wednesday’s run.

Oh, what’s that you say? I get to have a good hair day and a good run day all in one day? I feel so spoiled.

oakley frogskins sunglassesbayshore blvd tampa floridabayshore blvd tampa

I can’t believe my legs are actually feeling OK again. I’ve gotten so used to hating every second of every walk/run that I forgot what it was like to feel alright during a run.

Let me tell you about yesterday. Because it wasn’t like any other day. 

In the midst of a fantastic comatose-like sleep on Wednesday morning, my alarm killed my vibe and reminded me how late I stayed up the night before. But then I remembered how great my Monday run was and wanted a repeat.

But I didn’t get a repeat. I got an even more amazing, more wonderful run than Monday’s. How? Why? When?

I started off with a walk, watching my shadow grow shorter and longer between the sidewalk lights. Then I started a slow jog, a trot just to get going. My leg didn’t kick out almost at all. I had a real stride going. I laughed because I couldn’t believe it. I laughed and smiled and kept going.

I made it about a mile and still felt good. I sped up and slowed down here and there but I never stopped running.

Just like that I felt like I started a new relationship with running. I immediately thought about races. I thought about training–real training for those races.

I get ahead of myself sometimes.

I still can’t believe it. This road with Dystonia has been a long one. It has been the most challenging thing I’ve gone through and I only hope this is a sign that my body is recovering from this awful disease.

another slow cooker win.

Let me tell you about this sad time in my life when I never used/didn’t know how to use a slow cooker. Ok, let’s be real, that time was my entire life up until about three weeks ago.

Then one night I decided to bust it out, dust it off, and throw stuff in it. Somehow it worked, so after I finished the first batch, I made another. And again–didn’t burn the place down.

I waited until way too late on Sunday night to food prep, so I dumped a bunch of ingredients into my cooker and set it on low overnight.

slow cooker meal 2

You mean to tell me that all I have to do is sleep and let dinner cook itself? I think we should all take this time to have a slow clap for the Crock Pot inventor.

slow cooker meal

I added:
-two cans of diced tomatoes with olive oil and garlic,
-one can of no salt added black beans,
-one can of chick peas,
-one diced sweet potato.

No spices because I forgot and, ummm, I wouldn’t know which ones to use anyway. I totally had lentils ready to go, but I couldn’t fit them in because my slow cooker is just a little guy.

I also prepared a spaghetti squash and bought a spinach and kale mix, both of which will serve as a nice base for my second slow cooker concoction.

Here’s Monday’s fantastic lunch.


Sweet potato slow cooker thing mixed with wilted spinach and kale greens. Served alongside a hugh jass apple and carrots swimming in some vinaigrette dressing that was definitely not labeled and not mine, thanks to the work kitchen fridge. Oops.

The verdict: SO YUM. The sweet potato gives it so much flavor.

Check out even more amazing eats at the Peas & Crayons party.

What have you been making lately?

let’s talk about running.

I have something to talk about today. IT’S CALLED RUNNING AND I’M TOTALLY DOING IT NOW. If you follow me on the insta, then you know what’s been going down.

Last week I ran three nights in a row. Saturday and Sunday I took as bike-only days, then kicked off Monday with a run. A RUN. Well, let’s call it a jog that was neither fast nor far. But the only times I stopped were at crosswalks and to take this.

sunrise run bayshore blvd

It’s my way of commemorating such a fantastic life event. If anyone knows how awful it is not to run it’s injured runners. And even more so, permanently injured runners. Like me with Dystonia.

We are hardwired to do all of the training and work through mental and physical barriers. Um, it’s called insanity. Try it.

But when the ability to bust your guts in that blissfully awful way is taken away from you, the non-running is more painful than doing 800 repeats. Ta-rust me on this one.

I’m not saying I’m cured of Dystonia. I’m not saying this is the beginning of a new beginning. I’m not sure it is, but I’m also not sure it’s not, either. So I’ve decided, still, to not get my hopes up. But this is also me not not getting my hopes up.

Who’s lost?

I celebrated this Monday run with some planks because there’s only a few more things runners love to hate more than quarters and halves, and one of them is strength training.


I miss talking about all the running things with all the people who love those running things, so I’m praying this actually is a new beginning.

