three for three.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning workouts = DEMOLISHED.

morning running

When I moved to a new place this past weekend I lost my free apartment gym, and my ability to do HIIT workouts in my room (because I’m on the third floor and my building is 1,000 years old). I was left with only one choice: RUN. (Or try to)

So, I did! And have been.

I’m loving my new morning routine. Like, a lot. I feel like I have a new life. This apartment has already brought me so much joy. Here’s what’s been going down in the new casa de runnaroundd!

6AM: Get jolted awake by my alarm and snooze it for 10 more minutes. 
Scroll through Insta, eventually get up and dressed.
Out the door (hopefully). Start out walking for a bit. Jam to Backstreet Boys.
6:50: Pass old teammates running on Bayshore. Cry a little.
Run/walk to the stairs in downtown and run up and down them a few times. Throw some tricep dips in there for fun, maybe a few high knees.
7:35ish: Get home. Take pictures of my stupid outfit. Sweat everywhere. Drink all the fluids and suck on ice cubes. Florida humidity SUCKS. Lay on my floor, plank for five minutes (I’m getting good!), shower, watch the news (now that I have cable !!!!), post an insta pic because I’m damn proud of myself for getting out there and because MANATEES.
8:00: Put together breakfast (I’m on an eggs/spinach/salsa bender), pack lunch and snacks for the day. Pick out clothes that are still in suitcases and boxes. Oops. Pretend like I have a makeup routine. Give up after mascara.
8:20: Head to work.
8:35-5:30PM: Meetings. Get ish done. Melt brain.
6:00: Get home (sometimes earlier, sometimes later). Throw on gym clothes and head out to Bayshore for another walk/run in the gorgeous sunshine.
6-7something: Use the little gym areas on Bayshore to do burpees and sit-ups and push-ups. People stare. I sweat. Think how much I love working out outside.
7:30-9:30ish: Shower, eat dinner while making it because I’m an animal, slather this nut butter on everything and devour, veg in front of the TV (my favorite), finish up some more work. Read in bed until I fall asleep.

It’s not perfect, but so far it’s working out really well. And I can’t wait to rot my brain with more TV tonight.

Happy workout-ing. What was yours today (or what’s it going to be later)? What part of your day do you look forward to the most? 

(almost) settled.

Saturday was the day. I was up at 5 a.m. hauling things from apartment to car up three flights of stairs into another apartment. At 10 a.m. I was wedged in the corner of my new (very small) kitchen between bikes and boxes bawling about the amount of pans and coffee mugs and lack of cabinets and closet space. I was emotional. And hot.

sunrise sunset tampa

Then mommabear swooped in and talked me off the crazy ledge while finding places for my tupperware and reusable bags. Then my dad set up the TV and showed me how to work it. Then they took my to Ikea and bought me the most beautiful rug that makes my new rental feel like a home. Then they went out of the way for a toilet paper run. I swear, these two are better than all the rest.

ikea mapnew apartment

As ecstatic as I was to be moved in, I felt the sadness that is the first day at a new school. I was the weird one with no friends or fashion sense. And I missed my parents! But a rough night of sleep turned into a gorgeous Sunday.

morning coffee anthropologie mugegg whites and vegetables

I rode my bike, did big loads of laundry and relaxed. A lot. Now that I have Internet and cable TV (!!!) all I want to do is watch the Real Housewives and turn on the news every morning.

I still have lots left to unpack and pictures will come, but for now I’m living the good life. And the good life is big ass windows, tons of sunlight and a kitchen that isn’t perfect, but has “charm.”

My new workout situation:
I’m actually a little bummed about this. 
I used to get up and do HIIT workouts in my apartment every morning, but now that I live on the 3rd floor of a very old building, I’ll have to scrap those because all that pounding on the floor is super loud. I also don’t have access to a free gym anymore so I’m going to scope out the gyms in my area.

Instead of a HIIT workout, I went out for a run/walk on Bayshore (first time in months) and ran up and down some stairs with some hardcore Army-lookin’ dudes until I wanted to puke. Then I pretended to do push-ups when they did. It was awesome.

bayshore blvd tampa

Have a great Monday! What’s an absolute must when it comes to looking for a gym? (Mine is great classes and free towels so I don’t have to bring my own.)

8 stressful things that shouldn’t be.

I try to pretend I have my life under control, but I get stressed out real easy over things that make no sense to others. It’s part of my endearing nature. Who wants to be friends? 

((I wrote these in a sick stupor last night and re-read them this morning. I think I’m funnier when I’m drinking DayQuil.))

1. Switching a mailing address. There’s nothing worse or more time-consuming than switching a mailing address on everything you own: magazine subscriptions, bank cards, library cards, eeveryyything. One at a time, lady.

relatable relatable

2. Leaving a computer to use the bathroom in Starbucks. Taking a bathroom break takes exactly three minutes, and everyone is already wearing headphones and focused on their own business. Your stuff will be fine. But just in case, make it speedy.

