this weekend, 3/1/15.

It rained hard on Saturday all day long. It was the kind of rain that warrants hours on the couch watching Netflix only getting up to top off the coffee. Over and over again.

rainy day outfit tampa florida

I left for just long enough to make sure my legs worked, then returned to plop back down in my couch’s permanent butt groove.

Sunday made up for Saturday. I binged real hard on sunshine.

bayshore blvd tampa florida

It was extra special because this week is vacation. I’m not in the place I thought but a staycation will do, I suppose, in the name of health.

In between the rain and sun I found this most perfect outfit on Insta and I’m dying to recreate it. I think all I need is the white shirt and sweater. Oh, right, and I need an appropriate climate to wear it. I’ll get on that.

instagram outfit screenshot

Before I leave you and the clock turns to Monday, let me share this amazing ad from Weiden. I’ve watched it six or seven times. Chills.

“You see, you wouldn’t ask why the rose that grew from the concrete had damaged petals,” Shakur says. “On the contrary, we would all celebrate its tenacity. We would all love its will to reach the sun. Well, we are the roses. This is the concrete. These are my damaged petals. Don’t ask me why. Ask me how.”

via AdWeek

Hope you all had a great weekend!

change of plans.

If there’s anything that my 25 Days series taught me it’s that even on the crappiest day there is something to be happy about. 

Are you wearing cool underwear? Hullo. Bet that feels awesome.


Did you just find a rogue EOS lip balm in your coat pocket? That’s like Christmas all over again!


How about realizing halfway through the month that you don’t have to pay rent for another 15 days. THE ALMOND BUTTER CAN STAY IN YOUR CART. 


My not-so-great news this evening is that my 6:59 p.m. Delta flight is in the air right now headed to LaGuardia and I’m not on it. Some other someone is sitting in my seat drinking my drink eating my wood shavings disguised as pretzels.

I haven’t been feeling well for awhile and I guess it’s time to do the adult thing and go to the doctor. I’m keeping my vacation days scheduled to make sure whatever check-ups and tests need to get done I will have the time to do it. I’m trying to stay calm because I’m not always good at that.

The silver lining is this: my apartment is already Mr. Clean-level clean, my trash is taken out, my library books are returned, and I have a week’s worth of outfits picked out just in case Florida ices over overnight.

Health comes before partytime. Unfortunately.

What are you doing this weekend?

i need lists.

I’m outta here Friday night for a week-long vacation up north and the first thing I did was make a list. 

I made the mental list over a period of five days, then tried to remember it all and write it down. Twenty bucks I have a meltdown in the middle of LaGuardia when I realize my curling wand is still sitting on my sink.  


I do it for the office supplies.


Along with my big, fun bombass Nikon tourist camera, I’m bringing every single long sleeve shirt, coat and sweater I own. Admitting you’re a Floridian is the first step.


But I’m FROM Buffalo and I’m still excited to see snow and let it fall on my nose and be a little bit cold, ya know?


K. Gotta go pack.


well that was a good monday.

Before we get things going, I just need to remind you: FOUR DAYS until I’m up north in the snowy tundra with family and friends. PUMPED.

On Sunday I did a small fruit and veggie chop and prep because I can leave no man behind in my fridge when I leave.

chopped veggiessunday food prep veggiesfruits food prep

I’m trying to incorporate more greens and raw foods into my diet again. It just makes me feel good, ya know? I had a huuuuge spinach salad with all sorts of toppings for lunch.

Monday ended with an awesomely sweaty workout.

via TGF Facebook

Like, so far past sweaty and a million times better than awesome. I LOVE THIS PLACE. At one point we had to run with a wall ball above our heads and when I reached for a lighter ball the coach screamed don’t you dare!! It was the kick in the ass I was looking for :D

Sometimes you just need one person to tell you how it is. And that’s why Monday freaking rocked. How was yours?

fourth week with classpass: a thank you.

Remember how last week I didn’t do any yoga classes? Well, this week I didn’t do any classes. Nothing. Nada. I didn’t even make the effort, and that’s annoying because this week was the week to put in the effort. I had the flexibility and time to put in the effort. I should’ve scheduled myself to death but, alas, I watched Gilmore Girls, slept in, and worked out on my own.

