before noon.

Weekends are my favorite. Weekends are everyone’s favorite.

When I was on a normal run schedule (before Dystonia and this awful foot thing), I got up at 6 a.m. on the weekends to run, make breakfast, have coffee, and just start the day. These days, I get up a bit later, but still love it when I get ish done before noon. Here’s what I did this morning!

before noon

-Made some french press.
-Went for a bike ride. ((Pretend like that photo is outside in the 138 mph wind.))
-Devoured some oats with apple and chia seeds.
-Made a drank more coffee while reading my current book: From Lance to Landis
-Shelled and ate about a billion peanuts. I thought by buying the bag that wasn’t shelled I would eat them slower. Wrong. So, so wrong.

Technically, I didn’t accomplish a ton before noon, but the slow weekends are the best weekends. In my defense, I went to the library and rearranged my bedroom after noon. So there.

How’s your weekend going?

i fudged up my foot.

As much as I loved my trip to NYC, I most def, absolutely, 100% wore the wrong shoes. And because of that, this is what I’m dealing with.

foot injury running

It feels like there’s a knife going through the top of my foot just under the third and fourth toes. I’ve had this pain before and it usually takes about a month to go away. OY VEY.

So, now I have a bum left foot and a spazzy right leg ((Dystonia)). I’m falling apart. I’ve barely been working out the past couple days because knife-through-the-foot remember? All I’ve done is jam on my bike trainer. I’m getting antsy to run again. I bet I’m not too pleasant.

no running

Juuuuuust pre-apologizing. I love you all.

Today was a good day at work, though. ((Actually, it’s been a really great WEEK.)) We celebrated Thanksgiving early with a delicious feast of holiday dishes and a dessert table that I pretended didn’t exist. I brought absolutely nothing and I’m sure that’s what everyone was thankful for this year.

22squared festivus

It was kind of just a warm-up for the big day. I like to be prepared.

I hope your week is going better than my foot’s week. Poor little guy.

let’s do this thing.

By THING I mean week. And by WEEK I mean the first week back from vacation. And by FIRST WEEK BACK I mean wahhhhhh.

empty fridge after vaca
My heart is empty and so is my fridge. Or is my heart empty because my fridge is empty? There’s a deep metaphor in there somewhere.

The first day/week back from vacation is like ice skating with baby deer legs. Nothing’s really working and the brain cells that control everything are still on vacation. I walked into work this morning with my coffee and my breakfast… and didn’t know what to do after that. But I feel refreshed and everything will start to fall back into place.

That’s less than I can say for my poor apartment. I’ve got about 650 sq. feet of disorganization to deal with; another side effect of skipping town.

And not to brag, but the city totally misses me. It’s CHILLY today (read: 50s-60s andI’mahugebaby) and the weather definitely followed me up here.

Speaking of babies, I’ve got a volleyball game tonight at 7:30 and the opposing team is gonna cry like wimpy kiddy baby whiners.

good game tshirt

But we’re in the recreational league so CRYING really means drinking. We’ll all be drinking, win or lose.

Lez dooo this thang.

and the leaves will fall, nov. 2014.

I can’t remember the last time I saw snow. And I welcomed it with open arms. No, I really did. I ran outside stretched out my arms, lifted my face and palms to the sky and let the flakes land on my lashes. It was just a light snow, but it was enough to fill up my heart.

estling lake new jersey

All weekend the flakes and the leaves were falling. They fell without knowing where they were going to land, so I took a lesson.

We woke up without clocks. We sipped coffee until it ran out, and then made another pot. I went for a run when it felt right. We sat down to an early Thanksgiving dinner two hours later than we anticipated. No plans, this weekend, just falling and floating and landing whenever and wherever felt right. So much of my life is planned and scheduled, but each time I get together with my family I learn there’s nothing better than letting things happen how they want.

denville new jerseydenville new jersey estling lake
Swans. They’re my spirit animal.

On Sunday I took a little sister-sister walk with my big sis because it was our last day together and that’s what you do when you’re not going to see each other for the rest of 2014.

estling lake road

I really like to live in this season every time it’s here. So today, back in Tampa, I’m going to finish watching One Direction on the Today Show–which apparently has five members, not four (When did that happen? Did they add a lady?)–drink up some coffee and take a nice little cycle around Davis Islands. But we’ll see because those sound like plans, and leaves don’t have plans. 

new york city, 11/14/14.

I went up to New Jersey for a family weekend, but my trip is never complete without a Manhattan adventure, so that one day of exploring deserves its own post.

