high five friday #57: my week in buzzfeed articles.

Good morning. Is it morning? It’s Friday, right? Time for coffee, and a random breakfast compliments of an empty fridge. #PaleoMadeMeDoIt


This week was a good one. I managed to get up early for some workouts, and watch the news while walking on the treadmill. I went for a bike ride as the the sun was setting one evening. I made some really delicious food for dinner, which is slowly becoming my favorite way to unwind after work. I picked up a new book at the library. And I didn’t blow dry my hair once. Solid.



But the whole week just felt random, kind of like all of Buzzfeed’s articles about cats and celebrities on drugs.

Let’s have a look.


  1. 24 Reasons Why The World Feels Like It’s Falling Apart Around You (When It’s Actually Not)
  2. 41 Things Only Advertising Copywriters Get Frustrated About
  3. 10 Scientific Reasons Why Bike Rides In The Sunshine Cure All
  4. What It’s Really Like to Have Dreams About Work After A Long Day
  5. The Similarities of Pulling Teeth Without Medication and Presenting Work To A Client
  6. Why Having A Personal Masseuse Is Actually Worth The Money
  7. 89 Reasons Why Disney Should Let You Live in Cinderella’s Castle
  8. Running Away: The Answer to Your Problems?
  9. 16 Reasons Why Incorrect Punctuation Can Actually Ruin An Entire Day
  10. Situations In Which Drinking On The Job Might Not Get You Fired
  11. A Brief Synopsis of Everything You Missed In The World While Sitting In A Cubicle
  12. Why Your Co-Workers Think You Only Own One Pair of Pants
  13. How You Should Really Feel When The Delivery Guy Knows You By Name and Asks About Your Cat
  14. It’s Almost May?!
  15. The Only Time You’ll Ever Wish You Were Back In A College Lecture Hall
  16. A Social Life—Remember That?
  17. 62 Thoughts On Your Way Into Work Every Morning
  18. 15 Pathetic Meals You Make When Your Fridge Is Empty #StrugglePlate
  19. 28 Songs You’d Never Admit To Co-Workers You Listen To
  20. All The Reasons Coffee Is A Food Group
  21. The Antidote to Every Stressful Situation: Googling “Munchkin Cats”
  22. Would The World Be A Better Place If Everyone Wore Yoga Pants?


That about sums it up. Now let’s celebrate the weekend like we should — with all the chocolate bars, neon marshmallows shaped like birds, and underpaid actors in creepy bunny costumes.

Describe your week in a Buzzfeed article.

Have a great weekend and Happy Easter!

lindsay lately trois.


// I don’t have the words today, but I’ve got some photos. 

// Lots of Bayshore bike rides to cleanse my soul and search for dolphins.

// Tabata workouts that freaking rock. Twenty five minutes of HIIT stuff in my room is one of my favorite sweaty workouts.

// A skirt from Anthro that alllllllllmost went home with me. I walked around the store with it for a good 25 minutes. I miss it.

// Coffee and Trader Joe’s and evening catch-ups with friends on the water. My favorite.

// Some quotes that I took to heart.

// Lindsay Lately #1

// Lindsay Lately #2

What’s your lately?

arl goes paleo #7: i made it.


My 30 days on the Paleo diet officially ended yesterday, and I can’t believe how fast it went. It feels like just yesterday I was going to gnaw my arm off on day two. And I’m actually hesitant to call it a diet. This experience has been a lifestyle change — a mental change, too. It’s shown me how I should be eating, and what makes me feel my best.

So what does this mean? Am I totally cured? Definitely not. But I want to compare the ‘thens’ and ‘nows’ — the befores and the afters on this Paleo journey.

  • THEN: When I first started, I was desperate for answers and a cure for my Dystonia. I postponed my Botox injections for a month and a half so I could try this Paleo diet in hopes of seeing improvement in my symptoms.
  • NOW: I see no improvement at all after trying to run, so I think I need to keep going on this diet and give it more time. I didn’t expect that I would be totally cured in thirty days, but I was hoping for something. Onward!


  • THEN: I hated the thought of eating meat all day long, having dinner foods for breakfast, and giving up almond butter. I could handle cutting out dairy and eggs, but sweet and salty trail mix is my vice.
  • NOW: I’m more ok with having dinner foods at any meal because they really are delicious. Interesting side note: Last night, I was reading Practical Paleo, and the author made a great point about breakfast foods. What are they? There were never “breakfast foods” until factories started processing them and putting them on shelves. Now I’m just eating what I make myself, what I crave when I wake up, and what I really love. 


  • THEN: Thirty days ago I would’ve told you to go pound salt if you wanted me to give up diet soda, sweeteners, and milk for my coffee. 
  • NOW: I don’t miss soda at all, and I’m getting by on black coffee sprinkled with cinnamon. It’s really not terrible, and I’m learning the difference between really good quality coffee…and the stuff I make at home ;)


  • THEN: I was bloated a lot before this Paleo diet. I drank diet soda all the time, and I ate gluten every day when I was starving at the office by 3 p.m. and didn’t have any other option.
  • NOW: I make sure to pack a lot of food — sometimes more than I need for one day — just in case. I hate being hungry by 3 p.m. and having to wait ’til I get home to eat or buying food during the day and wasting money. 


