happy social media day.

Today is Social Media Day: #SMDay! AKA the perfect excuse to post about one of my favorite things. 

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 10.55.06 AM

FACEBOOK (Lindsay Edwards)


For me, it all started with Facebook. I still remember getting a Facebook account in high school. I never thought it would explode like it did, but it came at the perfect time. Suddenly we all had a way to stay connected as we graduated and took separate paths to college and started new chapters in our lives. I was always a little jealous of my friends that chose the same schools—or at least the same states—but I was more confident in maintaining strong friendships since we could keep up with each other’s lives on Facebook and even chat back and forth in class😉

Facebook was also the perfect medium to meet brand new friends before we even got to college. I joined a learning community my freshman year and the Facebook group created just for members brought us close before we even shook hands.

And my roommate that year? We coordinated our dorm decor together before we even moved in. Clashing is so uncool. I felt like I knew everyone in my building before move-in day. Because of Facebook.

TWITTER (@runnaroundd)

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 10.58.24 AM

Then Twitter. I joined in December 2010 while I was home on Christmas break. There’s only so much to do in the dead of winter in Buffalo, NY. Little by little I followed my favorite brands, musicians, athletes, influencers, news stations, and celebs. I started sharing my own content and blog posts. I found a way to stay connected to every part of the world simply by hitting “follow.” When news broke I knew about it.

PINTEREST (@Lpnedwards)

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 11.00.15 AM

Pinterest came next. I used it as a digital recipe box, a shopping cart and closet, a dream home inspiration board, workout motivation, and a travel bucket list collector. This one serves me less than it used to but is my go-to reference when I’m all out of inspiration at work.

After Pinterest? Instagram. At this point I wasn’t sure if I wanted another social platform to maintain, but once I created an account, I realized I had also created a monster!:) It’s so VISUAL. Instagram helped me flex different creative muscles. I’m a writer by job description but Insta gave me the opportunity to work on another passion: photography and storytelling through photography. While I truly despise the fact that the chronological feed is no more, I can’t change it, so I roll with it.


And finally? Snapchat. The dark horse, the problem child, and now the KING of social media. I tried not to like it. I tried not to jump on the train, but ever since I did I can’t quit it. The filters! The raw, real life-ness. I dig it even though I embarrass myself on the daily. I love that they’re constantly innovating, updating, and keeping the app fresh with new features.


Vine, Beme, Tumblr, Periscope, Meerkat. I gave a few of these a try but I just think they’ve been bested by others.

Some of my favorite things about social media in general:

  1. There’s a platform for every person at any age with any interest.
  2. The entire world is connected; you can even see what’s going on in space.
  3. Hashtags bring you exactly what you’re looking for: a place, a food, a mood, a brand, a person. It’s powerful.
  4. Personally, it helps pay my bills. Almost 100% of my job involves content creation for social media. I can’t imagine what I’d be doing if these platforms weren’t introduced.
  5. It’s always changing! That’s what keeps me engaged and hungry for more.
  6. Social media humanizes brands. It brings them closer to people, it creates conversation. I think the brands that invest in that kind of connection are the ones most likely to succeed.

What are your favorite things about social media?

on being a beginner again.

This morning’s run was a brutal reminder that being a beginner at running (again) is really, really tough and really, really awesome.

Running-wise I’m not where I want to be and I am 100% OK and happy with that. It’s sort of fun to start this process all over again and ENJOY it. 

brooks running shoes

Here’s why sitting at rock bottom isn’t as terrible as we might think:

1. There is SO MUCH room for improvement. There are SO MANY more milestones to celebrate than if you were already at your top fitness level where it takes much longer to break through time and/or distance barriers.

2. There’s more room for fun! Every step along the way should include some fun but building fitness back when you’re a beginner allows you to cross-train more, take new classes, find your way back in new ways. That’s what I’m doing now. I ran more stairs this past week than I can count—it’s fun and I’m building my base back up slow and steady.

3. It allows you to realize how badass you can be and that you’ll get there again. I ran a marathon in January—something I NEVER thought I’d do, or at least something I told myself I couldn’t do because of my Dystonia—and I’m going to do another one in January 2017. That process was amazing and being back and rock bottom again only makes me more excited to train and get to that level again.

4. Your surroundings come into focus. While training for that marathon, during really tough weeks, sometimes I just slogged through the miles to get them done. Now that I’m not on a training plan and do the distance my body wants that day I’m much more aware of awesome things like sunsets, big puffy clouds, other runners, dolphins in the bay—everything I know was there but didn’t appreciate enough.