Reflective vests?? Can we get excited about those together soon? GREAT.

flying over the beach.

Ready for this?


Here we go!

clearwater beach from the air 2

Look at it!

clearwater beach from the air

I mean, come on.

flying over clearwater beach


flying over clearwater

Perfectly clear skies.

flying 2

This is why I was so excited for the weekend. I got my dad a flying tour for Father’s Day over St. Pete and Clearwater, and he decided to use it this weekend–and take me along, too! It was such a blast, and the views were even better than when I went flying around Tampa.

The rest of the weekend was business as usual: biking, lots of walking, a visit to the library, and blowing all my monies at the grocery store. HIGHWAY ROBBERY.

bayshore blvd tampa boats

It’s so beautiful it hurts, knowing that I have to be inside this week while all this is happening outside. Lunchtime sunshine walk breaks will be mandatory.

Have a fantastic Monday! What was the best part of your weekend?

i ran and damn it feels good.


elevator selfie

And not just because I’ve been having awesome sauce hair days. Hi. But because I RAN THREE NIGHTS IN A ROW.

Let me specify, though. “Ran” = baby steps in the grass at probably an 11 minute per mile pace, and my leg still kicked out all weird (which you can see here). But I didn’t stop, and that’s the farthest I’ve gone in probably a year, maybe more.

DAMN that feels good. I’m trying not to get too worked up because this has happened before. I would feel good for a few days and then BOOM, I’m back to where I started and have to stop and walk every 100-200 feet. I’m just taking it in and jamming to my music. (Read more about my Dystonia here.)

This song in particular. It’s addicting.

The weather has been so perfect here that running after work feels absolutely wonderful. It’s not painfully hot or humid, and there are double the amount of people out at night. Yay, people-watching.

fred ball park tampa 3

I’m also kind of excited this week because I moved into a brand new office with a view that you wouldn’t believe. I’ll show you around some time. Lots of big things are going down at work, which you can tell from the frantic scribbles covering every inch of our white boards. I frickin love white boards. 

Anyway. Tomorrow I’m going flying in a plane with my dad and it’s going to be awesome. AH I’m on that runner’s high. Keep your fingers crossed it sticks around awhile :)

Happy weekend! What’s making you happy this week?

tuesdays are volleyball nights.

Tuesdays are now one of my favorite days because I get to play in the sand during volleyball. WHY did it take me so long to sign up?

Our game was at 6:45 last night and half of it was under the lights. I secretly love that it’s getting darker earlier.

hogan's beach volleyball tampa

Team Net Rezultz lost to Scared Hitless but only because they had one player on the team that basically ran the court. Dude was everywhere. Since we’re in the “recreational” league, though, winning really doesn’t mean much. You drink the same amount (before and) after the game whether you win or lose.

hogan's beach volleyball

I sped home right after (because, starving) and inhaled some more of that lentil slow cooker business I made over the weekend. I spooned it into half an acorn squash boat and used my new white bowls…because when you’re living in single city, you need to do everything you can to avoid eating out of tupperware night. after. night.

lentil slow cooker recipe

I think comfort food zonks me out because I got about 1.5 pages into my book and fell asleep with the book on my face and all the lights on.

Then the alarm went off at 6 a.m. this Wednesday morning and I fought the urge to sleep in and skip my walk/run but, as usual, I’m SO HAPPY I didn’t because I felt pretty good.

My new-ish routine is: walk/run every other morning and alternate a HIIT workout, stair workout or bike ride the other days. My Dystonia is the worst it’s ever been, so giving my legs a break every other day helps alleviate the over-tired, heavy feeling. I also think I need to join a gym again. Read: I want an elliptical to mess around on so I can people-watch.

What’s going on with you? Have a great Wednesday!

food prepping for the week.

ikea desk

Well, good morning to you all. I’m not feeling so hot this morning so I’m sipping my favorite vanilla tea and taking it easy. I tried for a walk this morning but didn’t make it far. I might just pass out later in hopes that whatever I have will disappear while I’m snoozing.

