#runnarounddmarathons training week twelve.

Each Tuesday I’ll be sharing marathon training wrap-ups, so if you’re into this sorta thing, these will be the days! Also make sure to follow #RunnarounddMarathons on social feeds for more sweat.

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This just in: I’m STILL SORE.


believe training journal marathon training

Ready to hear about my long run? That’s what these training recaps are turning into: long emotional stories about even longer runs. Of course I do shorter runs during the week, but these are the distances that I’m damn proud of. They sort of defy the odds.

long run sunday

Sunday’s 17-miler was a huge test. I had to say mean things to myself just to get out the door. I was scared. It was the farthest I’d ever gone and the worst I’d ever felt.

long run sunday tampa

My mind got negative around mile 8, my legs started to really feel the miles around 13, I overheated at 15, and when I finally hit 17, I collapsed on the pavement, completely overwhelmed and so over that run.

post long run tampa

The only reason I didn’t hit force quit was because R biked in front of me almost the entire way. Bless him.

He handed me water when I needed it, held my fuel belt, and tore open my Shot Bloks, and nabbed a few photos (I’ve trained him well). He also didn’t let me quit, which I’m so grateful for.

post long run tampa 2

In great news: Yesterday morning I got Botox injections straight to the nerves above my right butt cheek. FINALLY. If it works I should start to feel the effects in about three weeks. By nature, I’m not a patient person so you can imagine how I’m feeling about that.

In not-so-great news: I’m feeling some pain in my left quad and IT band. <– SO not good. I had trouble with both IT bands in college and it kept me out of running for awhile. I’ve made it a goal this week to roll and stretch every single day in hopes that it doesn’t get worse.

I think that’s all I’ve got. Seventeen miles. MAN.

We’re doing it.

and the winner is…

Last week I created a delicious post all about Fit Body Bakery’s yummy mixes. I can still smell those babies cooking in my oven. Heaven. But today I’m here to announce our winner….. badadadadadada (that’s a drumroll. hello.)……..

Congratulations Steph! Can’t wait to get you your Fit Body Bakery goodies! I’ll be contacting you today.

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 8.52.05 PM

In other treat-related news…

1. After my long long omg long 17-mile run yesterday (more on that in tomorrow’s marathon training recap) I treated myself to Arctic Zero while I worked because when you want to eat a pint but not hate yourself, this is the way to do it.

arctice zero ice cream

I mean, the calories weren’t the issue here. My stomach was. It’s been pretty sensitive lately, so I chose a lactose-free and gluten-free option. I’m happy with my choice, but my wallet however…we have a one-on-one later to discuss my reckless spending.

2. Every Sunday R and I go grocery shopping together and every time we checkout I try and read through the magazines as fast as possible so I can get my gossip on the cheap. Alas, Publix is way too good at bagging groceries because I can only flip through half of my tabloids by the time I’m up. Last night I picked up Bon Appetit.

bon appetit magazine

The photography alone is reason enough to pick up December’s issue. I’m not a food blogger, but I love getting inspiration and looking at beautiful food photographs (because it also applies to my real life job in advertising).

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday! 

scared of big miles.

This post’s original title was “it’s ok when plans don’t go.” 

But that’s a lie.

My plans for this morning’s 17-miler went right last night when I did a load of laundry and laid out my favorite shorts next to my new favorite shirt. They were right when I drank my electrolytes and when I set my alarm for 5:45 a.m.

Things were looking good until about 6:15 a.m. when I sat back down on my couch with coffee and clicker in hand.

brooks running shoes

I couldn’t do it. Seventeen miles is big. It’s huge. And I let fear become a bigger disadvantage than my Dystonia, the disease that forces me to limp every step. The disease that’s shaved the sole of my left shoe down to foam.

I’m really scared of those miles because I’m not a runner who quits when she’s tired. I quit when I’m done. But with Dystonia, sometimes I don’t get to choose.

It’s not that “my plans didn’t go,” it’s that I didn’t let them go. I think it’s ok to be scared of these miles but only for awhile. Letting fear win won’t bring us to the marathon starting line.

So the plan is to try again tomorrow. We’ll do all the same things: get sleep, set out clothes, create a killer playlist, and kick a little ass.

No fear. We’re doing this.


lindsay lately 16.

