my nightmares made me do it.

I think I need about 6 of these today…


…here’s why:

Last night was the weirdest/freakiest night ever. I woke up every hour on the hour because of horrible nightmares that I can’t remember. All I know is there were bad guys and a really big house – the worst combination. I woke up gasping for air, heart pounding, and sweating like a half marathoner {I have yet to experience the beast that is the full marathon}. I swear guys, it was brutal. Every time I woke up I kept checking out my window to see if there really were bad guys coming to get me. Brutal.

THEN to top it off, my phone decided to crap out on me at some point in the night {I may or may not have whacked it while trying to fend off the scary guys trying to chase and/or kill me in my nightmares} which caused me to sleep well past my alarm. DRAT!

I opened my eyes to see the sky brighter than when my alarm usually goes off, so I hopped out of bed like a ninja, thinking I was late for…well, everything in life! But I wasn’t. Just really late for any kind of workout I planned to do. I jumped into my workout clothes and hobbled jogged around the block for what felt like 15 minutes. I didn’t time it. Who has time for time?!!

And now here I am. Totally wiped out. And it’s just 10 a.m.

But this story has a good ending! Because LOOK:


The most ghetto stand up desk of anyone’s life! Last night I was researching them and decided since I can’t install a treadmill or bike desk, I really just need something to put my laptop on.

But, last night I accidentally bid and won this one on ebay:


Yeah, free shipping, whatever. It was still $45. But way more professional (?) looking than my ikea storage crate!

This definitely makes up for the crazy/weird night I had!

And I hope today goes by uber fast because tonight I’m biking and boozing! ;) I finally bought a bike light yesterday during lunch…


…so I can ride my bike all night! ….I said “can” not “will.”

We’re meeting as a group tonight and doing about 20 miles before we stop at a local bar on Davis Islands for drinks. Pumped!

Hope you all have a splendid day! Anyone have a scary dream recently? I wake up in a panic whenever I do and hate going back to sleep!

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