IMG_1385hoboken fairy

Basically, I have a teenage fangirl-level crush on NYC and it gets more ridiculous every time I visit. Think: The JT of NSYNC transforming into the actually-cool JT of today. 

There’s something about this city; the millions of people, the abundance of coffee, the pizza. The pizza. It’s something.

hoboken to new york city

My dad and I took the train from Denville to Hoboken, then hopped on the ferry from there to One World Trade.

We visited the 9/11 Memorial first, but 9/11 Memorial Museum was an unexpected stop. If you ever get the chance to visit NYC, please make this part of your trip. I got very emotional at a few exhibits because so much of what was on display wasn’t reported on the news and that’s a shame.


The museum is built around the remaining foundation of one of the towers. One of the structural columns still stands.

“A historical exhibition tells the story of what happened on 9/11, including the events at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and the story of Flight 93. This exhibition explores the background leading up to the events and examines their aftermath and continuing implications.”



The rest of the day was a lot of exploring, lunching, walking and walking and more walking <– my three favorite things :)

We hit: The Highline, Chelsea Market, Bryant Park’s Winter Village, Central Park, 5th Ave., Rockefeller, Canal St., and half of the city’s Starbucks establishments.

nyc highline panoramicnyc highline 2

Those colors! They don’t even exist in Florida.

bryant park nyc winter villageyellow rat bastard nyc

My outfit of the day was basically a mish-mash of whatever warm clothes I could find in my closet plus my most hoodrat beanie.

tumblr_mme8z4vgHK1ralt7qo1_250central park 3glazed nuts central park nyc

Glazed nuts are a must in NY. I got almonds and my dad got peanuts.

central park nyc fall

It was definitely one of the best days I’ve ever had in the city.

fifth ave plazarockefeller plaza nyc

I’ll leave you with this piece of advice: always end the night on twinkly lights. Nothing is more joyful than trees dressed up for the holidays. Fact.

packing out loud.

Anyone else do this?

You’re standing in your apartment/house/place of residence hunched over an empty suitcase trying to fill your luggage with clothing and figure out your life at the same time. Then you start talking to yourself about what you need.

These are my packing out loud thoughts from last night. Inspired by Spoons’ TOL.


Uggggggggh. Packing is the worst.

Ok what do I need, what do I need…

I’m going to be there three and a half-ish days, which means I’ll need 15 sweaters, 3 pairs of running shoes, 6 pairs of pants, and ummm it’s a family reunion soooooo 4 bottles of wine. Ha. Ok. 

What do I have that’s clean……

I’m probably gonna freeze my ass off in this t-shirt.

Did I really just run out of toothpaste? This is not the time, universe!

WHY can I only have two carry-ons??

These boots are so big. My feet are HUGE.

WHY is the world against me?

Oh. I’m done. That wasn’t so bad.

It was a very cathartic experience.

I survived packing, but it wasn’t pretty. And there’s a 110% chance I forgot no less than five things. 

This morning I’m up suuuuuper early, so if you’re reading this in the morning, I’ll be getting felt up at security, way wayyy up in the air, or people-watching on a layover. Yay :)

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week and I can’t wait to bring you back fun pictures and NYC adventures.

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wiaw, aka what i need to eat before i leave town.

I have quite the challenge ahead of me in the next 24-hours. It’s called: clear out the fridge before you skip town.

Did I tell mention I’m heading up north tomorrow morning? I’m ready to get my fam jam reunion on at Estling Lake again. Here’s my 4th of July trip. Here’s my Labor Day trip. I always leave NJ refreshed, and I can’t wait for my third visit.

As much as I love going on little getaways, it’s always a struggle to clean out the fridge and save veggies from going bad. I have so much to use up in one day. WHAT was I thinking at the grocery store this weekend?

veggies wiaw

Green beans. Bought these on Sunday and haven’t made the slightest attempt at consuming them.

Spinach. I tried my hardest to eat most of the bag last night. No spinach will brown on my watch. I just couldn’t do it, so I’ll have to jam on that today/tonight.

Apples. I bought five knowing I was only going to be in town for three days. I’m not stupid on purpose, I swear.

Broccoli slaw. I like to steam these bagged veggies, but again, I’m only in town for three days and I bought four bags. Oy, Edwards. This guy will probably be part of today’s lunch and/or dinner.

And what did we learn from this? TO MEAL PLAN.

Can’t wait to head out bright and early tomorrow morning! And I’m telling you right now I’m going to do a workout before I board that plane tomorrow. MAKE ME do it.

Now head here to check out more delicious eats! Thanks, Jenn :) I don’t hop on this WIAW train often, but when I do it’s always a fun ride. Bad puns. I have vaca brain.