3. Making a fast decision about what to order when they’re out of what you want and a long line is forming. This happens to me way too often. Always have a backup order ready when everything you want is sold out — even coffee in a coffee shop.

4. Parallel parking on a busy road. Don’t let that jerkwad who’s laying on his horn behind you distract you from the task at hand: trying not to scrape the Mercedes you’ve pulled up next to. Driver’s Ed prepared you for moments like this.

5. Online shopping. You want that dress? BUY IT. Life is too short to contemplate whether or not you want to spend $35 (plus shipping). You won’t go broke, and you’ll be much happier with a dress than without a dress. It’s math.

6. Doing a new workout video. How can I be ready to have a good workout unless I know the moves beforehand? It stresses me out not knowing what’s coming next so I watch the video first to prepare, then do it and pretend I’m fitter than the extras.

cover girl! put the bass in your walk. head to toe, let your whole body talk! cover girl! put the bass in your walk. head to toe, let your whole body talk!

7. Driving one-ways and round-abouts. This isn’t difficult for me, but the rest of Tampa seems to not quite get it yet. I’m holding classes on Saturday mornings.

elegance is learned

8. Deleting emails. What if I need that iTunes song purchase confirmation email six months from now? These are the things that keep me awake at night.

what what

I hope your Friday is wonderfully non-stressful. Have a great weekend! I’ll be moving into my new apartment and getting situated all day Saturday and Sunday! (YAYYYY)

finding purpose for workouts.

((This was a much longer post, but I just need to get to the point. For your sake.))

Inspiration for this post came from a dude I passed the other day going HAM on a run. He looked like he was really running for something or because of something or in spite of something. And then I got all freaking emotional because there’s nothing that going HAM on a run can’t fix. Ya feel me?

Basically, I’m not sure about the purpose of my workouts these days. They feel like nothing more than the pursuit of fitting in skinny jeans. Blah. I’m not training for anything right now–I can’t. I want to do races, I want to be working towards a big competition, I want to do marathons and Ironmans for God’s sake, but I can’t.

I can try to run all day and all night but I’m never going to get better, go faster, or go longer. Dystonia won’t let me.

Yesterday morning I tossed the medicine balls around, pretending like I knew what I was doing, and I thought about all of this. Probably a little too much, and I didn’t have an answer.

Processed with Moldiv

Tuesday evening I got on my bike and thought some more.

bike ride selfie

This morning I did about a billion burpees during a HIIT workout, and finished feeling more confused than ever.

How do I find an activity that I love without forcing it? 

I’m thinking about joining a recreational sand volleyball league because one of the things I’m missing is a team. I love that team vibe so much. Just need to find a good one. Preferably with males. That’s embarrassing.

What’s the purpose for your workouts?

the gapcard credit card is basically gold.

All of clothes in the photo below were $11.63 at Old Navy. Let me tell you my secrets. And I swear I don’t have a shopping problem.


If you’re like me and you think God’s gift to women’s casual wear is a pair of perfectly tailored Gap straight jeans in a dark wash, then you need the GapCard credit card. And you need to keep reading.


My story with this credit card dates back to my dirt poor college days when all I really wanted was to save an extra 20% on my entire purchase by opening a card that I would lose at the bottom of my purse.


Little did I know that being the jerk that held up the checkout line and divulging my most personal information (my birthday, GASP) would actually be one of the most rewarding decisions of my 20s.


I used the card here and there to “establish good credit” and I’d pay it off right away. Then I got my first $10 reward in the mail. Two months later I got another.



The more I spent, the more rewards I got. I was a math whiz back then. Now, I use my card to pay off big bills and my rewards pile up like my bills. It all evens out.


I’ve been saving mine up over the last few months and on Sunday I used them all up in one beautiful act of materialism.


I ended up saving over $100 with clearance prices and $80 in rewards. My grand total for 5 tops, 1 bikini, 1 pair of chinos, and 1 pair of shorts was $11.63.


And that, my friends, is how you get a stack of clothes fresher than the fresh prince himself. Cheers. 

moving is a good workout.

The thing about moving is it’s awful. 

Getting a new place is exciting but the actual process, coordination and sweat involved ((and three flights of stairs in a building with no AC)) is kind of brutal.

I got the keys to my new place on Friday night and decided to go visit before starting the move on Saturday morning.


hyde park apartment horatio 2hyde park apartment horatio

These windows were the best surprise. I got a unit with a balcony! It’s so magical. The second I opened them up, the breeze and sunshine poured in. I can see many nights and weekends spent out there with coffee and books.

hyde park apartment tampa

After about 3 trips back and forth, I looked at my watch and it was 2 p.m.! FOOD TIME. I hate when people say they “forgot to eat lunch” because, hello, how is that possible? But this was one of those times. I was so in the zone that when I finally sat down to breathe for a second, I go hungry real quick.