But first, let me show you a little food prep I did yesterday. I basically killed it in terms of food and making a real meal that’ll last me for a couple days. I usually prep lots of things and make meals out of them as I go, but I tested the waters in slow cooker territory and it turned out wonderful!

sunday food prep

I chopped up some peppers and broccoli and prepared some acorn squash and spaghetti squash, which I think will be a fantastic base for my slow cooker dish. Once I nail down the exact recipe for that I’ll post it because it’s really good! :)

new grocery items

These are a few impulse buys I wanted to try. Everything hummus. Yes. OMG yes. Please try it. And parmesan cheese because those flavors are everything.

I’ve been cutting down on dairy (here’s a pretty amazing post about it from Robyn) and while I don’t think it’s bad for you at all, I feel good limiting it. Robyn is one of my favorite bloggers of all because she’s very smart smart and her posts are so valuable. Like I said, not cutting it out completely because after going Paleo, I don’t think anything should be eliminated unless you have an allergy, but I know that my body feels better when I’m not consuming as much dairy.

And that was very long.

Have a great Monday. Wish my tummy well today…

i use slow cookers now.

Hello from post-weekend blues CENTRAL. But being sad about the weekend ending just means that it was a good one. Here’s the rundown.

workout selfiecoffee in the sunshine starbuckshyde park pumpkin patchtampa bay 3tampa bay 2tampa baysunday food prep

Friday after work I was all about that sunshine, so I stretched, made stupid faces, then got outside for a walk to enjoy it.

Saturday and Sunday were about bike rides, sunshine, coffee, library visits, laundry, and food prep. And by food prep I mean I now use a slow cooker. WHAT. My only experience with slow cookers were eating my mom’s meals that came out of it.

I threw a bunch of random things in hoping that it comes out well: stewed tomatoes, beans, lentils, broccoli and sweet potato. Random, yes. The only part I don’t like is the slow part. I’ll probably have to get over that.

How was your weekend? Leave some of your favorite slow cooker recipes if you have any. 

36 floors for friday.

This idea sounded so much better last night.

Yesterday at work my friends and I were joking about climbing all 36 flights of stairs of our office building. When I got home, I email-challenged them and it went something like this.


rocky gif




unnamed-2 unnamed-1

We pumped some music along the way to distract from the DEEP BURN.

stair walking

stair running

And then BOOM. We made it to the top.


Because #36FLIGHTS.

It was tons of fun and we decided we’re making it a Friday thing. I’ll let you know next week whether this is a good decision or not. We also need a team name and a handshake.

Some more fun things from this week included…

Trying on my friend’s Warby Parker glasses. I don’t need glasses, but I just want them so bad. But only if my forehead gets smaller. And I don’t look cross-eyed on the daily. On a scale of lame to socially-acceptable: wearing glasses with glass lenses?  

warby parker glasses
Bill Nye the Science Guy. Bill Bill Bill Bill.

We get gorgeous sunsets, 36 flights up. When we’re here a little later, it’s such a treat because the whole world glows all orange-y pink.

bayshore blvd downtown tampa 2

Ah, can we just AMEN to Friday. Can’t wait to sleep in HARD tomorrow. I didn’t work out at all yesterday and my bod really feels rested. I’m going to have some great workouts on Saturday and Sunday.

Happy Friday! Tell me about your week. 

what i wore wednesday, 10/15/14.

Hello. How is your Wednesday? Want to talk about really important things like outfits?

I don’t do many fashion posts (except that one time I did three. in a. row), so when I stop wearing the same thing every day, I take 13,387 pictures, send them to my mom, and then blog the junk out of it. 

And here we are.

gap dress

One of my favorite places to shop is Gap–the origin of this floral number. They have classic pieces that fit really well (all their jeans) and then they have dresses like this that just make me want to twirl like a princess. Which I may or may not have done before I left for work.

And this dress has pockets, so now you want one don’t you?

gap dress selfie

Hi. Still using the magical curling wand. I can’t get over it. Once Florida’s “winter” sets in I’ll probably get the bangs back because those were also a game-changer. I should also wash my hair. Looking a little flat, Edwards.

Here are a few more things I’m dying over from Gap, ya know, if Florida ever decides to change it’s mind about having seasons.

gap collage

Hope you all are having a bombdiggity Wednesday. Hit me with some trends you need, like, yesterday.