so, i’m getting botox.

You heard me. Twenty four years old, and I’m a candidate for Botulinum Toxin.

But I should explain, right?

On Monday I had an appointment with a specialist to talk about the mystery demon disease that’s been keeping me from healthy running for the past two plus years. I sent the doctor videos of me running so he could determine whether or not I have Dystonia. Turns out my flailing legs confirmed his suspicions, and I’m the newest candidate for botox injections.

But I’ll keep explaining.

Botox was originally used to treat spasms, but only later did doctors realize that the injections removed wrinkles as well. So, botox started out with medicinal purposes — with good intentions — but it most likely got its current reputation from the ageless, Joan Rivers and/or Kris Jenner.*

{*Sources have not confirmed this statement, but who’s going to argue, amIright?}

So. A treatment that may or may not work for me is botox. Right to the legs. At this point, I’ll take anything to get running again. ANYTHING. 

As much as I’m trying to put it out of my mind, the Disney Princess Half Marathon is still on this weekend pending a freak armageddon.


I guess I should still do it. My sister and friend are doing it. But this would be the first race of my life where I’d walk. I got a PR here once, but this year I’ll probably finish about an hour slower than last time. Wow. The hot-teary waves are hitting me right now. I don’t believe in walking in a race, so this might be a weekend of torture. Or I should stop over-thinking it and take pictures along the course. You see? I’m in a glass case of emotions.

But let’s talk about what all this means to you. Have a really wonderful day with some breakfast and coffee. I’ve already got a jump on this day.


Sending everyone a little sun today.

Anyone racing this weekend? Know anyone doing the Princess Half?

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8 thoughts on “so, i’m getting botox.

  1. You are a rock star girl! And the title of this post made me stop in my tracks and then laugh when I read it. I hope it helps! That’d be a fun and random tidbit to throw into conversations now and then ;) Have fun this weekend (as much as you can)! There’s more to running than racing, and sometimes just being around others is a help <3

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