5. Those painful, achy sore muscles. That sweet, sweet feeling of sore EVERYTHING after a hard workout…it doesn’t get any better. It takes less time out on the road or in the gym to feel sore. I dig it.

6. Savoring the rest days. I fully embrace rest days when I need them. On a marathon training plan, you push through days when all you want to do is pull the covers up over your face. Now? We’re enjoying a slow comeback.

So, how about you? Ever start from the bottom? Do you love it or hate it?

behind the runnaroundd insta: green.

It’s Behind The Insta time!

This mini series was started by Emily over at My Healthyish Life. Her most recent post here.

florida bloggers

I hopped right on the train—with her permission, of course—because I think we all like to know the nitty gritty behind some of our favorite shots.

For some reason I’ve noticed a whole lot of green happening on my feed lately so that’s our theme. Subconsciously I think it’s summer creeping into my brain fibers. It feels good. Let’s go.

1. My poor, poor Nikes. I’ve had them for maybe a decade (OMG HOW AM I OLD ENOUGH TO SAY “DECADE”) and this week they finally bit the dust. It hurt a little so I snapped a final photo with a few friends in the frame before tossing them in the trash. I’m also secretly hoping Nike sends me a new pair. #RIPSHOES

nike shoes

2. I really needed a breather at lunch today so I picked up a library book and a snack and hung out in the grass for a few. And by “few” I mean 2 minutes because the bugs were ruthless.

sykes building tampa riverwalk

3. I nailed food prep this weekend. I got a head start on Sunday morning at 7:30 a.m.! Straight after this photo I doused the Brussels with ketchup and ate them for breakfast. No regrets!

brussels sprouts food prep

4. I❤ Tampa. This was an especially beautiful day on the river during a lunch break walk. The downside: it was one billion degrees. See that museum on the left? I “browsed” the gift shop for five minutes (AKA bummed some AC so I could make it back to work NOT drenched).

downtown tampa riverwalk

5. This run. This really brought me back and I’m so thankful for it. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure my run selfies held up the landscape guys from doing actual work. Whoops!

run tampa

6. You want to talk about GREEN? Go to Wimbledon. It’s already been a whole year since my parents and I visited. All the Wimbledon coverage right now is making me miss this absolutely incredible experience.

wimbledon 2015

7. Fact: This is the best flavor GTS Kombucha on the market. I’ve been treating myself to one here and there when my stomach feels extra bad. I enjoyed this one walking home from Publix and decided to say a little prayer in front of this church.

gts kombucha

Seven seems like a good place to stop. How’s your week going?

#1 behind the runnaroundd insta: food.

#2 behind the runnaroundd insta: tampa.

#3 behind the runnaroundd intsa: biking

this workout tried to kill me.

Ok, Tampa. Ok, I see you. I feel you. I feel your heat. I get it, it’s summertime. BUT SLOW YOUR ROLL, BRO.

I love working out outside. I love to sweat real hard. I love when my face is dripping and my shirt is drenched, but this morning was brutal. BRUTAL. (Are you following me on Snapchat? You’d know. LPNEDWARDS)


When the alarm clock went off, it was one of those almost-didn’t-do-it workouts. I rolled over—so comfy and curled up in blankets—scrolled through my phone like always, then decided a hard workout is exactly what my Friday morning needs.

I headed over to a huge staircase near the Tampa Convention Center and ran some stairs, then completed a sweaty circuit workout on one of the cement benches before running back home.

It is so easy to get an amazing workout with no equipment if you focus on keeping the intensity high and take shorter/fewer breaks. And if you love sweating your face off as much as me, pin this baby and give it a try.

hiit workout

On the last set of mountain climbers, I was moaning out loud and probably making everyone around me real uncomfortable. It’s a SMOKER, guys.

Have an awesome weekend with some fun workouts!

cycling tampa florida

expectations for a running restart.

Like I mentioned, we’re BACK. 

We’re back to running and it feels suh guuuud. But after a long break, things change and expectations shift. Mentally it can be really tough to re-start, but I’m so ready and I’m embracing the process of getting this weak butt back into shape. Marathon training starts in 3 months, afterall:)

Here are some things to think about if you’re getting back into the game like me.

