this week’s inspiration: truly jess.

This morning I started out with a punishing workout. Just the way I like it. I only had 30 minutes, and because of some of the modifications, I didn’t have enough time to finish it.

hiit workout
Is that typo also killing you on the inside?

-Subbed 10 burpees for the 50 jump ropes/jacks
-Added 50 high knees before each set of burpees
-Did 20 elbow to knees in the first set
-Don’t know what side planks with rotation are, so I did 10 side plank dips on each
-Didn’t take a full 2 minute rest in between each

I pushed myself hard and I know that because it was difficult to brush my teeth afterward.

Now I’m at work sipping some coffee and chowing down on my delicious muffin bottoms. Gahhhd I love these babies.


On motivation:
One reason for my kicked up drive this week is Truly Jess.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 9.01.06 AM

If you haven’t read her story or followed her youtube videos or Instagram, get ON IT. She basically transformed her life and reached her goal of competing in an IDFA Fitness competition this year. She’s probably the most positive, motivated and inspired person I’ve ever seen. She had a goal, she went for it every day, and she did it all while smiling and enjoying every second.

I used to feel that for running, so it’s hard to watch others hit their goals and sit her still wishing mine could come true. But I take a lot away from her journey. Since her show, she’s still working hard every day in the gym and in life.

So much inspiration. Check her out. Who inspires you? What was your workout today (or what will it be)?


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