I was right.

It’s killing me to say this: training for the Walt Disney World Marathon in January 2017 is over for me. And because this blog is so closely tied to running and marathon training right now, I need to put some distance between it and me for the rest of the year. 

mizuno wave prophecy

I’ll still be posting on Instagram, Twitter and Snap (Lpnedwards). So follow me over there if you’d like.

See ya for now.

real talk: what dystonia looks like, feels like, and how i deal.

This one’s been sitting in my drafts folder for a solid three weeks. Here we go.

A couple weeks ago, Ali from Ali On The Run wrote a post about what it’s like to run with Chron’s Disease. It’s a really big, messy (pun totally intended; I hope she also finds humor in that) part of her life, and one I can only assume she frequently gets questions about. She’s brave, because of and in spite of the messiness. Dystonia, like Chron’s Disease, is messy, it affects the body and the mind, and is very different for anyone who has it.


My case developed about five years ago, completely out of nowhere.

Running was great throughout college. I was fast and happy about it. I helped my team get to Regionals and then Nationals twice. I won road races in the off-season and had a solid amount of hardware. Road races were my THING. The longer = the better. Then in 2012 things went south. The day after Cross Country Nationals of my senior year I went for a shake out run, and things felt…different…and heavy. I chalked it up to a hard season of racing and didn’t think too much about it for the next week. But from that day forward my legs didn’t behave or perform the same way they used to—and never would again. 

For the first couple years I had no answers. All I knew was each step felt so hard; like cement blocks were attached to my shoes. The heaviness was unbearable. I started dreading runs because I knew how I’d feel.

Another year in I started experiencing incoordination along with the heaviness. All of a sudden my knees would kick out sideways or my feet would turn inward and scrape my calves and ankles leaving them cut up and bloody; the foam support in every pair of shoes was stained maroon and brown.

Long runs evaporated. Speed work? Gone. My minute per mile dropped from 7:00 to about 10:00 on average. My confidence went with it.

At this point, about three years in, Dystonia had completely taken away my ability to run and climb stairs properly.


I saw doctor after doctor. Some told me I was training too much. Some told me it was all in my head and suggested therapy and anti-depressants. I hated those doctors. This wasn’t normal and I knew it.

A breakthrough came when I visited a neurologist at The University of South Florida. She tested for the big, bad stuff like MS and other central nervous system degeneration. When they came back negative she suspected I suffered from a neuromuscular disease called Mysathenia Gravis. I was prescribed medication, instructed to take the meds, then go for a run to determine whether or not they helped. The short answer: they absolutely did not. The medication sent me to the hospital. You can read about it here.

After failed attempt number one, I moved onto another doctor in the same location who is still my doctor to this day. He suspected and ultimately diagnosed me with Dystonia, a movement disorder that comes in all degrees of severity. Mine is task-specific, which means I only notice it when I run or perform running-like movements (stairs). I’m lucky in that sense.


I had a diagnosis that made sense, but no cure. Because there isn’t one. The most popular treatment for Dystonia is Botox, so I started receiving injections in 2014. The Botox paralyzes the muscles so they don’t spaz during activity. Not many people know that Botox was originally developed for medicinal purposes. It got a bad rep when doctors realized it froze faces and that people would pay for that. 😛

They stick it right in my ass, too, so it’s a literal pain in the butt.


It’s been a journey—a really hard and ugly journey. I continue to run as best as I can, with hundreds of walk breaks. Running has been such a huge part of my life for so long. It gave me a life and friends in college. It gave me a purpose, and giving that up feels almost impossible.

Here’s what running with Dystonia really looks like.

This was the Zimmerman Kiser Sutcliffe Winter Park Road Race 10k and 2 Mile earlier this year in March. I ran both distances because Challenge is my middle name. So is Suffer. This is happy Lindsay after she crossed the second and final finish line. Holding the shiny medals, the pretty swag, with a tummy full of coffee and post-race nanas.

track shack winter park road race 2016

I was excited that morning. My last road race was the Disney Marathon in January, and I was craving another—anything to get back into it. ANYTHING to make me feel like part of this running community again after working through some serious post-race blues.

