life seasons.

Seasons. Not snow or sunshine. Not crunchy leaves or crispy cool air. (But how great does that sound right now. Sigh. I could live in a permanent world of Fall.) I’m talking about the way we move through life. The way things change and the way we change with them.

I’m in a busy season of life right now.

work and coffee
Blank. Still. Like my brain most days.

+Work. It’s been off the chain (read about the road trip here) but totally off the rails at the same time.

smoky mountains

+Relationships. I’m keeping up with another human and being present for him feels like a second job–but still one of my most favorite. Dawwwwe’resocuteshutuprightnowEdwards.

+Fitness. Fitness whole jar of almond butter in my face is more like it. Fitness is going. Runs are happening because when life sends a gust of OMG in my direction I turn to endorphins no matter how much mornings feel like a punch in the gut.

+Balance. I’m as unbalanced as it gets when I weather a season like this. I’m an INFJ so I feel things harder than most. Imbalances amplify emotion and that’s what I’m working on during the go-go right now; working on evening out the ups and downs.

gap outfit

I’m working on righting this ship. And riding the waves. And keeping my eyes peeled for some rainbows. Because when I finally do find one there better be a magical unicorn galloping toward a pot of gold. It’s only fair after a rainstorm like this one.

What season are you in these days?

my issue with jeans.

This past weekend the 9th Annual Crossfit Games was held at the StubHub Center in Carson California. From July 21-26 the fittest Games athletes from regions around the world competed in a series of workouts to prove who deserved the title “Fittest On Earth.”

For someone like myself–an endurance athlete with laughable upper body strength and a general lack of coordination–I’m probably way more into this sport than I should be. I love a good HIIT workout, but tossing around weights that weigh more than me isn’t my thing. Struggling through pull-ups and handstand pushups definitely doesn’t sound fun.

But what I do love and makes me stand behind Crossfit is the community. That’s where this sport and my sport cross paths: the fiercely passionate tribes that rally behind every athlete who shows up and puts in the work. I respect that.

So what does this have to do with jeans?

So glad you wanna know. While I was catching up on all the Crossfit Games action this weekend, I was also doing a little online shopping. The Rogue Fitness website alllllllmost makes me want to join a box. But not quite.

I browsed the women’s apparel section and landed on these.

Real women’s jeans with real women’s thighs showing off real strength. 

YES. I said it out loud.

rogue fitness jeans

Another aspect of Crossfit that I adore is the way it inspires and infects confidence, something I’ve definitely struggled with. Because I’m a lady and who hasn’t, right? 

I’m a bigger-thighed kinda girl, I have real thighs like these and I’m allowed to show them off in skinny jeans.

My real issue is with these jeans. 

skinny jeans

The jeans only the good genes look good in.

The ones that look great online. The ones that look great on models. The ones that aren’t realistic for a whole hunk of the population. How much to buy some hammies?

I may never join a Crossfit box. I probably won’t come close to a barbell. And I most definitely won’t use “WOD” in a sentence that’s not dirty. But I’ll always be thankful for the community that Crossfit has built and the way it celebrates strength and beauty as being one.

I’ll also wear my skinny jeans proud.


Here it is. It’s the last post about our unbelievable Southeast road trip. I’m rolling days 7 and 8 into one post because we did an out-and-back trip to one of my Florida bucket list cities: Miami!

Our previous leg (and longest leg) landed us back in our own beds in Tampa late that night. But we were up early again the next day to get on the road and begin our final two legs to Miami and back.

No rest for the wicked!

We made a few pitstops along the way: the Everglades, then Publix for supplies.

evergladesshopping publix kombucha

My gut was all sorts of effed up after traveling and sitting and eating weird things, then skipping meals because of the gut weirdness. I was a mess in a dress. When we stopped I stocked up on road trip-friendly non-packaged foods.

Tip: If you’ve never tried Organic Raw Kombucha, don’t. Because you’ll love it. You’ll get addicted right away, then cry to your mom when you realize it’s almost $4 per bottle and never on sale. #WHITEGIRLPROBLEMS

Then later that night I bought another brand and flavor to try. Again, don’t buy it unless you’re ready to make a life commitment. I loathe ginger, but this was like a warm there there hug for my ailing tummy.

master brew kombucha

My wallet was like STOP BITCH but I felt good and that’s all I wanted during this homestretch.

I got decent sleep the night before our final day, and was ready for Miami. But…

miami skylinesouth beach boardwalkpalm trees south beachcolony hotel south beachsouth beach strip

I gotta say, I wasn’t overly impressed. Miami was just eh for me, but maybe that’s because it was daytime and we were sober.

