target steals.

As a woman, I am hardwired to go into Target with a list and walk out with 10  bags full of stuff and nothing on my list. Hello. It’s the rules of Target.

Yesterday I stopped by without a list or expectations. I really just wanted to not buy every single thing I put my hands on.

I succeeded, and only got these items which were insanely on sale. Insanely.
*Two printed scarves
*A coral-y t-shirt
*A cream-colored bag
*Brown & gold sandals

target sales

One thing about me and shopping is I’ll either only spend a little bit or I’ll just pull the pin and spend a buttload. There’s really no in between, not sure why. Proof: thrifting. Further proof: new skateboard.

target sandals

These items were such a great deal that when the lady got done ringing everything up, I had that thought that we all have in that moment… “OMG. Should I go back for more?”

target purse

I didn’t because she looked tired and a line was building. But boy did I want to. Ugh, I could live in summer-y scarves, light t-shirts and comfy sandals all the livelong day.

target shirt and scarves

Thanks for not stealing ALL of my money, Targ.

Where’s the last place you got some serious steals?


8 thoughts on “target steals.

  1. SAME!!!! I literally forget my list EVERYtime and get soooo obsessed with what’s on my cartwheel that I forget that I’m actually there to buy food! Ps I’m pretty sure I have that same vneck tee! And why wouldn’t I?! Great minds think a like;)

  2. Dangggg I can’t wait till I can’t wait till my no-new-clothes challenge is over next month. Target, take my money already!

    Fact: I used to go there all the time on my lunch breaks (helloooo it’s only a mile from work), but my puppy has actually SAVED me money, because now I go home to play with him instead. Puppy = money saver. True story. Everyone should get a puppy.

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