long weekend scenes.

Where would this world be without long weekends? There’s something about an extra day that makes me feel like I’m playing hooky from work in non-sneaky way.

Here’s what has been going down at the casa de runnaroundd’s parents (?).

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Friday: I made it to my parents’ house mid-morning and hung around for a bit before heading to Disney. I hit Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom and Epcot all in the span of about two hours because I’m a pro. I ended the night with Kitty face time and some muffin bottoms, to which I forgot to add the raisins because I’m a goober.

Processed with Moldiv

Saturday: In my opinion, the best bike rides are preceded by coffee and Runner’s World, and proceeded by pool time and Disney. I ended up with just under 35 miles on the bike and every single one of them felt really strong and really powerful. I was able to just zone out and jam to the new Maroon 5 song (<– download it NOW). That ride was such a confidence boost; I definitely needed it.

I’ve got another ride planned this morning before the storms hit. I’m aiming for 40 miles but yesterday was hot hot hot, so I’ll be happy with anything in the 30s.

I hope your weekend has been as fantastic as this snoozer’s. 

timmy sleeping kitty

Catch ya tomorrow morning for coffee 🙂


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