1. Leaving the ego at home. 

We can’t expect to be the same runner after a little (or long) break. While cross-training keeps us in awesome shape, that fitness level is much different than achieved through consistent running. What I’m really saying is don’t try and be a hero your first couple weeks out, for sanity’s sake.

mizuno wave inspire

2. Expecting and respecting the soreness.

Soreness. It’s a love/hate thing. In my case? LOVE LOVE LA LA LA LOOOVE. But when soreness lasts for more than a couple days—which it will when we start running consistently again—it’s a cue to back off and do some walking and biking.

morning run tampa

3. Feeding the thirst.

Confession: I do not drink enough water. I’m aware of it and it’s something I’m working on. I bought a six pack of these (best flavored waters ever) and finished them in two days because Florida heat is no joke.

propel water peach

4. Continuing cross-training.

Since we’re re-starting this running thing slowly, I’ve kept circuits and cross-training workouts in the plan. There’s no need to abandon them! HIIT workouts are some of my absolute favorite ways to sweat because they’re short, super effective, and just a really awesome heart-pounding challenge. I usually listen to THIS SONG on repeat:)

This workout is from Bess’s blog. She typed it out and I made a pinnable graphic to save to my Sweat// board. 

workout via fit and fave

5. Tuning into increaesed nutrition needs. AKA: RUNGER. 

The runger beast. Hear it rooooooarrrr. I think the main thing for me when getting back into running is not just feeding the animal but nourishing it. Going the plant-based route has definitely helped me figure out what my body wants and needs in relation to my activity levels.

lunch by the pool

6. Setting weekly check-ins.

Physical check-ins are important, but mental ones are even more important, especially when we’re not training for anything. Am I still loving this? Am I feeling fulfilled after each run? The drive has to be there.

downtown tampa

7. Remembering why you re-started. 

Ever since I developed Dystonia, my mindset changed. It had to because I could no longer chase times or PRs. I shifted my focus to just training for life, training to feel fit, run road races for fun (hard hardware, hello) and give myself something to work toward.

run tampa university of tampa

Just because you stop for a little while doesn’t mean you’ve stopped forever. Remember why you re-started running before and after each run.

Ever take a training break? How did you feel when you came back?

$1200 radioactive eggs.

Want to see the most expensive (and deadly) breakfast I’ve ever been served?

radioactive eggs

Kind of funny, right? Not so glamorous. 

I was hoping due to the hefty price tag they’d at least tie a silk serviette around my neck, pour the water into a delicate stem glass, polish and present me with sterling silver flatware, hire a violinist to serenade me as I rushed to finish my premium microwaved eggs (“eggs”) in the allotted ten-minute time frame.

I was not afforded these luxuries.

But I did eat the eggs, and if you want to know, they didn’t even taste good. Shocker. And the toast was dry. Then I wasn’t allowed to drink anything for hours. So you can imagine the cotton mouth I was dealing with. At one point, all I could think of was: I’M BEING SUCH A BAD VEGAN. 

Turns out $1200 eggs serve one purpose: infect my gut with radioactive material so a megatron machine can see make movies of what’s going on in there.

baycare radiology department

I ate. I laid. It scanned and beeped. I waited. It scanned some more. I waited some more.

Radiology Technician: “From what we can tell, your stomach empties just fine.”

Lindsay: “I hate you all.”

Ok, I’m exaggerating. But I thought it over and over and over as I sulked to my car. For goodness’ sake just tell me what’s wrong with my stomach. Find something to explain this awful sickness that has already caused me numerous sick days and two ER visits in the past month. Find ANYTHING, really. I don’t get official results for a day or two, but walking out of there was not fun.

For some reason I’m feeling like I really overpaid for this morning’s breakfast.

I didn’t leave a tip, either. Was that rude?

it will come back.

My college XC coach used say, “You’re gonna go through peaks and valleys throughout the season. High highs and low lows. You’ll feel great for awhile, then have a low. You’ll come out of that low and you’ll pop back up.”

7_tampa hillsborough river sunrise 2

We had one-on-ones periodically throughout the season, and this was our pep talk when workouts and races started to go south. When we got tired and discouraged, he’d remind us it was our legs that were in a temporary low, not our hearts.

If things were to never get better then, well, maybe we didn’t love it enough in the first place to wait out the hard.

I’ve waited and I’ve been waiting since January for things to smooth themselves out, for my mind to reconnect with this sport. After the marathon it felt like someone turned the lights off on my motivation, dumped water on my fire, locked the door and ran away with the key.

Coming off of the most epic four months of training and racing, September-December, was my ultimate high. The marathon was an enormous peak, but the aftermath was a deep, lonely, confusing valley that took months of clawing and scraping, progressing then regressing.

