major burn relief.

“What a beautiful day. Isn’t it just the most beautiful day?”
-Meg Ryan, “You’ve Got Mail”


No matter what is going on in this silly blogger’s runnaroundd life, that movie always seems to bring me peace. I’ve seen it probably 30 times. Meg’s character is quirky, smart, funny, adorable and lucky in love with the fabulous, Tom Hanks. If you’ve never seen it, get it tonight or this weekend because I promise you’ll love it.

Book updates:
Number one — I finished Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and loved it.
Number two — I still haven’t finished the Wheat Belly review like I said would happen weeks ago. I’m determined, though, because it’s a pretty amazing read.
Number three — I started a new book, Seating Arrangements, by Maggie Shipstead. 
So far, it’s really great. It’s sort of a beach read, which I wasn’t totally into at first, but I like how the characters are developing and how the plot is unfolding. Slides nerdy glasses back up nose. If I can read more than four pages each night before falling asleep, I’ll keep you updated.


And this big doozy for today:
-Severe sunburn that prevents a person from working out.

burn relief lotion publix

I bought this bad boy last night in hopes of soothing the pain so I could sleep better. No bones. In the middle of the night I tried laying ice packs frozen vegetables {you can’t even imagine how much I wish I were kidding} on my back. After about 30 painful seconds, I bagged that idea and tried to sleep tummy side down. I hope this is the last day of this nonsense. Really, sunburn?!

To make matters more pathetic, this is day TWO of no workouts because the pain has been that bad. Oh wait, I did about 10 pushups and 5 V-seats this morning before calling it quits and getting in the shower.

It’s just laughable at this point. At least I’m getting good rest…?

I hope your Wednesday is as beautiful as mine is so far! Have you seen “You’ve Got Mail?” What’s the best movie you’ve seen this year or your favorite movie of all time? 


11 thoughts on “major burn relief.

  1. When I went to Puerto Rico, my friend got burnt so bad she turned purple. She had so much aloe on you couldn’t touch her because it was a goopy mess. Hahaha. I felt so, SO bad. It will definitely take some time, but you’ll start feeling better soon! The lotion doesn’t work at first but it definitely speeds things up!

  2. I love Gillian Flynn! You should check out Sharp Objects…it’s really good!

    I’m interested to see what you think of Wheat Belly. As someone who doesn’t eat gluten out of necessity, I’m skeptical that cutting it out of a “normal” person’s diet would actually be beneficial, but I always like to hear the debate.

  3. mkslagel says:

    When I got a TV in my room for the first time as a child, You’ve Got Mail is the first movie my mom and I rented from blockbuster. I don’t know why I remember this, but maybe it is because I made a giant deal out of it. I bought those microwavable buckets of popcorn and made my sister and mom come in and watch it. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that.

  4. You’ve got mail is such a good throwback!! It was actually on about 2 months ago and I had to keep it on! Grrr for that sunburn!!!

  5. Yesss, I probably watched that movie a dozen times when I was younger – it was on TV for years… Along with Sleepless in Seattle 😛 Another favorite is Forest Gump, which we were quoting all last night because it was down pouring. Today’s what the h: my last run before my half on Saturday [in a balmy 90 degrees] – ouch…

  6. Yes to all of these things…the no working out sunburn has been killing me all week. I’ve been doing what I can. Take Advil. That has helped me. In one area that I think is a 3rd degree burn I’ve been putting triple antibiotic ointment. Is yours getting to that point? Yikes! I’m sorry! And I hate when people try to play the follow back game on twitter! Feel better! I still need to read gone girl…

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