And, clearly, I was dressed all wrong.

miami stores
Giving Lagerfeld a run for his money.

We had eight amazing days on the road with some great people. It was long, mentally and physically challenging, I was sick, tired most of the time, and ready to be done at some points. But I’ve also never been so thankful to be able to travel like this for work. Singing Taylor Swift songs over and over with my friends sure didn’t feel like work at the time ;)

bubbles in south beach
Literally Kid Rock blowing bubbles in Miami. 


Here are all the fun recaps in case you missed anything.

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post two: the best coffee in savannah.

post three: the ‘villes.

post four: crossing borders.

post five: three states in one day.

post six: the longest leg.

the longest leg.

Is it possible to take a road trip without at least one crazy long leg of driving that makes you want to just get out and walk?

Day six of this monstrous road trip was that day. Thankfully, though, I started the morning with a little solo sightseeing on foot in Piedmont Park.

atlanta track club sign

Workouts during my road trip were scarce because early mornings, long days, and late nights were the reg. I sucked it up before we headed out on day six to explore Piedmont Park. The park was so quiet and peaceful and the skyline was especially beautiful as the sun started to rise.

The rest of the day was shooting, visiting our company’s second office, then getting on the road for the longest leg of our road trip: Atlanta to Tampa.

atlanta georgia
Every so often the PA system came on in Centennial Park telling visitors to keep their kids dogs on leashes, pick up their poop, and then wished everyone a lovely stay in Atlanta. 

This whole day (which was about 5 a.m. – 1:30 a.m. the next day) was especially tough for me because I was extremely sick all morning and afternoon. My body didn’t want anything other than to sleep in my own bed that night, which it did for a short six hours before we were up and at ’em the next day for a trip even further south.

This leg was pretty uneventful, but the next one was extremely awesome. That’s the next post. 

post one: florida georgia line.

post two: the best coffee in savannah.

post three: the ‘villes.

post four: crossing borders.

post five: three states in one day.

three states in one day.

One of our longest legs on this road trip was when we hit three states in one day.

On day four, we took on the cell service-less North Carolina mountains, then spent the night in Knoxville, TN. On day five we waved goodbye to Knoxville–which honestly isn’t anything to write home about–and headed to Birmingham, Alabama. Again, not the most exciting destination, but still very beautiful.

rojo birmingham
Lunch at Rojo.

birmingham apartmentsbirmingham alabama 2birmingham alabama
If you want to know who stole all the brick in the world, Birmingham is your guy. The streets are paved with it, the buildings are built with it, and they serve it for breakfast.

peanut depot
100 years strong in the peanut-roasting biz. 

During an afternoon break in ‘Bama we popped into the Peanut Depot and met the owner who is quite a storyteller. He told us the business was in the family for three generations before switching hands. He’s currently the third non-generation owner. After hearing all about his peanut family history I felt like I couldn’t leave empty-handed so I bought a burlap bag. Yeah. I don’t know.

Awhile later we wrapped in Birmingham and headed to our third state of the day: Atlanta, Georgia.

I’ve wanted to visit ATL for so long because our company has a second office here and I got to meet so many co-workers that I’ve only video-conferenced with. Very cool!

atlanta skyline

I’m now realizing this post is short and lame, so these are the takeaways:

-Knoxville: Just eh. The University of Tennessee is basically the town.
-Birmingham: Brick thieves, trains, boiled peanuts. RAIN.
-Atlanta: That’s the next post!

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post one: florida georgia line.

post two: the best coffee in savannah.

post three: the ‘villes.

post four: crossing borders.

crossing borders.

This third stop on our epic road trip was mountainous and nature-y and I’m basically a backwoods chick now.

We started our day at the Nantahala Outdoor Center in North Carolina with a big kayaking and canoeing adventure.

noc kayaking bridgenoc kayakingnocnocnoc 2

Anyone trust me to man the ship? Because I totally did.

Next up on the list was a trip through The Great Smoky Mountains National Park. On our way, we snaked in and out of North Carolina and Tennessee which probably puts our borders crossed count higher than states visited.

Shall we talk about the views? Oh those views. It took my breath away–and not just because we were 6,643ft up at one point. For real, Edwards, work on your cardio, bro.

blue ridge national park panoblue ridge national park lookoutblue ridge national parkblue ridge national park signblue ridge national park clingmans dome
Just leave me up here, pleaseandthankyou.

