disney princess half marathon 2014.


Love me some hardware. The whole weekend was fantastic, aside from the race itself. It was just bananas.

From starting in Corral P to spending the whole race dodging and weaving between walkers with wings and dudes in tiaras, it was definitely a new “race” experience for me. I’ve only ever been seeded in the Elite Corral or Corral A, so starting the race when the lead pack was finishing was something new. The sun was already up and everything! I’ve also never taken a race so un-seriously before, which was one of the reasons I was able to get through it without a complete meltdown. Here are some of my favorite shots.


One foot off the ground was as high as I could manage. Gravity was definitely winning.


As difficult as it was to see course records get broken and lithe ladies bolt to the front of the corrals, it was even better to laugh and chat and ride the struggle bus with my sister and friend. Keeps you humble. And thankful. And hopeful.

How was your weekend? Any half-marathoners in hizzou?

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7 thoughts on “disney princess half marathon 2014.

  1. I was in Corral O! Someone gifted me there bib so I can’t complain but yes OMG at first I was trying to run normal but it was not possible. After mile 2 I was like forget this. Time to enjoy the experience! & I did.

  2. :) it looks like you had a blast hun, which makes me very happy for you! I think EVERYONE (myself included) needs more races like this to remember not to take running so seriously sometimes and just enjoy being out with loved ones!

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