I need to thank ClassPass, actually, because had it not been for this free first month opportunity, I wouldn’t have found True Grit Fit. I told you all last week that I bought a monthly membership and I’m so stoked.

It’s something new. And the funny thing is, at the beginning of this month, that’s a goal I set for myself.


“Find something new!” I wrote. And I did! I’ve been craving a change–a break from the frustration and sadness that Dystonia has brought. True Grit Fit has really been a nice change.

If you didn’t know, it was a big race weekend in Florida: the Disney Princess Half Marathon in Orlando and the Gasparilla Distance Classic in Tampa. I didn’t want to stay in Tampa but I also couldn’t escape to my parents’ in Orlando. Instead of sitting inside all day, I took my bangs to the expo for discounted shorts. And that’s when I saw it–a dude who was seriously disabled limping out of the expo wearing a finisher’s medal… Wow. At that moment I felt like such an ass for feeling sorry for myself. Some people would love to have my problems. He had a smile on his face and friends at his side. He juggled a half-eaten banana and about three water bottles. I had no medal, no bananas, and I walked there alone. I was happy for him. That man has found a way to accept his condition and I haven’t. I haven’t fully accepted that Dystonia is in my life and out of my control. I’ll get there some day.


Now let’s get into workouts. 

sunday workout

I had 2 run/walks on Bayshore, one class at TGF, and a couple living room HIIT workouts. I’m trying to incorporate more of those because, let’s be real, I just feel better in my pants when I do.

true grit fit workout tampa 2true grit fit workout tampa

Hopefully this week flies because I’m heading up to CT/NJ/NYC this weekend for a full week of family and friends and relaxation and snoooowwwww :) :)

Hope you all had a great weekend. How did you get sweaty?


First week.
Second week.
Third week.

saturday morning coffee talk.

I got up early this morning just to do this.

morning coffee

*Before the day gets too hot I needed to drink my coffee and dive into my next book, Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption. So far I’m hooked.

I didn’t get too far, though.

*From where I’m sitting I can hear the sounds of the Gasparilla Distance Classic announcer welcoming runners through the finish chute, and that makes my heart sad–sad that I’m not one of those runners and sad that I’m still not strong enough to just be a supporter instead of a participant. I happily volunteered in college to cheer on runners at this race but that’s because I could go home later and take off on a run. (For new or interested readers, I have Dystonia and you can learn all about that in these posts.) Moving on.

*Today will probably turn into a Davis Islands biking day because I’m riding the Ride 2 Recovery 60-miler in March with my buddy from Buffalo and I don’t want to embarrass myself. He’s been talking about visiting for a good year and the kid finally bought tickets! #peerpressure

*Another book you need to read ASAP is Jim Gaffigan’s Food: A Love Story. I finished it in three days and every chapter made me laugh out loud. His first book was amazing, so read that one, too.


*I leave for CT/NJ/NYC in seven dayssssss for a weeklong vacay in the chilly, frigid north. I can’t wait! Are you ready for me, L1??

*I don’t know if you heard but the bangs are back. I feel like a new woman.

*Here are two songs I’ve had on repeat all week that you need to hear. I’m having a love affair.

Have a fantastic weekend!

bangs round 2.

WEEEEE they’re back! I got bangs back in June and OMG how has it been seven months already?? I walked back into my salon this evening with my tail between my legs. The split ends are no one’s fault but my owwwnnn.

A fresh cut is just the freaking best, isn’t it? A friend of mine falls asleep in the chair when she gets hers cut, and I wasn’t too far off today.

Before: hot bun twisty mess.
After: five inches further from the ground and some forehead shade.


A haircut makes this weekend feel a little more anything can happen! But let’s be real, I’m not an anything can happen kind of lady. Have a fantastic weekend. My bangs and I will be sleeping in just a bit then getting coffee and sun. Yay :)

Tell me your weekend plans.

today was a rest day, so let’s talk about it.

Thursdays are a good day for rest. For some reason they’ve been landing on Thursdays lately so I’m rolling with it. Plus, I have a stomachache that won’t quit. Oy vey.

tampa bay platt bridge
I walked to work today because our weather is the loveliest it has ever been. 

