it’s national running day. so i ran.

I don’t know if you know this, but it’s National Running Day. BAM! Shouldn’t we be celebrating this every day of the week?


I got my run in this morning, and it was, let’s say it together — horrible. No surprise. I just wish my legs could’ve cooperated for this monumental day. No bones. But then I did some burpees and was more exhausted after 20 of them than I was after my whole run. It happens.

Anyway. In honor of this best day ever, I collaged my most favorite running things. 


1. Dri-fit Nike hat
2. Clif shot in raspberry — downed this baby at mile 9 in my first Disney Princess Half and it definitely helped.
3. Nike stretchy headbands — I don’t even wear these, I just wrap them around my wrist. Weird habit.
4. Old school Nike shorts circa high school — the new ones are weird around my thighs.
5. Hanes “active” socks — cheap, but they’re the bomb.
6. iPod shuffle
7. I’m all about the Nalgene bottles — old habit from high school swimming.
8. Trigger point roller
9. Cheapo Danskin tops — they’re the best.
10. Oakley Flakjacket sunnies
11. Timex Ironman watch
12. All hail Mizuno Wave Riders
13. Nike bra — they’re stupid expensive, but they’re the bomb.
14. I lose bobbies like it’s my job.
15. How’d the PB get there?? …That’s my favorite variety, btw.

What are some of your favorite running things? Who’s already got their run in the books for today? Have a wonderful day everyone!! 


9 thoughts on “it’s national running day. so i ran.

  1. pickyrunner says:

    I don’t know about the rest of the world, but I celebrate national running day every day of the week. Except of course on the one day of a year it’s actually a thing, in which case I don’t get to run. Figures.

  2. I’m sorry your run wasn’t a good one. You mentioned getting an MRI the one day, did you ever get the results yet??

    My favorite running gear is my little shuffle. I can run/workout without it, but I need it some days! Also, I would add jelly beans to this list.

  3. I cannot tell you how many bobby pins I’ve “lost” in the washing machine… I seem to always forget that I have a couple in my pocket. And I don’t have a pair of running sunglasses but I think those will be added to my imaginary wish list.

    Haha your running vlogs and post-run pictures are fabulous, great intensity 😛 I didn’t run on National Running Day because I’ve been sick and decided to take this week off entirely from running, but I’m anxious to hit the pavement next week!

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