One thing you must do when you’re here is walk to the top of Clingmans Dome. Normally, you’d getting sweeping views of the mountains and even different states, but the fog was insane. Even still, the steep half-mile trek to the dome was worth it.

clingmans domeclingmans dome walkway

We finished up the day with a stop at the North Carolina and Tennessee state line before heading to Knoxville for our next piece of this crazy, awesome adventure.

north carolina tennessee state line

So much more to come, people.

So. Much. MORE.

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post one: florida georgia line.

post two: the best coffee in savannah.

post three: the ‘villes.

the ‘villes.

Still on the road over here and feeling like a nomad. 

I’ll tell ya, it’s weird being in so many places in so little time, but real freaking awesome all the same. Is this what gypsies feel like? They must be a happy civilization.

After Savannah, we made our way to Greenville, South Carolina and soaked up some nightlife and nature.

falls park greenvillefalls park south carolina panofalls park south carolina tree rootsfalls park south carolina

Asheville, North Carolina was our next stop. If you haven’t been I highly suggest it. Asheville is the cutest and cookiest (cooky-est?–help a lady out with spelling) town I’ve ever visited. It’s super hippie and super liberal. It made me want to stand up for women’s rights, not shave, and make my own clothes.

asheville mart storeasheville book store
Battery Park Book Exchange

rhubarb lunch asheville
Lunch at Rhubarb (OMG amazing)

patagonia hat
Breaking in the new hat in the back woods. :)))

Sure, my scenery has changed more than four times in four days, but what’s that saying? Oh, right. Change is good. 

I wish I could reveal the big reason for our road trip (!!!), but know it’s awesome and it’ll come in the next couple months.

Ever been to any of these towns?

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post one: florida georgia line.

post two: the best coffee in savannah.

the best coffee in savannah.

Well, I think the South has won me over. YA’LL. Still figuring out how to use that word.

Our road trip continues. And Sunday morning brought us to a delicious brunch spot on Savannah’s River Street, Huey’s On The River.

The coffee was so good that I asked what sort they brewed. It’s a Sara Lee brand called Douwe Egberts, and apparently it’s only available online. I’m ordering a truckload when I get home.

huey's on the river savannahriver street ferry savannahriver street savannah

With bellies full of omelets and grits and beignets and fried green tomatoes (FRIED GREEN TOMATOES THO.) we hit some landmarks around Savannah then got on the road to South Carolina.

forsyth parkforsyth park 2south carolina 2south carolina

Pit stops are totally necessary on any road trip, too, and we stopped at a pretty fantastic one: Congaree National Park.

congaree national parkcongaree national park 2

We don’t have trees like this in South Florida.

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post one: florida georgia line.

florida georgia line.

Four (or five?) months ago we were given a project at work. For those four (or five?) months we’ve brainstormed and planned and organized and all of a sudden that project is here and I’m sitting in a hotel in Savannah, GA, one day into this epic trip, telling you about it.

I have no words. But I do have some pictures.

ft desoto beachrainbow tampa riverwalksnapchat drivingworkout selfie
Getting sshhweddy somewhere in Savannah.

I can’t reveal the project but I can tell you that I’m totally driving a Land Rover in that picture and I can’t get over it. 10 and 2. Mom would be so proud.

Our travels are taking us all over the Southeast and I’m so excited to explore. My wanderlust heart is launching itself out of my chest.

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More to come.

i love sports.

I feel all amped up on sports lately.

tampa bay rays baseball

It could be the fact that I’ve played them all my life.

+ Gymnastics. Tight hair, pointy fingers, summer camp, and muscles I’ll never ever see again. 

+ Swimming and diving. Skin suits, state meets, not shaving, and pasta nights.

+ Tennis. Summer lessons and public courts with my family. 

+ High school track. Hurdles and that one time I tried pole vaulting <– LOL. 

+ College track. Steeplechase and a school record. 

+ Cross country. A lifestyle, a scholarship, and the best that thing ever ever ever happened to me.

+ Table tennis. A Federer backhand and dangerous with a paddle since forever.

+ Gym class basketball. AKA schooling the field in HORSE.

+ I also had a short stint in indoor soccer, which only brings back awful memories of getting put in goal and running away from the ball. I should’ve apologized to my team for what I’m sure was a disappointing season.

It could be the fact that I’m living with a cyclist who changes my channels to the Tour every time I blink. Oh, it looked like you weren’t watching.

It could be the fact that I went to Wimbledon last week and all my dreams came true.

But it could also definitely be just having R to enjoy these sports with. He’s up for anything all the time even if he doesn’t follow that sport or team. I’m trying to absorb that mentality.

I’m also a superfan of Crossfit and the Crossfit Games even though I’ll probably never do it. But that’s a different post for a different day.


What sports do you follow? Favorite ones to see live?