my first weekend via instagram.

Why does Friday feel like forever ago? It’s only been two days…ish. Maybe because I’ve been living my life through Instagram, and well, it’s prettier in there. Someone invent a way to put a filter on real life. Ok, just kidding.

The good times started Friday night when I just couldn’t sit still. I went for a runnaroundd at like 9 p.m. It didn’t feel great, but I needed to get out.


Saturday was a pathetic excuse for a weekend day. I went for a 30+ mile bike ride in the morning. It was rough. I really pushed myself, and my legs were dead at the end. I just needed to do something other than running — an activity that wouldn’t let me down. Accomplished.


I got lunch shortly after and nommed by the water as I read my book. Did I ever mention how much I LOVE where I live…? Island life is the life for me.


I was thisclose to doing another night jog last night. It started raining again, which made me more excited, but I was pooped. So I edited photos, listened to John Mayer and read my book instead. #fairtrade

ImageI pulled myself out of bed for another ride this morning. It started fun…


…until I decided to follow it up with a run. Worst. Decision. Ever. My legs won’t cooperate as it is on a normal run, so following up a bike ride with even a slow jog is a hit to my a round of bullets to my ego. That’s promising for triathlon training.

Welp, I’m gonna try to not be a debbie downer on the rest of this Sunday. It’s sunny, and that’s about as much as I can ask for on a Summer weekend in Tampa. Laundry and food prepping will ensue later if I ever get my act together 😉

What have you been up to? Is Instagram the greatest thing or what?! 



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