FRIDAY! Are we happy? Are we so so so happy? But are we also freaking out because we have a 17-miler tomorrow morning and that’s the farthest we’ve ever run in one go? Uhhh yes. Yes, we are.

First, how about we catch up with a little Lindsay Lately and all the happy things we’re thinking? Yay.

#1: Central Park memories. Last week’s trip was too good. I’m always dreaming about my next visit.

1_central park nyc

#2: Tampa Bay. My bike rides home do not suck is all I can say.

2_tampa bay sunset

#3: Downright dirty, messy training runs. Tuesday’s and Thursday’s runs really put me back in good spirits. I wasn’t breaking any records, and my legs are still not doing well with my Dystonia, but those runs were the best I’ve had so far. Mentally, I needed that.

3_messy running shoes

#4: This weekend is the NCAA DII Cross Country National Championships in Joplin, MO so I wore my 2011 championships shirt in honor of that. My college running days were the best, and it makes me happy that those University of Tampa girls are still killing it.

4_ncaa dii cross country shirt

#5: LOL this Instagram account. For tomorrow’s 17-miler I considered doing an out-and-back twice so this made me laugh. #runnersbecray

5_runnersbe instagram

#6: Yesterday our office celebrated “Festivus,” our annual Thanksgiving warmup. It’s mostly catered, then everyone brings homemade dishes. The amount of food in our office could’ve fed our entire 36-floor building. I ate so much that I didn’t have dinner and went to bed with the meat sweats.

Also, this is a cake. Like, what?

turkey cake
Taken by my good friend, Laura, because I was too busy stuffing my face.

#7: And in a haze of gluttony, I decided to make more cookies because OMG did you know that you can make cookies from cake mix? I’m so new here it’s sad. Best served with coffee :)))

6_double chocolate m&m cookies

#8: My Fit Body Bakery giveaway is still open. Enter to win some mix for yourself!

cookies 1

#9: It’s your job to have a fantastic day today! What’s making you happy lately?

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baking with fit body bakery + giveaway!

I have three rules when I bake:

  1. Follow a recipe: I’m just not that “intuitive” when it comes to baking. I can’t look at a cabinet full of ingredients and just know what’s going to taste good together.
  2. Clean up as I go: My teeny tiny little kitchen looks a mess if a fork is out of place, so while I’m cooking or baking I do the dishes as I go.
  3. Call my mom when everything goes wrong: She can’t do anything from 90 miles away except tell me I’m pretty.

Despite any lack of real spatula skills, I jumped at the chance to try Fit Body Bakery‘s cookie mix. I’m pretty lucky that I get to partner with fun companies through Fit Approach to try out awesome products and tell you about them.

First, about Fit Body Bakery:

logoIt was all started by Samara Donald in an effort to health-ify baked treats and help people get back in the kitchen making delicious foods. She created these mixes to use as a base to create your own recipes to fit your goals and tastes.


This cookie mix has 100 calories, 6g protein, 6g sugar and no refined sugar. 

I decided to use the Conquer It Cookie Mix as my base then add a ton of my favorite things, which may or may not have made them a little less healthy… But what is “healthy” anyway? Another topic for another day.

Now, check out these beauties.

cookies 3

To the mix I added chunky peanut butter, chocolate chips, raisins, and Reese’s PB chips to half the batter.

cookies 1

I undercooked them on purpose because, hullo, who doesn’t crave a dericious gooey center?

cookies 4

Anyone spy a broken one? Those need to be eaten ASAP. For, you know, quality control.


Now, here’s the FUN part. YOU can win some delicious Fit Body Bakery mix for yourself by doing these things and leaving a comment for each one:

1. Tweet: “I can’t wait to make some delicious @fitbodybakery #bakefit mix from @fitapproach. #sweatpink http://arunnarounddlife.com/2015/11/18/baking-with-fit-body-bakery-giveaway/&#8221;

2. Follow @FitBodyBakery on Twitter and Instagram

3. Tell me: do you add all sorts of goodies to your cookie mix or do you keep it simple?

The giveaway will be open until SUNDAY so get your entries in and I’ll announce the winner on Monday. YAY! Good luck.

#runnarounddmarathons training week eleven.

Each Tuesday I’ll be sharing marathon training wrap-ups, so if you’re into this sorta thing, these will be the days! Also make sure to follow #RunnarounddMarathons on social feeds for more sweat.

