i put my legs first this morning.

Good morning Tuesday-ers! 

I can’t believe I’m on here blogging so early. This is a rarity. But it’s because I let my legs sleep in a bit. But more on that later… Here are some scenes from my Monday…

My horse sweater was a freakin’ HIT yesterday :) Paired with a cheapie gold necklace, black skinnies and black flats. GIDDYUP


And I thought you’d want a close up… My hair was all sorts of crazy. I tried making it all curly/fancy in the morning but a bike ride into work pooped on that party.


I can’t not take pictures of the city during my lunch breaks. It’s so pretty!!


Minarets are kind of Tampa’s thing, especially Plant Hall at The University of Tampa.


I get it…choosing one kind of concrete to pave the roads/sidewalks with is a big choice. A choice that still has not been decided upon to this day.


And now onto my least favorite topic, like ever…not running.

Every morning when my alarm clock goes off, I pre-apologize for the agony I plan to put my legs through for a sustained period of time. I put piece of mind above them morning after dark, early morning. “I won’t have a good day unless I make it through and feel like I accomplished a good sweat session.” I bet know they are tired of that. Yesterday’s run was big-time indication of that.

6 a.m. chimed like it always does. {And the fact that the big man up there even allows me to wake up day after day is lost on me at that hour. Sorry.}


I sat up, felt my hamstrings seize up, then flopped right back down. “I’ll do it after work.” Rarely does that ever happen. I know this. My legs knows this. They were pleased.


So I raced up to our top floor hallway to watch the early morning break. Something I miss every morning because I’m just trying to make it through my run and get home.

Healing is up to me, and so far, I only have myself to blame for not setting up doctor appointments. In the back of my mind I feel like they won’t know what the problem is and this tired, achy, weak feeling will continue without diagnosis or improvement.

To quote one of my favorite Coldplay songs ever, “But if you never try, you’ll never know.” Please fix me, Chris Martin! ;)

In the meantime of trying to be a grown up and schedule my own appointments, I might have to suck it up and start swimming at 5:30 a.m. Eeeekkk!

Have you ever been injured for a long period of time? How did you deal with it??

Happy Tuesday :)

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7 thoughts on “i put my legs first this morning.

    • Thanks! Yeah, getting up in sometimes a pain (literally), but once you get started and you finish, it’s not bad and you feel more ready to start your day! Today I’m already dragging because I didn’t workout. Yuck :P

  1. Great job listening to your body and putting the legs first. After all they carry you though your workout! It is super hard though to not do the workouts you’re used to. I always feel soooo dragging when I don’t even when I know my body needs the rest. Ugh, mentally tough to get past! But anything hard to do is making you stronger, even if it’s mentally stronger :D and physically too from the rest!

  2. Hi Lindsay, just found your blog today via Dash of Meg. I empathize with you being injured and not being able to do your regular workout– that is so hard mentally to not have the workout for a while. But please take the rest days you need and go see a good sports medicine doctor. Whatever it is, you don’t want it to get worse or become a longstanding overuse injury.

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