Then reality hit again. When I’m not running I forget I have Dystonia. When I’m biking, sometimes I BELIEVE I don’t have it.


The national anthem played. We huddled at the start line, and we were off…and then I remembered.


This is what Dystonia looks like. My legs don’t feel like mine. My feet scrape the pavement, barely making it off the ground. Sometimes it feels like my heart muscle is the only one that will make my legs move.


I crossed the 2-mile line in 18:53. In college, about six years ago, I ran a 5k almost a minute faster. Before Dystonia my knees didn’t kick to the side. Before Dystonia I didn’t drag my heels, ruining one pair of shoes after another.

My brain knows what it should do but it can’t.


What I see. What you see. What everyone sees is my reality. Ugly, remember?



Talking openly with friends and family.

Receiving Botox.

Staying active; cycling, going for walks, doing sweaty HIIT workouts.

Setting and achieving a goal every week, whether it’s in training or life.

One. Day. At. A. Time.

My symptoms have evolved year after year. Some months my right leg is worse, some months it’s my left. Right now, both aren’t doing so hot and they’re causing injury that I have no say in. I feel like I’m cleaning up the mess Dystonia has left behind.

I think a big part of running my first marathon was to prove to myself it was possible; that I could conquer something SO BIG that’s been on my bucket list since college. And I did it, which I’m very very proud of.


My current goal is a second marathon in January 2017, but injury is making that tough to train for right now. I’d also love to complete an IRONMAN, but that’s also TBD depending on symptoms.

At the end of the day, I know I am one of the lucky ones with Dystonia. Some people can no longer care for themselves.

If you made it this far, I only ask that you remember how lucky you are. Please don’t take a day of running for granted. If I could do anything shy of erasing this from my life, I’d go back to 2012 and tell myself the same thing.

behind the runnaroundd insta: a little bit of everything.

Remember Behind The Insta? This fun series created by Emily then totally jacked (with permission) by me because she’s a genius and I love her and it? Great. Here’s her latest post. 

Also, homegirl is in Italy right now. How jealous are we?

My most recent Behind The Insta post went up all the way back in June when I attended a blogger meet-up near me in Tampa. What a fun day! Christina, when are we doing it again?

Today’s fifth post in the series (the rest are linked at the bottom of this post) contains just a little bit of everything. Here we go.

1. On Sunday morning I rode 55 miles and change, and it was one of the best rides I’ve ever had. I stopped on Bayshore—the longest, most beautiful sidewalk along Tampa Bay—for a good 20 minutes after my ride, sipped my (second) iced coffee and blasted Up & Up by Coldplay. People stared. And then smiled. 🙂 Take me back to this moment.


2. My favorite food group is PLANTS and I like to take pictures of them so I took ’em outside for a photo shoot. I’m pretty sure it was raining at this moment. DO IT FOR THE INTSA.


3. Do you like this photo? Do you think it’s pretty and totally unique? Yeah, well, it wasn’t my idea. My mom treated me to a park hop around Disney for my birthday earlier this month and while we were leaving EPCOT I saw a girl do this with her pin. When we got to Hollywood Studios, I interrupted the flow of traffic like she did, raised this special pin high up in the air like I was trying to get cell signal, and snapped a couple photos. Turned out nice, no?


4. Sometimes when you’re alone in the woods and you want to prove you worked really hard, you make best friends with the self timer. It took me about 4-5 tries to get a shot that didn’t blur, catch me staring at the camera, or capture my endearing double chin.


5. This one? I really just wanted to show off my penguin socks. Hello. They’re adorable.


6. I think if I could live anywhere other than where I’m at right now I’d plant roots in Manhattan for a few years. I’m lucky I get to visit every year because my family lives close. I posted this while I was sitting in the Chicago airport, totally wishing I could’ve jumped on the next flight back to New York. One day. How gorgeous is this building? I’m in love.


Hope you have a Happy Thursday! One more ’til we’re basking in weekend goodness again 🙂

#1 behind the runnaroundd insta: food.

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#3 behind the runnaroundd intsa: biking

#4 behind the insta: green.

#runnarounddrunsdisney training week six.

