lindsay lately.

I’ve been in some moods lately.


Yeah. That kind.

Just ask my parents. Or the poor, sweet Starbucks barista who innocently asked if I wanted room for cream. Ask my keyboard, which has taken weeks of relentless abuse. Ask my face, the part of my body that shows every emotion whether I want it to or not. I know what’s causing it. And I know that I can’t do a lot to change it, which makes me sad.

On the upside, I hung out with Claire this weekend at the Lake Eola Farmer’s Market.


I had SUCH a blast just chatting away for a couple hours. It’s so nice to hook up with people who you instantly have so much in common with. {Since we both work in advertising, we had even more to talk about!} Claire, I’m taking you to Disney next time :)

Monday was business as usual. Except that I had another doctor’s appointment with a nurse that works with patients suffering from dystonia. I walked out of her office very confident that that’s what I’m suffering from. I also walked out scared that I would never run like myself again. I was given orders to video tape myself running from a bunch of different angles. Want to see what I’ve been dealing with here?

As you can see, my left leg kicks out all funny, and I can’t control any of that weird movement. It has gotten worse over the past few months, and those fluke “good” days are exactly that — flukes.

I’ve read a lot about dystonia in athletes, and the discouraging part is that no cases are the same. One person may do very well with treatment, but another person may see no improvements. It’s scary — facing the fact that I may never run like I used to is absolutely terrifying.

Speaking of running. I’m all signed up for the Princess Half Marathon this weekend. I signed up right when registration opened last year hoping I would be back to my old self by now. And here I am. Even more injured than when I signed up. This is torture. I’m still deciding whether I should run/walk with my sister and our friend or just avoid the weekend altogether. This is brutal beyond belief.

Here’s hoping things turn around. 

Let’s chat, mmk? How’s your week going? Know anyone with dystonia or have you experienced injuries like this before?

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16 thoughts on “lindsay lately.

  1. Aw hun I don’t even know what to say to you on this one besides I’m so sorry. I think it’d be pretty awesome if you ran the race regardless of anything, but I know it’s frustrating to not be able to run it the way you think/know you should be able to. Whatever you choose, you have a lot of people on your side. Huge hug your way girl

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