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Well, this was a de-load week if I’ve ever seen one.


believe training journal marathon training

There’s a big difference between being lazy and being on the edge of burnout. My mind was definitely there and my body was on the way.

estling lake road

So, the day we left for NYC I ran my last run of the week. I did a short 30-min HIIT workout on Thursday morning, but for three days I didn’t do anything. The weather was beautiful—perfect for running—and the leaves were begging to be crunched underneath my sneakers, but I was still and I was present.

10_central park nyc

Breaks are good for relationships, too. No one took a backseat to my hour-long runs. I got to sip coffee and share meals with everyone that matters in my life.

I hit the reset button and enjoyed every second of this vacation with my family, friends and boyfriend (still weird, even after 5 months :))).

This also means I’m ready to get back on with marathon training. My legs feel rested and ready to go after only 14 miles last week (well, as ready as they can be with Dystonia). 

We’re doing it!

my new york city and new jersey adventures.

We’re back!

13_central park pano

Two things happen every time I travel north in the winter: 1) My skin dries out like a raisin, and 2) My hair conducts enough electricity to light up Rockefeller’s Christmas tree.

And I say bring on the static and scaly knuckles. I wouldn’t like it any different; I miss the chilly weather, I miss experiencing Fall for what it truly is—a magical wonderland that’s not only a time of year but a state of mind—and I really miss the family that I’ve made a nasty habit of only visiting once a year.

And they love me anyway.

Now, let me show you all about my weekend. I could tell you, but pictures are much more fun…says the lady who writes for a living. 

one world tradeOne World Trade is more than just some brand new skyline candy. It’s truly a symbol of rebirth for a city that was brought to its knees 14 years ago.

the greek nycWe didn’t go in or eat here but, c’mon, it doesn’t get any more Fall.

6_chelsea market We stopped like real white bread tourists to watch a Cadillac commercial being filmed in Chelsea.

7_nyc highlineThe Highline. It’s one of my favorite places in New York City—to walk, to think, to sip coffee and people-watch. 

bareburger wrapI cannot recommend Bareburger enough. I created my own collard green wrap with lemon chicken and all sorts of veggies.

5_central parkcentral park nycJust a bunch of cheesers in Central Park.

12_nyc streets1_times square2_times square

New York City is beautiful as ever. My watch told me we walked about 33,000 steps on Friday, but it felt like so many more :) It was R’s first time in the city so we had to see everything. Next time I want to stop in more museums.

Also, if you’re ever in NYC, please visit Bareburger. We stopped in for lunch and it was suh good. Pricey, but, hello, it’s NYC.

3_fall leaves chinese checkersUgh. Got my butt kicked.

15_estling lake bike ride estling lake nj

What made the trip perfect was spending time in my favorite place, Estling Lake. It’s nice to just be sometimes. Nothing to do and nowhere to go unless we want to do something or go somewhere.

flight back to nyc

I’m happy to be back in Tampa, but there’s always a little piece of me that stays in the city and at the lake.

tampa to new york city.

It’s here! It’s today!

In just a few hours we’ll be on our way to the big juicy NYC apple. I can’t wait to take a bite.

Most of last night was spent trying to fit my entire closet in two carry-on bags. The rest was picking out and packing all of R’s clothes because dudes can’t help being exactly who they are: helpless little bird children. Being a girlfriend is hard.

old navy travel outfit

I’ve traveled so much that packing should be easy by now. I traveled to Germany and London with just two carry-ons for each trip. I’ve been up and down the east coast countless times. I should be a professional. I should be teaching classes on packing undies into your shoes and rolling clothes so they’ll never wrinkle.

Alas, last night was a free-for-all. But when it comes down to go-time, i’ve either remembered everything or left all my bras at home. In that case, I’ll buy new ones. Oh, darn. ;)

Here’s where you can help: list out all the best things to do and places to eat in NYC. I’ve been there a billion times, but one could live there forever and never do it all. I need suggestions! :))) 

Have a great week!

#runnarounddmarathons week ten.

Each Tuesday I’ll be sharing marathon training wrap-ups, so if you’re into this sorta thing, these will be the days! Also make sure to follow #RunnarounddMarathons on social feeds for more sweat.