  • THEN: I barely cooked at all. I prepped food, yes, but I never made meals from recipes all week, every week. 
  • NOW: I’m kind of obsessed with making new things in the kitchen. I love grocery shopping for fresh veggies and cooking and huge batch of it to have for the week. I’m learning how to cook different kinds of meat and fish, and now I’ve realized I need to toss the nasty skillet pans I have now and invest in a great set {love these} {love these more} {the dream set}.


  • THEN: Anti-coconut oil.
  • NOW: I wanna to marry my coconut oil.


Basically, I’m not cured, but my plan is to keep on going with Paleo. I’m hesitant to add anything back in that I’m supposed to eliminate because if don’t see any progress, that could be a reason why. However, I think I’m going to be a little more lax and allow myself a small portion of what I’m craving every now and then. Deprivation is just annoying, and I can’t imagine that a handful of trail mix or a scoop or two of ice cream is going to derail any/all progress I’ve made. 

I’d say I’m in this Paleo thing for the long haul. And I’m pretty happy about that.

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an experiment: one week of link love.

A lot of bloggers I follow do “link love” posts where they gather links to articles they’ve read throughout the week that they love and share them all in one blog post. I’ve done that here and there, but I’ve never collected them over a full week. I decided to test it out. Scientifically.

scientific method of gathering links

1. Purpose/Question (4/7): Does gathering links throughout a one-week period consume an insane amount of time and/or will I quit before the week is over?

2. Research (4/7): Several bloggers I follow do it every single week, and they make it look easy.

3. Hypothesis (4/7): This is going to be really time-consuming, and I’ll probably quit by EOD Tuesday.

4. Experiment (4/11): I spent one week collecting links to articles that I found interesting/fun/cool/informational and organized them in this blog post.

5. Analysis (4/11): Ermmm… I never understood this step in the scientific method, so let’s skip right to the conclusion.

6. Conclusion (4/11): I didn’t quit, and it was actually really fun. But I don’t know how many people are really going to read through all (or any) of these articles.

7. Additional questions (4/11): Does it matter that the articles are a week old by the time I post this? Should I keep that in the back of my mind so I don’t post anything time-sensitive? Am I over-analyzing this? Yes.



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TripAdvisor Names Top 25 U.S. Destinations via USA Today

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The Best Way to Sell Your Closet Online via DailyCandy (RIP DailyCandy)

What’s the best thing you’ve read all week? Share it with me. 

Happy Friday!

arl goes paleo #6: i ran.

So, I did what I said I wasn’t going to do: try to run while doing this Paleo diet. I couldn’t help myself! I like quick results. I like things to be solved yesterday. If this Paleo diet is helping, I want to know right now.   

The verdict: running felt worse than ever.

Today is day 27 on Paleo. Twenty seven! I stopped keeping track last week because I like the way eating Paleo makes my body feel, and I know I’m going to keep this diet after the 30 days is up. I never cared what day I was on…until I tried to run. 

I got on the treadmill one morning with fresh legs. I hadn’t done any strenuous exercise the previous couple days, so I felt like it was a good time to test it out. Would I really feel a difference after “cleaning up” my diet so strictly for about three weeks? Could I really be so lucky? 


It feels like my Dystonia is even worse than before. I never think that that’s possible until it happens. I was all over the place on that treadmill. I could barely keep a normal stride, my right heel kept knocking into my left ankle, my left foot turned in and pointed toward the right. I tripped a little bit and had to hold on to the arms so I wouldn’t fly off the back of the belt — well, I definitely wouldn’t have flown off the back because I was only going 5 mph. I can’t even run 5 mph. I can’t even hobble at 4.5 mph. I can walk perfectly, but run? Not even a little bit.

The ache in my heart is so deep.

This was supposed to help. This was supposed to be my last chance before receiving Botox injections. What do I do now?

Do I just need to give this more than 30 days? (60 days? 90 days?) Do I go back and re-tool the Paleo diet I’m on — make it a bit more strict? Do I try out the Botox injections and hope (again) for the best? Do I do nothing and accept this condition? I’m confused, sad, angry.

I really just need to go to the outlets and shop my face off. It’s the cure-all.

I came across a really great article this morning, and it makes me 100% sure that Dystonia is what I have. I wasn’t doubting the doctor’s diagnosis, but you just never know.

The Challenges of Dystonia: Involuntary-Movement Disorder

Some passages that jumped out at me…




This last block explains why I recognize my symptoms getting worse. Reading that helps makes sense of why I’ve only seen things decline over the past two plus years. I just don’t know when the symptoms are going to level off.

This journey is rough, guys, but the updates will keep coming. 

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weekends are for…


Oh, my heart.


✓Family time
✓✓✓Ridic tan lines

Weekends are heaven. Even when I leave my makeup at my parents’ house. And get a flat tire on the highway. Even then.


Weekends are for visiting old places that feel brand new every time.