I think I was trying too hard to make this run relationship work again.


Once I finally let go and let myself live in the valley for a little bit, the kindling caught.

Friday morning I went out for my first morning run in…lord knows how long. I have no idea where the motivation came from, but I wanted it. I wanted the sunrise, the heat, the sweat, the soreness, the music, the pavement. I wanted to see my city wake up again.

hillsborough river university of tampa

I ran to where everything really began for me: The University of Tampa. I left expectations and pride at home and just. freaking. ran. I walked a lot. I snapchatted even more. As ridiculous as it sounds, I felt re-born.

running university of tampa hillsborough river

So I did it again on Saturday morning.

No watch. No expectations. Less clothing because FL is LE HOT.

running tampa 2

Everything came back right when I needed it to the most. It does come back, friends. If it’s something you can’t live without, it comes back. If you’re the valleys right now, I’m telling you to wait it out. You’ll be back and it will feel better than ever.

I’m holding on tight this time.

lindsay lately xxv.


My intent to blog, I mean. There’s a document on my desktop that houses tons of topics I’ve been meaning to transform into blog posts, but, well, life happens. And work happens. And sick happens. And early bedtimes happen. And here we are.

A Lindsay Lately recap feels right. Here are my ups and downs lately.

UP: A good TJs grocery shop.
Being sick all week means a lot of these fresh, delicious fruits and veggies rotted before I could enjoy them. Money down the drain.

1_TJs groceries

UP: Made my BF delicious BLTs one night. He loved them.
DOWN: Well, no downs here. My apartment smelled absolutely amazing.

2_BLT sandwiches

UP: Loving on Kombucha lately, especially this Multi-Green flavor; it’s the best!
DOWN: Really only splurging on it lately because I’m not feeling great.


UP: Felt good on Sunday for a bit, so the BF and I went for a skate skate around Davis Islands. Lovely.
DOWN: I am le terrible.😛


UP: I ran Friday morning AND Saturday morning. I’m taking this back-to-running thing slow; going by feel, not by time.
DOWN: My Dystonia is still pretty bad, but I’m just happy to be out there.

5_running university of tampa9_running tampa

UP: This sunrise during Friday morning’s run. If that’s not motivation to get out of bed, I’m not sure what else will do it.
DOWN: I snapchatted part of my run and the maintenance guys definitely caught me. I’m that girl.

8_tampa hillsborough river sunrise6_university of tampa river walk

UP: Family time this weekend. It’s my Dad’s birthday and tomorrow is Father’s Day! We celebrated with lunch and walking around Disney Springs.
DOWN: I definitely sweated through everything I was wearing. FL, how ’bout you chill for like a sec, ok?

11_the boathouse disney springs 2 12_the boathouse disney springs

Tell me an up and a down! Have a happy weekend:)

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five months post-marathon.

It’s about exactly five months post-marathon. Where the hell does time go?

specialized biking shoes
These are cycling shoes. Further proof I haven’t been running. Sad face.

One month post-marathon I was still riding the high. When I told people about my experience—because that’s what first-time marathoners are supposed to do—I could still feel every mile in my legs. I could still re-live hitting the 13.1 and thinking I had to do that all over again I got emotional.

Two months post-marathon I struggled to find motivation to get out for morning runs again as my Dystonia got worse. But I still made it happen a couple times per week.

Three months post-marathon my health started to slip again. My stomach issues flared up in the worst way. Workouts declined to almost none. The ones I got in weren’t quality. My Dystonia got worse still.

Four months post-marathon I signed up for another marathon. The Disney Marathon, 2017. I felt desperate and left out of the running community after halving and quartering my weekly mileage. Dystonia and stomach issues persisted.

Here we are five months post-marathon and while the accomplishment glow has faded, my drive and excitement for doing another one definitely hasn’t.

Right now I need to have MRIs and a gastric emptying study and to keep taking drugs. I need to monitor what I’m eating, what I’m not eating, and how all that makes me feel.

This isn’t where I thought I’d be five months post-marathon. Five months ago I thought I’d have another marathon medal hanging around my PB Teen lamp. Right next to my first one.

I even made a list.

But there’s no sense in sulking or sitting or waiting or crying. I’m not where I thought I’d be physically, mentally, emotionally, and that’s not something you plan for. It just happens.

Six months from now I’ll be one month away from my second Walt Disney World Marathon. I’ll be planning a most awesome taper. Seven months from now I’m going to do whatever it takes to make it to the start line and then the finish line. Just like I did for the first.