Each Tuesday I’ll be sharing marathon training wrap-ups, so if you’re into this sorta thing, these will be the days! Also make sure to follow #RunnarounddRunsDisney on social feeds for more sweat.

Week One // Week Two // Week Three // Week Four // Week Five

I’m giving myself two more weeks to figure out whether or not I’m going to continue this journey to my second marathon.




Things aren’t going well.

It’s not that I don’t want it. I want this second marathon so badly. I want every single training run as much as I want to cross another marathon finish line. And I think that’s important. In my opinion, if you want the final race more than the work it takes to get there, that’s a good sign you need to reevaluate and maybe pick a new goal that’s worth your time. Because big goals take so much hard-earned time you won’t get back. That’s another post.

I can tell, though, that I don’t want this marathon as much as the first. And that’s because of two things: (1) My Dystonia is worse than ever. (2) I’m injured again—at no fault of my own.

See, all runners get injured at one time or another. Sometimes they overtrain or don’t stretch enough or ignore little niggles or don’t maintain a proper diet or wear the wrong shoes (or the right ones for too long). These things happen and then they rehab. These wrongs can be righted. These runners will get back to training and running healthy again.

But not me. Not me, a runner with Dystonia. A runner who doesn’t have control over how her legs move, how her feet land, how her knees kick out and how these things cause injury. Injuries I can’t prevent. Injuries I can’t physically do a damn thing about except stop running.

As much as I want my legs to propel me forward powerfully and beautifully like they did so many years ago, they can’t and won’t. Each weak, ugly, sorry stride I take causes injuries and I can’t fix it because running legs aren’t supposed to run like mine.

And that means I can’t continue.

I can’t train for this marathon.

Because it hurts.

And I’ll never be able to fix it.

Because no one can fix Dystonia.

Quitting on this marathon training journey in two weeks will kill me.

And I’m ugly-crying as I share this because quitting is one of the worst things in the world, and running is one of the best. 

I just want it back. I want it back so, so bad. I want it back. I hate Dystonia. I want running back. Wanting something this much hurts so badly. Maybe as badly as I want this marathon.

We’ll find out. Two weeks.

i’m an aunt!

Some pieces of the story I’m about to tell you might not be well-received. I’m aware of this and if you choose to unfollow me I will completely understand because if I could unfollow myself for it I would. Let’s begin—with the good stuff first.

I’m an aunt! My sister is a mom! My brother-in-law is a dad! My mom is a grandma! My dad is a grandfather! My grandparents are GREAT grandparents!

Everyone got new titles this weekend because Isla Mae is finally part of this Earth. All 8 lbs. 6 oz. of her. She has ten perfect little fingers and 10 perfect little raisin toes. She’s soft like butter, and she’s squirmy like a jellyfish. New limbs are hard.


I got up extra early on Saturday morning to get in some miles, then get on the road to see our new girl in Orlando. After a quick pitstop at Starbucks for my usual—a venti blonde roast with steamed soy—I hurried up to sit in traffic for two hours. Hurricane Matthew chased most of Orlando east so everyone who fled was now on their way back to the city. It was slow going but the way back was a breeze; cruise control for 80 miles.

Luckily, my parents and I arrived at the hospital at the same time so we could all walk in together. Again—I was so excited! We were all so excited and anxious. My sister had a long, tough birth and we were so ready to meet the new babe.

We went through security, stuck our visitor badges to our shirts, and hopped on the elevator. Still so very excited!

Room 6202. We opened the door and slowly walked in like you normally do in these situations—bent over, eyes wide, smile plastered to your face, tissues at the ready. We turned the corner and OMG there she was! My sister cradled her new daughter, Isla Mae, in her arms.

And here’s where the story turns dark. Read: the moment I secured my spot in hell.

I got one look at her and completely fell apart. Something so strange came over me; I felt nauseous, light-headed, sweaty, and I had to sit down on the floor for a good 10 minutes before I got close to the baby.

Seeing my sister pregnant for so long and then seeing her holding the baby that was once inside her….oh man. It got me. Is pregnancy and birth not the weirdest thing in the world? And it’s not that I don’t absolutely love her or want to be the best goddamn aunt in the whole world, it’s just that…omg here she is. Finally. On the outside. Squirming around. Making noises.