Week One
Week Two
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Week Four
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For two and a half months we’ve been depositing miles in the marathon training bank, and we’re wealthy with endorphins.


believe training journal week 10

What do I say about this week? I already gushed about my 15-mile long run and half marathon all rolled into one. I’ve done my fair share of complaining about my Botox appointment re-schedule. I even fit in two HIIT workouts! What’s left?

honeymoon island half marathon medal 2015 beach

Well, maybe I should admit I’m ready for a little bitty break. I’m still excited about my marathon in January and my focus hasn’t shifted, but I can afford a dip in miles. And this is coming at the perfect time. I’m flying to NYC/NJ for five days on Wednesday and I only plan to train when and if I have time.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between hitting all your miles and feeling physically tired, wavering on the edge of burnout. It’s a fine line, and right now my toes are gripping the edges. But I know this feeling is normal.

My college cross country coach would always tell us during particularly hard training weeks that every season takes us through peaks and valleys. We’ll have high highs and then hit low lows. Over and over.

Well, I’m feeling ankle deep in the boggy valley that is the middle of marathon training. I know this because I’m still sore even after two days off the 15-miler, and when I woke up this morning I still didn’t want to run. My goal is to stick to my training plan as close as possible, but I want to climb out of this dip first. I’m going to be with my family and friends and that’s going to be the refresh and restart I need.

It’s just a perfectly happy accident that I get to relax my mind and muscles before we ramp back up next week.

Here’s to week eleven. Let’s say it together: WE. ARE. DOING THIS.

And to those that have stuck through this journey with me, I can’t even tell you how grateful I am. Every like and comment motivates and inspires me more than you know.

Happy running!

race fever.

I caught a nasty bug this weekend called RACE FEVER.

Sick as a dog, I tell ya.

honeymoon island half marathon medal 2015

I’m getting to the point where this Dystonia thing isn’t phasing me (as much) anymore. Yeah, I have a breakdown about it every now and then, but races like this weekend’s Honeymoon Island Half Marathon reminded me about another reason I love running and racing other than smashing peanut butter to the face all day long: community. And friendship and support and unconditional love for chasing endorphins.

No matter how bad my Dystonia gets, the community stays. Runners get each other. There’s no other group of crazies like us. And I like us.

One of my favorite quotes by Runner’s World, David Willey, is: “There are no strangers on the starting line, just fellow runners who haven’t met yet.”

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 7.18.55 PM

It’s so true because we’re all suffering and then celebrating together in perfect harmony.

Now, this sickness from which I’m currently suffering is serious. SERIOUS. After running two half marathons so far during marathon training, I can’t keep my little monkey fingers off of Florida’s race websites. I want to run them all!

Below is a list of races I’m on the edge of registering for:

November 21, 2015: Inaugural Myakka River Half Marathon, Sarasota, FL

November 22, 2015: Naples Fall Classic Half Marathon, Naples, FL

November 29, 2015: Space Coast Half Marathon, Cocoa, FL

December 5, 2015: OUC Orlando Half Marathon, Orlando, FL

December 6, 2015: Brandon Half Marathon, Brandon, FL

December 6, 2015: Divas Half Marathon, St. Augustine, FL

December 12, 2015: Hillsborough River Half, Thonotosassa, FL

December 13, 2015: Florida Holiday Halfathon, Madeira Beach, FL

January 17, 2016: Key West Half Marathon, Key West, FL

January 17, 2016: St. Pete Beach Classic Half, St. Pete Beach, FL

January 24, 2016: Miami Marathon (or half) (Based on how Disney goes, I’m thinking I could use my fitness from training for a second. Also depends on how I’m recovering.)

February 14, 2016: Ft. Lauderdale A1A Half, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (Would be nice to be back on my old stomping grounds.)

February 20 + 21, 2016: Gasparilla Distance Classic (This one feels like home to me. I’ve volunteered at this one several times during XC/Track during college but never raced. This one is definitely on my list for next year.)

OK, friends. I think that’s it for now. I could go on forever finding cool races in cooler places, but I think I’ll stop at February. Don’t want to get too ahead of ourselves.

Now I’m off to lay out my running outfits for a short week of workouts. **I’m heading up to NYC and NJ for a family vacation Wednesday-Sunday. CANNOT WAIT.