll probably have to get over that.

How was your weekend? Leave some of your favorite slow cooker recipes if you have any. 

36 floors for friday.

This idea sounded so much better last night.

Yesterday at work my friends and I were joking about climbing all 36 flights of stairs of our office building. When I got home, I email-challenged them and it went something like this.


rocky gif




unnamed-2 unnamed-1

We pumped some music along the way to distract from the DEEP BURN.

stair walking

stair running

And then BOOM. We made it to the top.


Because #36FLIGHTS.

It was tons of fun and we decided we’re making it a Friday thing. I’ll let you know next week whether this is a good decision or not. We also need a team name and a handshake.

Some more fun things from this week included…

Trying on my friend’s Warby Parker glasses. I don’t need glasses, but I just want them so bad. But only if my forehead gets smaller. And I don’t look cross-eyed on the daily. On a scale of lame to socially-acceptable: wearing glasses with glass lenses?  

warby parker glasses
Bill Nye the Science Guy. Bill Bill Bill Bill.

We get gorgeous sunsets, 36 flights up. When we’re here a little later, it’s such a treat because the whole world glows all orange-y pink.

bayshore blvd downtown tampa 2

Ah, can we just AMEN to Friday. Can’t wait to sleep in HARD tomorrow. I didn’t work out at all yesterday and my bod really feels rested. I’m going to have some great workouts on Saturday and Sunday.

Happy Friday! Tell me about your week. 

what i wore wednesday, 10/15/14.

Hello. How is your Wednesday? Want to talk about really important things like outfits?

I don’t do many fashion posts (except that one time I did three. in a. row), so when I stop wearing the same thing every day, I take 13,387 pictures, send them to my mom, and then blog the junk out of it. 

And here we are.

gap dress

One of my favorite places to shop is Gap–the origin of this floral number. They have classic pieces that fit really well (all their jeans) and then they have dresses like this that just make me want to twirl like a princess. Which I may or may not have done before I left for work.

And this dress has pockets, so now you want one don’t you?

gap dress selfie

Hi. Still using the magical curling wand. I can’t get over it. Once Florida’s “winter” sets in I’ll probably get the bangs back because those were also a game-changer. I should also wash my hair. Looking a little flat, Edwards.

Here are a few more things I’m dying over from Gap, ya know, if Florida ever decides to change it’s mind about having seasons.

gap collage

Hope you all are having a bombdiggity Wednesday. Hit me with some trends you need, like, yesterday.

monday the 13th.

Monday the 13th sounds a bit more menacing than Friday the 13th. The combination of a Monday and an unlucky number just pushes it over the edge. Friday the 13th isn’t scary because there’s nothing scary about a weekend. Just scary that maybe that weekend didn’t come soon enough. It’s math.

But instead of fearing my Monday the 13th, I went in with a do-the-damn-thing attitude because:

(1) Last night I watched 5 of the Top 10 Ted^X Talks and afterward I basically felt like I could lift a car then solve world hunger before dinnertime. They’re pretty motivating. Here are two quotes I like:

“Stories are data with a soul.” -Brene Brown

“People don’t buy what you do. They buy WHY you do it.” -Simon Sinek

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 8.23.29 PM

(2) I saw one of my former college XC coaches on my run/walk this morning and he offered to hook me up with a sports director/trainer at the university to see if he can help my Dystonia. I’ll try anything at this point.

(3) My hair. It still looks awesome. After 25 years of bad hair days, I think I’m due. And I’m gonna talk about it.

curling wand hair 2
Killin’ it.

(4) I had some Dr. Praeger’s Spinach Littles for dinner with some broccoli slaw. And it was one of the best dinners I’ve had. Ask me if I feel guilty for eating off the children’s menu. I don’t.

And (5) why the hell not? Yeah, Mondays reek, but this is me making the best of it. I only know a couple people who actually like Mondays but those people are stay-at-home moms so they don’t count.

I hope you had a fun day and are ready for Tuesday. AKA Monday #2.

Tell me something good about your Monday. I want to hear!!

mickey’s not-so-scary halloween party, 10/10/14.

This post should really be called “pictures of the castle and fireworks.” because that’s all I got from last night.

castle fireworks 6

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, once again, did not disappoint. And by that I mean people-watching was at it’s most awesome.

Between parents looking extra-uncomfortable in matching costumes and kids believing they actually were Superman, Batman, a NASA astronaut (adorable!!) and Mr. Incredible in their pint-size version, I had plenty of entertainment from beginning to end.

We started with dinner, weaved our way in and out of the crowds to watch the Boo To You! parade, rode some rides, then parked it behind one of the fairies for some fireworks.

castle fireworks 5

Whether you’re a Disney newbie or a loud and proud annual passholder (hi!), the fireworks are spectacular every time.

castle fireworks 4castle fireworks 3

One of the best parts of the castle show and fireworks is watching everyone else around me “ooooh” and “aaahhhh.” I’ve seen this show zillions of times (because, Disney College Program), so enjoying other peoples’ enjoyment is my favorite.

castle fireworks 2castle fireworks 1

After some coffee, ice cream, and one too many Tinkerbells wishing they were Tinkerbell, we called it quits around 11 p.m.

I’m guzzling the coffee this morning then heading out for a long bike ride. Happy Caturday.

Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 9.35.31 AM

the thing about motivation.