I’ve had a good idea for awhile that I don’t want kids, and I think this experience/reaction confirmed it. Especially after hearing about the tough birth my sister went through. It’s just not for some people. And that “people” is me. Poor, future husband.

Once I got my shit together, I couldn’t stop looking at her. She’s the perfect combination of my sister and her husband, and every photo she posts or sends I cry like a baby. Probably as much as her baby.

I am just so happy for her. I am an aunt. ❤ 

my go-to vegan buddha bowl.

Here’s a secret: when I prepare food I basically make it up as I go. 

Cooking is not like baking. You can throw things on a pan, sprinkle whatever seasonings you like over top, throw it in the oven for 25-30 minutes at 400° and you’ll probably end up with something delicious. Baking is so precise. I don’t have the time or patience. Read: I don’t MAKE time because I love these foods so much more.

Cooking is therapeutic for me, too.


Lots of people think that vegans eat salads all day long. Guess what? I can’t remember the last time I had a salad. They used to be my bread and butter; anywhere I went I ordered a salad. Then twenty minutes later I was hungry again. No bueno and no mas.

There are so many more nourishing, flavorful, whole, and hearty foods out there.

That’s why I always have “buddha bowl” ingredients on hand. I’m 99.9% positive you’ve seen these guys on Pinterest and on the blogs. It’s usually a big bowl loaded with whole foods like roasted veggies, some grains, and a drizzle of something or other to make it look just as delicious as it tastes.

And I wanted to share mine!


In my bowl: Roasted sliced beets, cauliflower, white onion, chickpeas, sweet potato, cooked quinoa, fresh spinach. 

I roasted the veggies and potato at 450° for about 35 minutes (the onion and cauliflower came out a bit before that since they don’t take as long). Here’s a recipe for the beets and another for the chickpeas. The quinoa cooked itself in a pot on the stovetop in about 15 minutes. I layered all of that on top of a handful of spinach. It gets all wilt-y and delicious.

Post-photo I slathered it in my new favorite hummus.


You guys. I’ve never loved a spread so deeply in my life. I am NOT a spicy person, no way José, but this didn’t scare me off. It’s perfect.

Like I said, there’s really no recipe; you just have to wing it and it’ll probably work out. LOL <– theme for my life?

I washed it down with iced peppermint tea that is actually so gross, but I chugged it because it really makes my gut feel good.


See? Totally easy buddha bowl. Ever make one? What do you put in it?


matthew is raining on my parade.

Hurricane season is here. Ugh. Hurricane Matthew is knocking on our doors and causing all sorts of panic down here in Florida.

You bet your ass I retweeted this. That’s some funny shit.

Tampa isn’t really in the line of fire, save for some showers and a bit of wind, but I have family and friends who are supposed to get hit pretty hard. Downer, man.

Last night I had an amazing bike ride in the most beautiful weather. It was that quiet time when the sun begins to turn everything golden. Ahh I loved every single one of those 22 miles. No signs of Matthew here.


It also helps that I got a brand new cycling kit in the mail. I treated myself to a new Ale jersey and matching shorts for my birthday. I ordered them last week before my mom AND my boyfriend each gifted me a new jersey. Basically, I’m gonna look so flyyyyy while I’m riding. And bright. There’s a whole lot of fluorescent going on over here.

While we’re all just waiting it see what happens, here’s what I’ve been reading, listening to and loving:

The IRONMAN World Championship in Kona on October 8: I’m so excited I might wet my shorts. I’ve been following the Twitter feed, monitoring the weather, tracking the athletes, making podium predictions, and re-watching previous championship races. One day I will do an IRONMAN. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to Kona, but damn it would be a dream come true.


How My Girlfriends Taught Me To Slay In The Workplace: This is an awesome article about badass women in the workplace; about how we should feed off and inspire each other, not get ourselves tangled in comparison.

AdventureFit Radio: This is one of my new favorite podcasts. The two Aussie hosts talk about everything you can imagine: adventure, travel, sports, health and fitness, diet, relationships, pop culture, world news—everything. I especially love their interviews with Crossfit Games athletes. And their accents make it that much better.

