high five friday #50: running, maybe.

Running lately is kind of an up-in-the-air situation. It’s like when you think you’re gonna throw up, but you just really have no idea until it happens. Ohhh, OHHHH, I’m totally gonna….nope. Bad reference because throwing up is my biggest fear in the world. But you get it. I could try to run and make it a few minutes alright, or I could try to run and make it ten paces before I throw in the towel and trudge over to the treadmill’s dirty cousin, the elliptical.

I’m doing the Disney Princess Half this weekend. When I say “doing,” I mean I’m going to half-ass it with my sister and friend. I really just wanted to try and run this morning since I haven’t done any exercise I can be proud of this week.

The breakdown in minutes:

0:00 – 0:30 I’m totally healed, it’s a miracle!
0:31 – 3:00 It’s fine. Think about something else.
3:01 – 15:00 Definitely not a miracle. This is torture.
15:01 – 17:00 I should probably just get off and do the elliptical.
17:01 – 20:00 I’ll wait ’til I’m 25 minutes in and then finish on the elliptical.
20:01 – 21:25 Last elliptical is taken.
21:26 – 23:00 Ok, really. She’s not even trying. I should be on that elliptical.
23:01 – 30:00 Emotional breakdown begins.
30:01 – 40:00 Sheer panic. I’LL NEVER RUN AGAIN.
40:01 – 47:00 Starting to feel OK.
47:01 – 51:00 I’m healed, it’s a miracle.
51:01 – 55:00 Miracle over. I’m done with this crap. Give me food.

Mind you, my average speed was around 5.0 – 5.3 with a 2% incline. Pathetic. I mean, people walk at that speed, right? I got into a zone for about 7 minutes, while staring at a picture that runDisney tweeted this morning from the race.


I felt a little better, but I changed up my stride all funny and was basically doing high knees while running, kind of. It was weird, but it worked…ish. And now my hips are going to explode.

I just can’t win.

But there’s always botox, which is why I can half-high five this week.


I found out yesterday that the doctor is going to try botox injections to give me my running life back. Botox is hit or miss with people, so let’s hope I’m the next target :)

This morning in the shower I decided {because that’s where the most important of life’s decisions are made} that I would just try to enjoy this weekend. Even if that means walking 95% of the race {sorry L1 + Molly}. I want to get an obnoxious sparkly skirt, maybe a headband and some new shoes and try to make memories, not war.

Have a really great Friday. Enjoy some coffee.


Then head over to Meg‘s page for even more high fives. 

What is everyone doing this weekend? I think Lori & Michelle are going to be at the Disney Expo, and I’m gonna try real hard not to gush all over them. They’re two of my lady fitness heroes.

Have a good one!

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11 thoughts on “high five friday #50: running, maybe.

  1. Your breakdown in minutes is SO accurate (and hilarious)! Haha, been there. And good luck in your half marathon! I wanted to do the Disney Princess Half too, so hopefully next year!

  2. That’s so great you’re making the best of it! I’ll be praying that the Botox works for you! After reading your posts and seeing the videos I can not imagine how frustrating this has to be! Just keep up the positive attitude!

  3. Hey now, running is running no matter the pace/length of time and distance/etc. It may not be what you used to be able to do, but it’s still running, so take that speed and time with pride! It’s more than most can do at one time or another, so hold that head up! And have a blast this weekend! Enjoy the time with your sister and friend and let the rest go :)

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