high five friday #24: a runnaroundd week.

Yesterday. Was. A. Freakin’. Blast.Β Our agency “popped up” at the Tampa Bay Brewing Company for the day to work and drink and be merry. It’s a nice brain break, and I really did get work done despite the noisy environment and constant stimulation {and my ADD}.

It’s fun because we’re all encouraged to use social media to tweet, Facebook and Instagram our pictures from the day with designated hashtags. Most of them were of beer, but that’s what happens when you bring a bunch of creatives to a bar. Sorry.


This guy knew a thing or two about beer. He said he brews about 300 gallons each day. I dig it.


Meet Molly. Hi Mols! πŸ™‚ She’s our social media genius and my office buddy 4 lyfe.


It was a seriously great day. Again!Β Which brings me to…. High Five Friday!! Woooot! Head over to Meg‘s page to read all about it and submit your high fives each week to be featured on her Friday blog posts.


High Fives this week — Our “pop up” yesterday at the Brew Co., some great workouts scattered throughout the week…


getting a Subway gift card in the mail from one of my favorite bloggers of all time, Katie

subway gift card

AND the big one — I’ve finally crossed over into iPhone land! My obsession with Instagram is already at an unhealthy level. Follow me!!

photo - ARL

HAPPY FRIDAY, friends!!Β 

Tell me something great about your week! What are your weekend plans? Run? Relax? Shopping? All of the above? Great answer! πŸ™‚


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