Brooke Ence’s YouTube channel: She a Crossfit Games athlete as well. She’s hilarious, personable, relatable, and she goes a lot of really awesome places and vlogs it.

Flackers are my new favorite GF and vegan snack: Flax + crackers = Flackers. The name needs work, but these things are AHmazing. A friend gave me a bag of sea salt flavor and I ate them all in a day.

IndiGo Airline Launches Child-Free Zones On Flights: Some people are pissed about this, but it’s music to my ears. Let the ankle-biters scream as much as they want…on the other side of the plane. I wonder if this will catch on?

The Ultimate Guide To Breakfast On-The-Go: Christina—my friends and blogger extraordinaire behind The Blissful Balance—created a fantastic breakfast guide. You should buy one. Hello, have you seen her insta feed?

47 Airbnbs That Will Blow Your Mind: I have a week and a half off at the end of November and my travel fever is REAL. My friend just got back from London and Scotland this morning. She came into the office jet-lagged, tired-eyed but still completely glowing. I want that again! My last big trip was too long ago. Any suggestions?

That’s all I’ve got for now. Linking up with Amanda for some thoughts. I don’t know what the opposite of a rain dance would be, but do that for me woulda please?

Happy (almost) Friday!

#runnarounddrunsdisney training week five.

Each Tuesday I’ll be sharing marathon training wrap-ups, so if you’re into this sorta thing, these will be the days! Also make sure to follow #RunnarounddRunsDisney on social feeds for more sweat.

Week One // Week Two // Week Three // Week Four

Week five was about (working on) mastering the art of CHILL.



By “chill” I don’t mean abandoning real clothes for stretchy pants and becoming one with the couch. Although…that sounds fantastic.

A little chill allows me the space to move on from missed runs without fear of losing fitness. Who loses fitness in a day? 

Chill lets me feel and then accept every hard mile on a long run. It lets me zone out and just get the work done—because there’s always a large coffee waiting for me on the other side. Duh.

The new new. Holla!

We’re working on the chill.

Yesterday I teased some new runners after I retired my beloved Wave Prophecy. Well, this pair of Nike Pegasus (the pair I’m wearing) is the polar opposite of the WP.

Both the Nike Pegasus and the Wave Prophecy are considered neutral and cushioned shoes, but the WP is about one inch off the ground thanks to the ridiculous wave plate. The Pegasus is low to the ground, a little narrower, and feels almost pillowy.

I haven’t run in a pair of Pegasus since college, and now it’s all coming back to me…I returned to my trusty Mizunos because they wore out so fast. We’re talking pancakes at 350 miles. Ah, well, they’ll be great. No complaints. 

The pair on the left are the Zoom Elite which I’ll report back on.

What are you running in right now? What brands and styles have you experimented with? Do you switch it up based on distance? SPILL! Because this shoe nerd really wants to know.

K. Lets get back to this recap which is now basically one run-on sentence about sneakers. (PS if you love shoe reviews, Hollie does them pretty frequently and they’re always great.)

The rundown:
Four runs.
Three rest days.
1ish HIIT workout.

I chilled alright. Those three rest days were so necessary. I just felt it in my bones, especially because I had a 10-miler to get ready for on Sunday. Read about that here.


One of the greatest things about marathon training is getting more and more in tune with what your body wants, needs, and when you need to push it to grow. It’s such a fine line. I’m getting better at reading the stop signs, and the stop-being-a-wussy-and-get-in-those-miles signs.

But it’s also ok when you….just…can’t….somedays. Ya feel me?

A birthday gift from my work hus. He gets me on another level. Ha! 

Here we go, week six. 

sharing my birthday month with walt disney world.

I sincerely forgot today was my real birthday until last night at approximately 8:23 p.m. I sat down at my computer after a spending a good hour food prepping, and then it hit me as I was turning on my Chills Spotify playlist. It’s a good one. You should go ahead and save that one.

Especially this one. Why don’t you listen while we chat.

Late twenties. Shiver.