I stopped for some grocery store salad bar, and I inhaled it right in the grocery store parking lot. Because that’s the classy lady that I am.

winn dixie salad bar

Moving eventually slowed down, and I played on the swings at a local for the rest of the night. And that was my workout for the day. I legs were definitely thankful for the rest.

All that’s left is getting boxes and getting my electric/Internet/cable/mail switched over to my new address.


starbucks breakfast

Sunday started early with a walk/run on Bayshore and then some breakfast and work at Starbucks where I ended up getting a free chocolate pastry because the barista messed up an order. Yussss.

I went shopping a little later but that will be tomorrow’s post. Hint: you’re gonna be uber jealous :)

Solid weekend, and I can’t wait for the next one when I’m officially in my new place. Weeee!

Have a great Monday!

friiiidayyyyy, i love youuu.


That’s how I feel when Fridays roll around.

coffee and oatmeal

I’m celebrating with a bowl of oatmeal the size of my head. It’s very rare when I can’t physically finish my breakfast, but I probably would’ve given birth to oatmeal if I ate it all. Well played, Too Jay’s.

There’s not a lot to post about around here. But I’ll catch you up while I catch myself up. Everything’s just running together these days.

august 2014

It’s August if you didn’t know. Yesterday morning I was walking it out on the treadmill before work watching the news and the host described Florida’s weather as “oppressive.” I think she forgot “disgusting, thick, sticky, unbearable, and unforgiving.” Florida is just mean this time of year.

I’m trying to wait until later in the evening to go for walks, but when 8 p.m. rolls around and it’s still oppressive I usually just give in and own that swamp ass sweat.


Wednesday night was smoothie night. I hadn’t had any green all day so I crammed as much spinach and kale as I could into a blender with some berries and banana.

It was awful. If there’s one thing I haven’t perfected yet it’s making smoothies. If I ever offer to make you one, turn me down harder than that nasty kid that asked you to senior prom. Kapeesh?

hyde park tampa fl

I’m slowly moving to a new apartment over the next week and while I’m very excited, I’m freaking stressed. Like, who actually enjoys switching over electric, cable, Internet, mailing addresses, and making a billion trips back and forth between apartments? All in the oppressive humidity. Joy.

favorite posts friday

And these are four of my favorite reads from this week:
My Shine Project: 5 Sacrifices Every Business Owner Has Made
Venus Trapped In Mars: The Dos and Don’ts of Cooking
Cupcakes and Cashmere: 5 Favorite Bras
Man Repeller: Assholes On A Plane

Have a great Friday. Party hard.

two weeks without internet & easy baked veggies.

I haven’t had Internet in my apartment for a week, and I’ve got another week and a half to go. I never thought I’d be happy about that. Then again, I never thought I’d be happy drinking black coffee but, alas, I tried Paleo this year and now I can chug it with a smile on my face.

The Internet in my apartment has been spazzy for awhile, but instead of getting it fixed, we decided to leave it and save money since my roommate and I are moving out soon. I go to Starbucks when I need to but not having wi-fi forces me to calm the heck down for ten minutes.


Last night after work I managed to get a 25-minute HIIT workout done. I could barely keep my eyes open on the drive home, so I was pretty proud of myself for just getting that ish done. Then I relaxed and read my book while dinner cooked.

Oh. Dinner… (Well, part of it. The best part.)

baked veggies
The more colorful the better.

Baked veggies are my specialty because they’re one of the easiest things on the planet to make. I’m already excited about leftovers today.

How I do it:
*what you’ll need: 3-4 zucchini, 3 yellow squash, 1 red bell pepper, 1 green bell pepper
*toss veggies in evoo and place on a few cookie sheets
*season with garlic salt and pepper
*bake at 375 for about 40 minutes

I felt bad for awhile since I wasn’t working all night. But then I didn’t because that’s not the balance I need or want right now. Instead, I watched a movie, foam-rolled, and fell asleep with the book on my face. <– Exactly how it should be.

Ever go without Internet? What did you have for dinner?

target steals.

As a woman, I am hardwired to go into Target with a list and walk out with 10  bags full of stuff and nothing on my list. Hello. It’s the rules of Target.

Yesterday I stopped by without a list or expectations. I really just wanted to not buy every single thing I put my hands on.

I succeeded, and only got these items which were insanely on sale. Insanely.
*Two printed scarves
*A coral-y t-shirt
*A cream-colored bag
*Brown & gold sandals

target sales

One thing about me and shopping is I’ll either only spend a little bit or I’ll just pull the pin and spend a buttload. There’s really no in between, not sure why. Proof: thrifting. Further proof: new skateboard.

target sandals

These items were such a great deal that when the lady got done ringing everything up, I had that thought that we all have in that moment… “OMG. Should I go back for more?”

target purse

I didn’t because she looked tired and a line was building. But boy did I want to. Ugh, I could live in summer-y scarves, light t-shirts and comfy sandals all the livelong day.

target shirt and scarves

Thanks for not stealing ALL of my money, Targ.

Where’s the last place you got some serious steals?