They’re for breathing a different air and clearing my head.

epcot flower and garden festival

Weekends are the best for spending time with the ones that really matter, and make me feel like I matter, too.

timmy cat

Saturdays and Sundays are the best days to belly laugh and stay up too late.

universal studios florida

They’re especially perfect for relaxing, for putting your feet up, for being sandwiched between the earth at the sky.

pool time

Weekends make me thankful that I have an amazing family that lets me raid their fridge, do 17 loads of laundry in two days, and brew coffee all the live long day.

I love weekends. I loved this weekend. Did you love yours?

high five friday #56: headed to the kingdom.


One work day separates me from this magical wonderland. I’m headed up tomorrow morning, and I sooo cannot wait. I need to forget this week and cleanse my soul. Disney is perfect for that, especially when I can don my favorite pair of minnie ears without judgement.


Head over to Meg‘s page for more high fives, and to submit your own every week!

Have a great weekend. What are your plans?

lindsay lately numero dos.

Did you know I’m not fluent in Spanish? It’s a gift.


// I curled my hair this morning for the first time in 2014. Big doings for this single lady.


// I cannot get enough grapefruit this week. I bought a one million pound bag at the store a few days ago because they were half off, and it was the best grocery money I’ve ever spent.


// This one’s a little embarrassing, but I’m going to share anyway. I tried to take a #selfie outside this morning because the weather is typical incredible Florida weather, but a car came around the corner so I flipped my phone down and it ended up snapping this photo of the sky with some palm trees. You might see it again later with some inspirational quote or something on it. ;)


// Uhhh the new Starbucks app is freaking awesome. It was sort of a messy train wreck before, but now it’s a cleaned up reminder of how much money I waste on Blonde Roasts every week.


// Speaking of freaking awesome: spaghetti squash, chicken, and roasted sweet potatoes. Please tell me I’m not a freak for eating it cold. I basically eat all my leftovers cold — sooo good. Paleo lunches have been my favorite meals this week.


// My thinking space. I worked from home on Monday and it was glorious. A fancy desk, some familiar decor, and two wide open windows do wonders for my productivity. I got so much done. Ahh it felt amazing.

// Workouts are working out these days now that my bum foot is feeling a little better. I did a HIIT circuit last night after work, and I had trouble shaving my legs after. #legshakes 

// Disney — and it’s evil step-sibling, Universal — is happening this weekend. 

// Lindsay Lately #1

What’s your lately?

arl goes paleo #5: is paleo really the cure-all?

When I first started this Paleo diet (19 days ago), I was convinced it was going to help reverse my symptoms associated with Dystonia. Actually, I wasn’t convinced, but I was extremely hopeful. This is pretty much the last course of action I can take before I’m put on extremely expensive botox injections for the rest of my life — injections that have a 50/50 shot of even working. Just to run. To keep my sanity. To do my most favorite activity in the world — the one that defines me (defined me).

I go back and forth every day. I’ve read numerous accounts of people reversing symptoms and curing themselves of disorders that are even more severe than mine. This has to work for me if this worked so well for them, right?

Dr. Terry Wahls  a clinical professor of medicine at the University of Iowa — overcame secondary progressive multiple sclerosis with a Paleo diet.

Diane Sanfilippo — Certified Nutrition Consultant, author of Practical Paleo (<– buy it!), and the mind behind Balanced Bites — cleared up her own digestion issues and coaches those with issues ranging from autoimmune disorders to diabetes.

But I’m still not so sure. I feel ok on the outside, but how do I know things are healing and getting all figured out on the inside — up in my brain and stuff?

Last night, I reached out to some super smart RD ladies that I love on Twitter, and asked for their advice on specialized diets and eating plans.


Their answers:


But what they’re all recommending — whole foods, no restrictions, no eliminated food groups, no “fad” diets — I was doing before. Why did I suddenly one day go out for a run, and not be able to put one foot in front of the other? While struggling through Dystonia, while watching my symptoms progressively get worse and worse, while resting my legs and biking instead, I was eating the way these Registered Dietitians suggest. Whole foods. Nothing eliminated. No tipping the scales toward one specific food group.

I don’t get it. Where did I go wrong leading up to that one day two and half years ago when everything just started feeling wrong?

Right now on Paleo, I’m eliminating a lot. A LOT. I’m basing my diet on the Autoimmune section in Practical Paleo because that is what most closely aligns with Dystonia. But, if the foods I’m cutting out didn’t actually cause the Dystonia, then why do I need to cut them out now? It feels like I’m removing something that wasn’t actually the cause. But then again, I don’t know if it was the cause.

Other runners out there that I admire can feast on waffles and sandwiches and desserts. They sweeten their coffee with artificial this and that. They drink diet soda and eat peanuts and nut butters. Gluten. Artificial sweeteners. Nuts. Legumes. (And dairy. And eggs. And nightshades.) <– All the things I’m cutting out of my diet. Why can they run so perfectly on those things and I can’t? 

I’m stuck. I’m torn. I’m sick of black coffee with cinnamon. I want peanut butter and almonds. I feel more confused now than the day I started. But I also think I need to keep going on this for 11 more days and finish it out. I might not have my answer at the end of the 30 days, but I hope I’m closer. (Maybe?)

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