My hair is gross and too long. But I’m wearing my new jacket, and that’s all I care about. THIS ONE. It’s reversible! 

I guess I forgot because we celebrated all weekend in Orlando. When I left my parents’ house on Sunday it felt like everything was over. But, here it is. Today is October 3rd, my 27th birthday! So that’s kind of fun. Two years ago my birthday was on a Saturday, so that was actually more fun than today, and I was two years younger. Anyway.

I drove to Orlando on Friday night for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, then ran around Walt Disney World on Saturday with my Momma Bear. We made it almost a full day from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. when we both couldn’t take the heat anymore.

It’s Walt Disney World’s 45 anniversary. We get to share the month! What’s more magical than that?

Disney was exactly where I wanted to be this weekend. I haven’t visited since I ran through the parks during the marathon in January, and haven’t had a full play day since last year’s birthday. I missed the mouse.

I also ran 10 miles on Sunday.

Whew! I knew I wouldn’t be happy with anything but a double-digit run since I fell short last weekend. I popped on some Nicole Antoinette and ticked off the miles, one by slow one. I turned off my brain and just muscled through it, and it actually went by fairly quickly. The mind can help you do just about anything, and this run proved it.


And just like I closed the chapter on another year, I also bid farewell to these shoes.

mizuno wave prophecy
The Wave Prophecy 4, in their one-day-post-marathon glory.

This is the best shoe I’ve ever run in, which is saying a lot because I’ve been a Wave Rider girl since high school. Have you seen the new Wave Prophecy 5? A thing of beauty.

These shoes carried me through my very first marathon in January and hundreds of miles since then. Like all sneaks, they got gross and hole-y and tattered and shaved at the heel; signs of a good life. It’s time for some new kicks while I save up a little for the Prophecy 5 (they’re $220!!). I’ll reveal the latest (gifted) pairs tomorrow in my week 5 marathon training recap.

Overall, it was a great birthday weekend. I didn’t document a whole ton of it <– surprising for me — because I wanted to live it instead.

Happy (birthday) Monday.

on the brink of 27. 

In just a few days I will officially enter—what I consider—my late twenties: twenty seven.

My ten-year high school reunion is next year. 

I almost can’t pass for a college kid anymore.

My evening skin care routine involves a healthy slathering of anti-wrinkle creme. 

A young man at the grocery store called me “ma’am” last week.

There’s no turning back.

And it’s a little scary. Last night I was chatting on the phone with my older, very pregnant sister, Lauren. My very successful, very married, very settled, very pregnant older and wiser sister. She’s on the brink of 30, and she’s got her ish together.

All I could think was how much I don’t have it together. How apart my life is and all its pieces. How many things I haven’t accomplished. How many paths I didn’t take, and how I wish someone would figure out the rewind button.

My money’s on Musk. He’ll do it after he sends everyone to Mars.

It’s very scary, turning 27.

Here I am eight years ago. I was 19 and just a little baby runnaroundd.


If I could tell my itty bitty 19-year-old self some things, well, I don’t know if once I started I’d be able to stop. But these are the most important ones:

1. Enjoy running and racing as much as you possibly can right now because in four years it will be taken away from you.

2. Take your uncle’s advice seriously: “Be friends with everyone then weed out the weirdos later.”

3. Re-think your college major.

4. You’re alone now. You might feel like it will last forever. You might meet a few assholes. But hold out. Come 2015 you’ll hit the jackpot.

5. Trust me when I say this: let someone else do your eyebrows.

6. Don’t take that job in Fort Lauderdale.

7. Try out NYC for a few years.

8. No one cares about your pants size.

9. Keep in contact with your high school friends.

10. You are so loved.

Dwelling on the past sucks, so I won’t stay here too long. But I think it’s healthy to “evaluate” every so often.

Am I heading down the right path (for me)? Where did I go right or wrong? Where do I want to go professionally and personally? So many questions. So little time left until I turn 27.

I’m excited. SCARED. But, excited. I’m trying to be OK with not being really settled or really married or really pregnant (actually, I’m 1000% OK with that one) because just like waiting on that really great guy who puts up with alllllll my crap, I guess I’m OK with waiting on the other things, too.