Staying motivated is hard. Especially when the only thing you’re training for is the 2-mile bike ride to work.

asics running shoes

The good news is that motivation comes back eventually. And if it doesn’t, well then you’re probably not doing something that you like. Laundry, for example. Last week’s is still folded in a bin and not in my drawers. The motivation to put it away will never come back because, ummm, I hate doing laundry.

bayshore tampa

But working my body is something I love. It makes me feel strong and powerful and ME. The past two weeks were tough, though. My motivation dropped through the floor. I couldn’t drag my butt out of bed in the morning, and after work I used every excuse to not go for a walk or get on my bike.

So I didn’t.

Then just like that, last night I made it home in time to get my sweat on. I headed to downtown and ran up and down a big flight of stairs, then did some burpees, sit-ups and push-ups at the top of every flight.

I didn’t have to do it, but I really wanted to.

downtown tampa florida

So, why was I so unmotivated the last two weeks? 

(1) I’m not training for anything = no goals to work for.
(2) I’m still frustrated with my Dystonia and the limits it puts on running. And I probably always will be.
(3) The overall stress and “not good enough” feeling I’ve felt at work. It carries over to my personal life, which is not good and something I need to find balance in.

These things are draining, and I’m sure they’re factors that everyone has cycled through. But last night I needed that workout therapy.

That’s how I know my body and mind are still in this. I really thought I was just being lazy, but after easing up on workouts for the past two weeks, I’m feeling better and ready to get going again. Because, hello, working out is awesome and the endorphins are all sorts of amazing.

Here’s to more sweaty, awesome workouts. Weeeee!

How are you working out this week? Ever feel unmotivated?

hanging things.

This week, guys. The days are long, but the weeks are gone in a second. It’s the advertising world. We’re working hard, rolling on one thing and then an hour later the strategy changes and we’re taking old pieces trying to fit them together in a new way.

advertisingadvertising life

This business never sleeps. It’s crazy. It’s exciting. It’s just…wow. I’m lucky I have a team that’s excited and motivating every day.

In between the crazy, I decided to make my place a little homey-er so when I do crash after long days, I can do it in a comfy, zen space.

Here’s the thing, my new place is kind of fun. I have wide open french door windows that lead to a balcony fire escape. I have reallyyy tall ceilings that makes every room feel bigger. And I even have holes in the walls where the previous owners hung their own decor. This week I used these holes as a guide to hang my own things since I didn’t really get the interior decorating gene.

apartment decorapartment picture

I decided that if I’m going to hang anything, it has to follow some rules:
(1) Nothing heavy.
(2) No cheesy store-bought landscape photos.
(3) It must have talk value.
(4) It doesn’t have to match anything else.

Next to my desk I hung:
(1) two Disney illustrations which my parents gifted me years ago (which are no longer there because apparently packing tape wasn’t made for hanging things),
(2) a jewelry display frame that my sister MADE for me,
(3) a piece of art that I made in like 5th grade, and
(4) a swirly painting I made a few years ago.

I tried to hang that little bike on my wall but it violated rule number one. I also hung another DIY swirly painting above my TV, and if it looks crooked to you that’s because it is. My whole life is crooked, so it just kind of fits.

I don’t know if I love what I have going on right now, but I it’ll slowly start coming together. Probably when I’m about ready to move to a new place. 

Work time. What’s going on with you this week?

the magical curling wand.

Here it is, my version of a power tool.

chi curling wand

A brand new age deserves a brand new hairstyle. You think I was pumped when I finally got the balls to get bangs? I’m on another level of excited.

Enter: the CHI Curling Wand. I’ve seen tons of bloggers use the curling wand, but knowing my skills with the curling iron, I doubted I could pull off those perfect waves and never bought one. Instead, I got one for my birthday on Saturday and put it to the test yesterday morning.

chi curling wand selfie

The verdict: I FREAKING LOVE IT. All you gotta do is put on the Michael Jackson glove that comes with it, twist some hair around the wand in sections and BOOM, it somehow comes out looking alright. I kind of felt awesome all day.

end of day chi curling wand

Want to know the best part? The waves stayed in all day and I didn’t use any product or hairspray. That’s unheard of for these locks.

Again. So excited.

Ah ok, I’m done. Too many selfies for one post.

Anyone use a curling wand?

Disclosure: CHI didn’t tell me to tell you this. I’m just another blogger sporting the waves.

quarter century weekend.

Wahhhh. I turned 25 on Friday, which is freaking scary. And I still don’t have my life together sooooo that’s what I’m working on for the next quarter century.

Here are a few shots from the past few days:

trail mix cake
My work partner knows how irrational my love of trail mix is so she stuck some candles in a whole tub of it and sang me happy birthday at one of our photo shoots for work. How did I get so lucky?

trail mix birthday cakeoatmeal breakfast
Saturday morning oatmeal with berries and unsweetened cocoa powder. DO IT.

3x. Not ashamed.

ocean prime tampa
Ocean Prime, Tampa. You do things right when you turn 25.

tshirt quilt
My parents had a t-shirt blanket made for me using shirts from the past 14 years. I cried and wrapped myself in it after they left.

food prep sunday
Sunday food prepping after a long, blissful day in the sunshine.

Not in pictures: Three bike rides. My amaaazinnnggg melt-in-ya-mouth dinner at Ocean Prime (seriously, I was in Chilean Sea Bass heaven). My parents who made my 25th year spectacular. My long walk to the library and the stack of books I lugged back home. The Hyde Park Fresh Market.

Wow. I really slacked at taking pictures this weekend. It was still fantastic and in five days I’ll be driving to Mickey’s Halloween party at Magic Kingdom! SQUEEEE. I’m never embarrassed about how much I love Disney.

Ah, there was so much love this weekend from family and friends. Thanks to everyone who made it special.

OK. Let’s kill this week. Catch me up on your weekend!