thursday dump.

I’m back! But not for long. I wanted to post today because I haven’t written in awhile. Strike that. I’ve been writing my face off all week, but they’re work words, not blog words. Big difference. Less cussing.

This week I have a million thoughts going through my mind every second, so here’s a big dump comin’ atcha.


Panic? Lose sleep? Call my momma bear? All of the above?

I haven’t been doing a lot this week other than working and stressing my system with too much coffee and not enough sleep. 


A couple later nights. My favorite time in the city is super early in the morning and late at night after the sun sets. So that was kind of cool.

Running. It has royally sucked. My Monday morning doctor’s appointment was just the thing to kick off my week in the worst way possible. 

I was poked, prodded, and shocked at the doctor’s office. EMGs are no joke, friends. My muscles and nerves are all functioning how they should. They’re just not functioning how I want them to. That means it’s not myasthenia gravis. It could be Dystonia. But no one really knows. Perfect. A 5th…6th….7th (?) appointment is scheduled for next week. We’ll see how that goes.

I did, however, decide that I should start taking exercise more seriously. Because the animal crackers and ice cream are catching up to me. And my ass. But motivation has been low because I just don’t want to get out of bed and try to run. It hurts mentally, emotionally, everything-ally. It’s insane how something that made me so infinitely happy was taken away from me so, so fast. I defined myself as being a runner for so long, and it hurts so, so hard and so deep not being able to be that person. It’s a lot to take in every day. That empty feeling is a lot to carry around.

In the same breath, sweating any way I can is better than nothing. I guess. Kind of. Whatever.

gym meme

Damn you, comfy pants.

I found a pretty good home workout on Pinterest and I decided to make a few tweaks and try it out. Here’s what I came up with. {Disclaimer: I’m not a trainer or anything, so you know, at your own risk, mmmk?}

crazy burpee workout.jpg

I’m one of those sick individuals who enjoys the pain and suffering brought on by multiple sets of burpees. I’m guessing it’s from past track and cross country seasons filled with 400 repeats {AKA: the devil’s workout}. The more I’m out of breath and praying to a God I don’t believe in to kill me quickly, the better. I added on a little more at the end of this one, but nothing crazy. It felt good to turn up the Gaga and sweat a little (a lot).

Speaking of asses animal crackers, I’m trying not to make them a staple in my diet. And I’m trying not to get sick. Lack of sleep plus a bad diet is asking for the flu. So I’m doing what Laura does — eating a lot of spinach every day. So far it’s working. {<– I retract this statement as of Thursday morning. I went to bed feeling great, but was sick as a dog by 3 a.m. Joy.}


That’s all the nonsense I have going on lately. I hope your week is flying by. Mine is!

Now, grab coffee and tell me your latest favorite eats and workouts. Love to love you.

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13 thoughts on “thursday dump.

  1. hey lady, this can’t be easy. especially with stress not being able to run just makes emotions fly rampant. just know people are always there for you, aka me. I totally can relate to this from my past and know that running being taken away without an answer isa tough one. sometimes we all just need to cut ourselves a big break!

  2. Larissa says:

    Ugh… I’ve had an EMG done. Not fun. And an MRI and all sorts of other things to figure out why my feet and calves would get muscle spasms and go numb – all made worse by running. Turns out, a bazillion appointments later and after 5 minutes with a physical therapist, I simply had a pinched nerve in my back that went down to my feet. I could have skipped ALL of that nonsense if my doc had sent me to the PT first. A couple months and basic-exercises-to-strengthen-my-back later, all was well. (I still get symptoms occasionally, but now know exactly how to stop them).

    ANYWAY, all that to say, hang in there! Here’s hoping your next appointments have better results. Unknown physical issues + crazy work + feeling sick + less working out + too-little sleep…. girlfriend, take care of yourself! :)

    • That’s crazy, but so great that you’re back at it! I have another appointment on Monday with a specialist, so I’m definitely going to bring up PT. I gotta get back to running regularly. It’s killing me. Thanks for your support :)

  3. Aww hun I’m so sorry to hear about the running and the sickness. I’m still sick with whatever the boys hit me with last week, which sucks. Don’t give up on yourself or the drs hun. There has to be an answer out there!

  4. I’m not sure exactly what your injury is, but the March 2014 issue of Runner’s World has a really neat article called “The Total Body Fix,” shedding light on running clinics and getting a detailed running assessment by professionals (PTs, athletic trainers).

    Here’s a link to Runner’s World (I don’t know if you can read the whole article online):

    The closest Running Clinic is at UF:

    And I agree with the above poster about seeing a PT. I’m surprised the MD hasn’t given you a prescription for PT yet.

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