When I went back and forth about resting today my final decision started and stopped at: You’re sore, Edwards. Bootcamp kicked your butt Wednesday night and an off day means you can go hard on Friday without hating life.

I used to think about rest days in a completely different way–the kind that would make my pants tighter and my fitness disappear. Silly.

bayshore tampa bay

I like them and embrace them because sometimes it’s nice to hop in a hot shower just because not because I stink. I said sometimes. Let’s not get carried away. Sweating up and crazy workout storm is like my favorite thing ever.


Now that we know what I’ll be doing every Thursday from now on, how about we TBT for a sec?

You see, on my walk home I noticed that the city has finally started making room for some new bike lanes, and that makes me and my bikes so so happy.

bike lanes downtown tampa

My family and I are big bikers. My parents rode their bikes across the US when they were my age and they passed the bug to me.

tbt mom and dad riding bikes

Apparently I didn’t start riding on two wheels until like middle school…

tbt lindsay lauren riding bikes

…Seriously, how old am I here?? Anyway.

tbt lindsay riding bike

Good times.

what is lent?

Lent: the past tense of lend, the nasty crap that gets caught in the dryer filter, that fuzz that collects in fat folks’ innie belly buttons. Too far?

As a devout non-practicer of any religion I usually embarrass myself this time of year when I decide to give things up without knowing why I’m actually giving them up. Were there kings involved in this one? Was Jesus there? Wait, isn’t he Jewish? <— These are serious questions.

One year I vowed to only take the elevator when I lived on the seventh floor. Another year I did away with sarcasm but that lasted until lunch. And I still have nightmares from ’13 when I challenged myself to cut out peanut butter. It was a dark time.

The common denominator? Deprivation. And, in effect, bitchiness to the max.

This year, as I celebrate another holiday of jumping on the bandwagon, I’m not going to gripe with the other girls who are giving up wine and foods they enjoy and omgboyswithlikenorespectforme.

I’m going to appreciate what I’m getting out of the things I’m giving up during the holiday I don’t celebrate and the religion I don’t practice.  

Giving up: endless evening Netflix and occasional morning workouts.
Getting: more sleep.

Sunday night and Tuesday night were wake-up calls–in a good way. I was in bed before 9PM on Sunday night and I slept longer this morning. I feel like a million bucks. I’m alert and I feel more positive! It’s a weird feeling because I’m realizing I never gave myself enough sleep the past few months.

walk to work

Giving up: one cup of coffee for one cup of tea.
Getting: better health, more fluids.
Generally, I drink 2-3 cups of coffee in the morning and maybe one decaf at night. I don’t consider coffee bad, but when you get withdrawal headaches from not having, that’s warning sign numero uno.

morning coffee

Giving up: soda for natural fizzy water.
Getting: better health, peace of mind?
I know drinking lots of soda isn’t great, so here and there I’m going to replace my DC with a LaCroix. My office stocks both in our fridge which is awesome.

la croix water

And I have three “pieces of lent” because there’s a good chance I’ll go HAM on the Netflix one night and that’ll leave me with two back-ups.

Are you giving anything up?

updated: 25 during my 25th.

It only took me about four months to update my life “to-do” pageThis is my third version of this list; I wrote one for my 23rd birthday and another for my 24th.

Unfortunately, the amount of goals I didn’t reach seriously outnumbers the amount I actually accomplished. Perhaps I need to cut my list in half? But maybe my quarter century year is when I’ll actually get my butt in gear?

Here’s what we’re looking at.

25 during my 25th

I almost just started to tell you about which I consider the most important ones on this list, but they all deserve equal attention. The thing is I really do need to drink less soda, I need to stop neglecting my awesome Nikon DSLR, I want to speak fluent French with a side of DIY, and I feel a whole lot better when I eat green things all day long.

And that last one? I’ve been talking about writing a book for awhile. Ideas have swirled for a year or two, and it’s time to get pen to paper. I’m a longhand first, typer second kind of lady.

I’ve gotten a late start, but late is a heck of a lot better than never giving it a go, yeah?