lindsay lately vi.

SUP. It’s almost August. Where? How? WHEN?

harbour island run tampa2

And ummm, can we just, like for one quick minute…

july collage

…all the bangs. I’m full-on, have-me-committed-obsessed with these things and I don’t care who knows it. They might get their own Insta handle. Hello.

Back to the lack of July days. It was a pretty great month.

*Added in a few new workouts a la Pinterest and did them in my finest ankle socks and mismatched pants & bras.

*Evening walk/runs on Bayshore are back, baby, BACK. I’m loving it.

*If buying 10 lbs. of cherries in a matter of days is wrong, there’s no place on this Earth for me.

*Muffin bottoms. Can’t get enough.

*Truly Jess helps me keep life in perspective. She’s the inspiring kick in the booty I need.

*I’m focusing on doing things every day that make me happy, even if it’s little. Like enjoying a cup about an hour before I leave work. It’s a nice treat, gives me energy before my evening workout and keeps my hand out of the animal cracker jar. Sometimes.

*Say hello to my Nike must-haves of the season.

nike collection

*Today is my Friday, which means I’m heading to my parents’ house to relax with my family and fit in as much Disney, sunshine, pool time, and kitty-love as I can.

See ya in August!

How was your July?

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27 thoughts on “lindsay lately vi.

  1. Yes, yes, YES to doing things every day that make you happy! Especially the small things! Because I’ve found that it’s those that add up to make the biggest difference. Like I couldn’t imagine not enjoying my daily cup of coffee, or indulging in a little bit of video game playing down time. Gotta keep the mind/soul happy 🙂

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