that run.

You know. THAT run. The one that you start out a little apprehensive because you’re unsure and afraid it might not go that well. 

Then it starts to get better. Every step starts to feel more like home and by the end, you’re like, “Shit, I could do 15 more. I WANT to do 15 more.”

hyde park tampa fl
One of my many gorgeous evening routes. Let’s pretend there’s not a bar at the end of this road.

Last night’s run was about as close to that feeling as I’m going to get with this Dystonia garbage.

It started out not great. I alternated walking for about 5 minutes then running for about 30-45 seconds. But by the end, I felt good going a block or so with minimal leg-flailing.

Dystonia is just so freaking weird. You’ve got absolutely no control over what’s going on, and you know you look like an idiot but there’s nothing you can do about it.

running to bayshore tampa fl

Still happy because at least I’m not in a wheelchair.

About 30 minutes into my stroll, I was able to do a few sprints here and there.

TIP: If you want to throw a few pick-ups in your run, time them to the choruses of your songs. It’s good motivation (especially if it’s Pitbull!) and they’re timed perfectly so you don’t have to look at your watch.

Last night was definitely a run I’ve been craving, but not THE run. Not THAT run that I’m really pumped for if this second round of Botox helps.

For now, forward and onward.


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