feeling the love and re-charging.

I won’t retract what I said in yesterday’s post because I still believe in it {yeah, I’m kind of a V-Day scrooge}. But this week really showed me how blessed I am — great friends, great family, great co-workers. I felt the love. 

What a week, doods. 

Friday couldn’t come soon enough. A bunch of us at work all felt it, so we decided to let it all go over numerous orders of wine and bread and cheese. It was a very, very good decision. These fabulous friends put me in a good place after one of the longest weeks, ever. Laughing and smiling and gossiping and venting is incredible medicine.

We tried out a new place in downtown Tampa called Crumb + Cork. Everything was so delicious. Pinot noir + warm bread + grapes + so many cheeses = fancypants and perfect. I hope I can convince them to go back! {Living the moment > Taking pictures of it.}

After plenty of conversation, I ended up driving to Orlando to spend some quality time with my cats. I already feel better. Sweet sleep and kitty cuddles is quite the combination. So far, my plans are to bike, go to Disney and watch cable TV. Sounds like the most perfect combination to me :) 

Here are some of my favorites from Valentine’s Day and such.


Self-inflicted sugar coma. Flowers from a friend that is just way too good to me. Coffee & granola {heaven}. Library books and carnations from a Mormon {random act of kindness from a stranger restores my faith in people a little}. My kitties. I had a semi-good hair day and needed to document it {this is a judgement-free zone}. 

What’s going on with your weekend? Did you get love drunk yesterday?

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