Have a great day! How do you meal plan/What do you buy when you know you’re heading out of town?

new shoes, none for running.

Oh, hello. Happy (end of) Monday! I’m a little late today, but let’s talk about the weekend. 

Usually when I buy shoes they’re of the running variety, but this weekend I got two new pairs that aren’t for parading all over Bayshore.

nike sneakers

Oh heyyyy. I mean, the cutest ever, right? I got them at Burlington Coat Factory for $18. Let’s not talk about the fact that I was at Burlington Coat Factory.

I want to share a link but I can’t find them anywhere online. The sole says “Lunarlon.” That’s all I know.

Then I got these babies.


EEEEE!! Cycling shoes and clipless pedals have been on my birthday and Christmas lists for about three years. Twenty five was my lucky birthday. I spent Sunday evening getting nice and used to them. They make me feel like I’m going lightning speed compared to when I rode with cages.

It was a wonderful weekend. I did get in some good running, too.

tampa convention center

I ate some stairs for dinner on Friday night, and dessert was this lovely sunset. Doesn’t get much better.

downtown tampa

I hope you all had a great weekend. Tell me what’s going on in your life…because this post had close to no point at all.

important appointments and a very important quote.

I like to make time in my schedule to see the sunsets and the sunrises as often as possible. They’re some of my most important appointments.

Thursday night. The moon was enormous. I thought about just sitting down on the sidewalk and watching it rise, but I didn’t cuz I’m a hustla. I don’t know what that was.

tampa sunset

Friday morning. Aaaaaaa sabenyaaa babade zeebabaaaa. Nailed it.

tampa sunrise

I’m not sure which one I love more, so I’m glad I have the motivation to see them both.

About that motivation. I’ve talked about it before. It comes and goes, and when all the life things knock you down it’s hard to start again. That’s why I love this quote and look at it every day.

ironman quote

It’s a quote from the 2008 Kona Ironman video (that I watch at least once per week). It’s really unbelievable.

“It’s scary what you put yourself through. It’s not really what you’re made for.”

“If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.”

GOSH that just gives me shivers. It makes me excited to do this race one day.

Last night I ran (let’s be real, jogged) through my old campus. I ran onto the track under the lights and did two laps. It was so surreal. I didn’t feel like I student anymore, but I also didn’t feel like I didn’t belong. While I took a few turns on the oval, I felt proud of myself in a weird way.

Dystonia has taken SO MUCH from me these past three years. But I have not given up. I haven’t. I’ve found other ways to workout. I found a love for HIIT workouts and burpees. I found my place on the bike and even did a 70+ mile ride for charity. I continue to try and run. I could’ve given up hard but I didn’t. That makes me proud.

I have no idea when/if I’ll recover from this, but I’ve been feeling better lately and that just makes me want to show up even more.

Let’s have a fantastically sweaty weekend, shall we?

the best run of the year, 11/5/14.

Last night I skipped happy hour to run.

I do things like that sometimes (a lot). But I like to save copious amounts of alcohol consumption for big events like this. and this. Also, something in my gut was telling me to get out there.

I got home, laced up, and headed for Bayshore.

It was slow and steady at first. Pitbull cranked up in my ears. One foot followed another so effortlessly that I zoned out. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have to actively think about where and how my feet were going to land. It sounds stupid, but that’s because Dystonia is a stupid disease.

As I kept on, cross country memories flooded my brain, big time. I started to remember things that I haven’t thought about in years. Like this one time during a race I had a major wedgie and I was afraid to pick it in front of the cheering crowd. And other time at a race in Lakeland when my coach whispered to me as I ran by, “Disappear around this turn, Lindsay, disappear,” meaning: go into that turn around the trees and kick like hell around the other side to take a bit of a lead off the girl trailing you. Then I remembered how it felt to wear spikes. Weightless–it felt like nothing at all.

Somehow my body and legs found a groove. Somehow I was feeling better. I relaxed and that meant my mind could relax, too. 

In this state of bliss, this chick with a knee brace breezed by me. What the what? Not on my watch. 

I sped up and we busted ass together for probably almost two miles. I hadn’t put in that much legwork in awhile. I ran on the grass as she took the pavement. I’m not sure if she knew this was a serious race, but it was.

I pumped my arms hard, I pushed aside thoughts of slowing when my legs and lungs burned. Ah, sweet endorphin high.

And then I won. I totally won.

I won everything last night. I won the day, the drive just to start, and the amazing, freeing, beautiful feeling that is running. And after the last three years, I deserved every second of that run.

I can’t wait for the next. I’m hoping and praying there will be a next.